Kitchen-dining-living room design in a private house

Large kitchen with dining table

United spaces put more tasks in combining beauty and functionality. There are solutions that allow you to create a kitchen-dining room design not just aesthetically flawless, but reflecting your progressive views on the load that a combined room should have. Choose a suitable style and color will help the photo, but only a careful, reasonable distribution of the area will allow the room to accommodate everything needed. Taking into account the layout features and all the multitasking of your personal preferences, you can make the kitchen comfortable, and the dining area is exquisite. The need to place the elements of the living room will not be an obstacle in creating a unique and unique interior, reflecting the latest modern trends, even for classical performance.

But among the owners of urban apartments are willing to turn their kitchen-dining room into such a cozy space, the atmosphere of which is transmitted even through the photo. Do not want to leave the resulting room for those who appreciate the interior with a fair share of environmental friendliness, the advantages of natural materials, the general visual calm:

Kitchen with a dining room in a classic style

  • Scandinavian. White color and natural wood - a fashionable duo of the last time. There is no tedious gloss: even the wood is processed by a matte finish.
  • Provence. Bleached rocks, light shades, compact furnishings in general will play to increase the space, and gentle green, lilac motifs on textiles will emphasize the dining group.
  • Eco. Minimalism is compensated by natural greenery. On light surfaces dark wood looks good.
  • Retro. Rounded forms, expressive fittings, vintage furnishings, enamel surfaces, painted wood.

Scandinavian style in the interior of the kitchen-dining room

Modernity or classics?

Although it is always in vogue, actively offered by manufacturers of kitchen sets, it is not fully realized. It is appropriate for a country house with significant areas, allowing you to use all the characteristic, recognizable features.

Modern kitchen in a classic interior

But neoclassicism as an interior solution more meets the pressing needs of the owners of the combined kitchen-dining room, while remaining beautiful. What features of this style will seem attractive in relation to the design of the kitchen with elements of the dining room and living room:

Square kitchen with dining area

  • modern materials facilitate the reproduction of the kitchen-dining room (for example, finished moldings, stucco elements);
  • practicality wins a lot of decor - a rethought look allows you not to sacrifice time, caring for such beauty;
  • a combination of classic, unshakable elements of style and modern, for example, the leather chairs of the dining group are complemented by an advanced version of the table.

Dining room in a modern style

If modern motifs seem attractive, then concrete, brick, metal, glass, unique stone pattern, strict geometry, involved in industrial styles are used. All this is complemented by a new generation of plastic, unusual design items, called art objects and not always carrying a payload. They do not look like standard ones, and that's why the interior turns out to be unique.

Bright interior elements

Actual. Hidden sockets and wires are the best solution for any style.

Dining room in beige black

Constructive use

Whatever the layout, the area, it does not become an obstacle. And sometimes the features of the room are prompted by logical, but at the same time spectacular solutions. Often, the interiors of kitchen-dining rooms with niches, piers, bay windows look more memorable.

Combined kitchen with dining area

Do not neglect the doorway. Its central location along one of the walls of the dining room is a good opportunity to place the same cupboards on the sides. Symmetry is a win-win technique for any rooms, allowing you to add harmony to the interior at the expense of substitute items.

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Turquoise color in the kitchen combined with black in the dining room

Beams, untreated wood inside a private house are actively used, subject to minimal processing and turning from a forced decision into a stylish solution: country, rustic. Sometimes ceiling beams specifically imitate, emphasizing the idea of ​​suburban mood.

Allocation of the dining area

The main thing is to think in time the technical side: electricity, air conditioning, number of outlets so that nothing distracts from the choice of finishes. Modern materials do not limit the compatibility in use. In the dining area you can not be afraid of moisture, steam, and for example, allow real parquet, which is visually absolutely indistinguishable from floor ceramic granite for the kitchen. It is not unusual for wall tiles to imitate wooden plates. All this contributes not to restrain the imagination, choosing the texture, color.

Dining room located in the bay window

Trend Coloring

It is impossible to keep up with color trends - they change every season. But choose the preferred accent color on a neutral background - this is a guarantee that the kitchen-dining room will not get bored. White color is also in the trend, in many design projects: no one else will give a sense of spaciousness, but the standard beige shades cease to be favorites for design.

Accommodation dining room in the living room in Khrushchev

Kitchen-dining room with neutral main, large surfaces in the best light will present color accents. Pomegranate, mandarin, mint - these shades even set their own tune with their names. Only the area can impose some restrictions on global quantitative use.

