Fashion fabrics 2016: colors and patterns for the interior

Interior textiles - furniture fabrics, curtains, carpets, pillows and bed linens - is one of the foundational elements in the design of rooms. Their materials, patterns and colors set the style and mood of the interior along with the wallpaper for the walls. In this article you will get acquainted with the main trends in the world of interior textiles, as well as take a look at the fashion fabrics of 2016 with 30 photos of living rooms, bedrooms and other rooms.

Interior fabrics 2016. Choice of material and textures

Most of the fashion fabrics of 2016 are inspired by elegant geometry, ethnic motifs, precious metals and stones, retro styles and vintage. In this case, printed patterns are increasingly receding into the background. Beautiful fabric patterns in 2016 are set by means of intricate interlacing of threads or expressive texture.

Fashionable fabrics 2016 in the interior on the photo

Strong jacquard fabrics and tapestries, of course, are the main trends in today's market. In terms of design, they include any natural (cotton, silk) or synthetic textiles, the pattern of which is given by weaving the fabric, and not by printing. Modern technologies in weaving make it possible to create any kind of patterns, from the zebra skin to the damask, which opens up huge possibilities for the use of jacquard in the design of interiors.

Fashionable fabrics from the French brand Elitis Fashionable colors of fabrics 2016 - photo in the interiorFurniture fabrics - photo 2016 in the interior in the loft style

It is worth noting that modern man pays ever more attention to the environmental friendliness of materials that brings into the house. When we talk about furniture and other interior fabrics, this implies, first of all, the choice of the composition of natural origin.

So, in 2016, fashion entered flax. Dense linen cloths are used not only as a bed linen, but for making cushions, curtains and upholstery. Preference is given to the soft tissues of the aged species, which are so disposed to rest and create a feeling of comfort. The intertwining of thin unpainted and multi-colored flax yarns gives the upholstery a delicate and original look. Geometric and ethnic motifs on a white background will give you a sense of Scandinavian coziness and warmth, while choosing a monochrome fabric is better guided by a pastel palette: gently pink, light blue and soft gray hues.

Fashionable design of linen fabric from Elitis brandInterior textiles in ethnic style 2016Fashion fabrics for 2016 for bed linen

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Among the fashionable interior fabrics of 2016, we also see a lot of fluffy carpets of wool or other natural fibers. Here, the influence of fashion on geometry and patterns in the Scandinavian spirit is strongly felt. Wild folklore and historical motifs get used to modern interior design due to bright colors and contrast combinations of tones. At the same time, with the increase in demand for woolen carpets, jute and sisal come out of fashion. Despite the fact that these are natural materials, they are quite rough and difficult to care for as home textiles.

Bright decorative fabrics for interior 2016 Fashionable colors and patterns of fabrics 2016 - photo of the living room

One of the most obvious and interesting trends is the revival of velvet and velor. These interior fabrics do you associate with the middle of the last century? That's right: retro style returns to fashion with designer collections of upholstery fabrics with soft pile. But, as is typical for fashion, it comes back for a reason and always brings with itself something new. Fashionable velvet fabrics in 2016 are distinguished by luxurious colors (emerald, sapphire, saturated purple etc. tone) and bold relief drawings.

Fashionable interior fabrics 2016 from the new collection from Designers Guild Beautiful fabrics for the interior - a collection of Majella 2016 from Designers Guild

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If you are looking for additional emphasis for the interior, then pay attention to pillows, bedspreads and padded stools made of fur, leather or coarse knitwear. Today they are fashionable to use to decorate minimalist and modern rooms to give them depth and a sense of luxury.

Interior and furniture fabrics - photo couchFashionable colors and materials of fabrics 2016 - photo of interiors

Fashionable colors of fabrics 2016 (with photo of interiors)

The world's leading expert in the field of color, the Pantone Institute chose for this year shades of pink quartz and serenity. This means that the fashionable colors of fabrics 2016 will include these calm pastel colors, which perfectly match with neutral gray and beige shades.

Pink and gray fabrics for the interiorInterior fabrics from the new collections of 2016 in the photoInterior textiles 2016 - fashion colors and materials

In addition to the two main colors from Pantone, the fashion fabrics of 2016 include the colors of precious stones (emerald, amethyst), metals (in particular silk), as well as rich natural shades: indigo, eggplant, anthracite etc. In combination with light and pastel tones, they bring to the interior exceptional elegance and freshness. The following photos will tell you more about this:

Fashionable interior textiles 2016 from the brand Designers Guild Bright sofa upholstery color - fabric from the collection of 2016 Elitis Luxury fabrics for interior design 2016Black and white interior fabrics on the living room photo

Popular patterns of fabrics for the interior and their combinations

The choice of color, as a rule, remains for the taste preferences. Expressive and bold patterns - that's what really distinguishes the fashion fabrics of 2016. Mixing different motifs in the interior was also welcomed, as it allows to give the room a bright and interesting, but relaxed look.

Fashionable fabrics with modern patterns in the interior Fashionable fabrics for curtains, furniture and carpets 2016 from Designers Guild Bright furniture fabrics with a pattern - photo of interiors How to choose a fabric for the interior - a review of trends and photos

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Patterns and textures in the spirit of Art Deco resolutely return to the top of world trends. These include simplified natural motifs, as well as the extremely popular pattern today of honeycomb honeycombs.

Decorative fabrics for the interior of the living room with patternsFashionable fabrics 2016 - elegant patterns of upholstery in Art Deco style

Rugs, pillows, curtains, upholstery of armchairs and sofas ... There is no place in the house where the fabrics with clear geometric patterns. The key to their inclusion in your interior design? Combination with monophonic, warm or soft tissues, such as velvet or flax.

Интерьерные ткани с geometric patterns 2016Upholstery sofa, carpet and pillows from the collection 2016 from Designers Guild

If you are a fan of classical style, then in 2016 choose fashionable fabrics with large floral patterns or exquisite damask. At the same time, remember that the ancient ways of using them have become a thing of the past. Do not want to live like in a museum? Then emphasize the original charm of classical motifs with shiny metallic shades or luxurious tones of precious stones. Monochrome silk and linen will also come in handy for creating a comfortable and elegant atmosphere.

Which fabrics are best to choose for interior in 2016The combination of colors and patterns of fabrics in the modern interiorInterior textiles from the new collection of 2016

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