A fresh look at extensions to private homes

Gym in the annexe

The sports hall in the annex to the private house

Addition to a private house is a new way to circumvent the law on limiting the number of residential buildings in one plot. In a small house without a basement, which will no longer be regarded as a residential object, there may be only one room, but it is also capable of providing additional income to the owners.

Cabinet in the extension

Home office outside the home

The guest house can be adjacent to the main building or stand alone. Thus, on the plot there is a living space for several members of the family.

Annex between houses

Guest and main parts of the house are connected

This extension will be an integral part of the household, that is, it can not be sold, but owners can freely use it at their discretion. It turns out that the number of square meters in the ownership of one family will increase in a completely legal way.

Bedroom in the annexe

Cozy mini-house

This clever approach to the development of the site gives the owners a number of advantages:

  • they can receive additional income by renting out rooms;
  • they have the opportunity to live in close proximity to a relative who needs care;
  • the annex easily turns into a space that there would never be a place in the main house - in the gym, office, workshop, etc .;
  • solved the problem with a lack of living space.
Wooden extension

Wooden extension to a private house

Studio in the annexe

Completely autonomous music studio

Such facilities have gained immense popularity among those living in the suburbs, as the number of such people is steadily growing, and new problems appear in the areas of development. Roads that are not designed for such a population increase can not cope with the load and turn into objects of constant traffic congestion. There are not enough parking spaces in the parking lots, and long queues form in stores.

Two-storey extension

Two-storey extension

Plan your home with a plot

Plan of the family house

The authorities even had to make a list of requirements that each mini-house must meet:

  • arrangement of an individual parking place;
  • the presence of an autonomous exit to the street with the possibility to lock the door;
  • the maximum area is 305 sq.m .;
  • mandatory coordination with local authorities.
Planning of the plot with an extension

Sketches of home ownership - plan and facade

Two-hulled outbuilding

Light two-level extension

Extension with small windows

A compact extension in the backyard

There are still a number of mandatory rules that local authorities will familiarize you with when you ask them to agree on the construction. In some regions, even the design of the structure is regulated. Buildings should be consistent in style and look good next to each other.

The path between the buildings

Narrow passage to the entrance to the extension

Two-level room

Room with mezzanine level

Library in the annexe

home library

Eco-house with glass walls

Environmentally friendly house

Attachment - a really good choice for starting an independent life. Renting a house will cost less than an apartment, and everything you need is at hand.

Living room in the garage

Living room with access to the terrace

Houses with extensions in one style

Ideally planned composition

Country houses in one style

Country residence