Panoramic windows in the dining room

Certain rules for harmonious color design:

  • If a kitchen set is made in the desired bright color, then it should be repeated on the rest of the room area, but as a point accent color.
  • Making a bright patch of apron or designer chairs, the room is transformed from monotonous to stylish.
  • Mosaic is the ideal way to link several tones to one.
  • The allocation of the dining group area with complex color ornaments and prints.

Kitchen-dining room design in a private house with panoramic windows

Topical monochrome

Monochrome interiors are not only a simpler solution from the point of view of compatibility and selection of all components. What are the actual viable solutions offered with undoubted advantages for owners:

Monochrome kitchen-dining room design

  • a few shades of fashionable gray;
  • compatibility with wood, which is essential for a private house;
  • maximum texture, a mix of various materials;
  • the technique does not become a color problem.

Design project of kitchen and dining area

Black and white geometry does not go out of fashion, sometimes acting just a rescue for miniature rooms, actively using elements of glass, mirror, glossy surfaces. With monochrome, marble, which has become a trend of the last time, perfectly combines. The pattern of marble chips is found in the latest collections of dishes, lamps, serving boards.

Classic dining room in the kitchen

Council. The worktop made of natural stone is durable, but not the most hygienic solution, but a qualitative agglomerate can be a worthy substitute.

Placing a table in a narrow kitchen

Kitchen space: the main task

Correct arrangement of priorities will help not only save the budget of the design project, successfully realize the interior of a small kitchen-dining room and most importantly feel comfortable in it. In a private house or new building, with high ceilings, good architecture in general, any style or bright color is allowed. But the size of the future kitchen and dining room is also important.

Compact table for dining room

How compact and sensible is the kitchen set, whether or not domestic appliances are built in, much depends: how much will remain useful for the dining area, and perhaps the living room, if such is in the plans. A table of compromise solutions will tell you exactly what you are not ready to refuse.

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Dining room in the niche of the house with windows

Necessary componentsSmall areaSufficient area
TV zone1 small2 - in the headset and dining area
ChairsCompactUnusual or even chairs
FridgeSeparate modelsAdditional freezer, two-leaved
AppliancesMinimum dimensions, combined functionsProfessional novelties (coffee machine, grill, vacuum)

Panoramic windows in the kitchen

If you want to emphasize the importance, the beauty of the residential part, make a noticeable dining table, then the culinary space should not stand out. Kitchen modern headsets can sometimes surprise with their non-standard appearance with a solid front. Some seem too simple, but they can not be taken away from one - they are very ergonomic, unpretentious in care, allowing easy maintenance of the original look.

Open plan kitchen

Actual interiors are built on a sufficient number of kitchen appliances, and very advanced, professional. If you want to allow more useful appliances, kitchen gadgets, free surfaces for culinary experiments, the recommendations for choosing furniture are as follows:

  • embedding to the ceiling, using the entire wall;
  • smooth laconic facades;
  • linear layout - the most concise;
  • Angular - comfortable, including for the bulk shell.

Kitchen in a private house

Non-standard single-row layout with only the lower sections is very roomy, if you take advantage of the novelties of storage systems and quality fittings for boxes.

Large table for dining room

Features of the dining room

The dining room can be unusual, adjusted for lifestyle and preferences: the number of family members, the presence of children, many guests are taken into account:

  • 2 small armchairs and 2 chairs from one series;
  • oval, round table instead of sharp corners;
  • Layout along the window;
  • transforming models.

Separation of the kitchen area and the dining room with a partition

Not just a dining table located, but the feeling of a full-fledged dining room is impossible without proper furniture:

  • showcase for beautiful, festive sets of dishes;
  • a chest of drawers for textiles - tablecloths, napkins;
  • wine cabinet;
  • consoles for vases and other decorative gizmos;
  • a pair of armchairs for relaxation or a small sofa.

Placement of a sofa at the kitchen table

If the space for accommodation is rather limited, a single closet with a closed bottom will combine beauty and convenience. The upper glass part will not overload the space, and the lower one will accommodate all unnecessary, not for demonstration to guests.

Sliding round table

Upholstery made of quality artificial materials, virtually indistinguishable from the real ones, is easy to clean. This gives certain advantages in the operation. For example, placed velvet in the dining area, suede chairs instead of chairs will not suffer, retain the color. And eco-leather has become a fashion trend and is often used in author's, designer items for example for the dining area.

Textiles in the interior of the kitchen-dining room

Connecting link

Clearly zonirovat culinary zone and dining room is more suitable for open planning and significant areas. But small rooms are not deprived of this spectacular reception, just do not make it too obvious. So, the bar counter often acts as that natural limiter. Only the usual appearance goes out of fashion - they are replaced by countertops with storage systems and expressive finish of the base.

Layout without partitions

Not always the static height of the "breakfast rack" meets the needs of all family members. Usually a level of 110 cm is recommended for small owners and 130 cm for tall ones. This takeoff is easily compensated by special models of chairs with adjustment.

The podium in the bay window serves as the seat at the table

Chairs тоже могут быть модными:

  • transparent chairs of modern plastic;
  • Classic seat, backrest in combination with a modern base-stand without legs;
  • vintage stools.

Dining room with sliding doors

Kitchen island is another invention that allows not only to cook with comfort, but also to emphasize the merits of the interior. This will require increased costs if water is supplied. But the dining table can be a natural extension of the island, saving time and space.

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High ceilings in the dining room

Not only at the expense of furnishings can zoning space. Floor-standing functional solutions are also found:

  • Canteen can be placed on the podium, when the interior has a clear geometry.
  • The floor, which has LED lighting under an artificial stone, will decorate the recreation area and add light.

Sliding glass partitions

Lighting: functional and beautiful

For the global functionality that is entrusted to the unified space, you should carefully consider all sorts of light scenarios. The complexity will pay off in the process of operation, and the latest innovations will save you further: motion sensors, LEDs. If the quality of lighting is important for the work area, then the aesthetic component is also important for the dining room.

Black and white kitchen and dining room

A beautiful chandelier or a series of ceiling lights is located clearly above the dining table, regardless of the center of the ceiling. But additional lights, when the area allows and especially the height, for example in a private house, can be present in the island area, bar counter.

Separation of the kitchen from the dining room bar counter

Owners of miniature spaces should take a closer look:

  • chandeliers with transparent shades;
  • perforated lampshades;
  • fashionable form of small balls.

Bar stools near the kitchen island

Council. LED contour illumination of the cabinet-showcase, open shelves will help to present the dishes in a favorable light and create a pleasant evening atmosphere.

Zoning of the U-shaped kitchen from the living room and dining room

The lack of natural light is easily compensated for by artificial, but with the number of windows it is more difficult. If only one window is obtained as a result of redevelopment, the following ideas seem interesting, creative:

  • Falsh-window with a beautiful layout, with opaque illuminated glass or matte film.
  • The wall of the kitchen zone: the lower level of the kitchen set passes from below, and from the top imitation is the window frame with photo printing.

Bright interior

Precious decoration

Pointed, accentuated addition of objects made, as if from precious metals, would add chic, refinement. It will allow even a laconic design of the combined premises, with a good share of fashionable minimalism and important functionality, to become expressive.

Zoning with kitchen cabinets

A subtle shine, not necessarily yellow metal, will work well in combination with a wide variety of materials and on a wide variety of elements:

  • edging tablecloth,
  • a pair of small accessories;
  • serving items;
  • decoration of furniture.

Interior in a country style

This technique is relevant both in modern and more historical styles. They prefer copper, brass, pink gold. Metal ceased to be considered kitsch, so the skilful execution of designer items with moderation in decoration - will taste even opponents of standard gilding.

Design project in the style of Provence

Logical decoration

If the kitchen often decorative functions perform items that have a semantic load, then for a combined room, which implies the reception of guests, special methods are needed. Wall plates, such a simple, non-useful method of decoration - the most logical for the dining area. Constantly perfected by designers, remaining actual, often found on photo interiors.

Kitchen table decoration with accessories

Decorative plates should support a certain idea, be carefully selected. They can remind you of travel or inspire your drawings. What are the latest features at the moment:

  • vintage painting;
  • Convex on the contrary;
  • non-standard forms;
  • placement - chaotic or symmetrical.

Floor decoration with ceramic tiles with ornament

In addition to standard items, professional decorators call for creativity, a non-standard look at familiar things. So, beautiful cooking books quite look a significant decoration, when exhibited front covers. A living wall or a picture of natural greenery also transforms the interior, unlike ordinary pots placed on a window sill.

Kitchen in high-tech style

Reflection of your personal tastes and preferences will allow the kitchen-dining room to look original, which is already the key to successful in all senses of design.

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