Interesting projects of houses with a mansard up to 150 m2

Projects of houses with an attic of up to 150 m2 are very relevant in our time. Frame houses are in great demand in conditions of dense development of cities and the construction of suburban housing. Projects of houses with an attic up to 150 m2 are popular, as the cost of such housing is not high, and the dimensions are comfortable, compact.

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Medium functional houses

Frame houses of a small area can be placed on a small plot of land.

Two-storey house

The project of a spacious 5-room house with a garage.

Project home

House with attic and garage in the ground floor.

But despite the compact size, in this house there is absolutely everything for a full, comfortable life. The building of 150 m2 can have an attic, a garage, and even a basement. Frame houses of this area can be erected on various technologies and with the use of any materials in the construction. All medium-sized buildings are built with adaptation to the site of construction, under the ground, the climate. You can order houses from construction companies, but you can try to do it yourself. Possessing knowledge, certain skills and experience of construction, it does not hurt to try to implement one of the projects.

Everyone wants to have a warm, cozy home, functional and, of course, beautiful. All these wishes are fully met by the projects of houses with an attic of 150 m2. The best variant of a structure for a family, in which no more than 4 people, are projects of wooden houses with an attic. Such buildings are planned in such a way that the area is used as efficiently as possible. The facilities in 150-200 m² are not less popular, they are slightly more spacious and very functional. Projects of wooden houses with an attic are chosen by families with children, as these buildings are eco-friendly, in addition, the projects of houses made of timber with an attic are oriented to long-term living. Yes, the construction of solid wood is slightly more expensive, but it's worth it. Although housing from foam blocks and bricks is not less popular and reliable.

House with attic

House with an attic and a large terrace. The total area of ​​125 square meters. m., 4 rooms.

4-room one-storey apartment house made of bricks. The total area is 121 sq.m.

4-room one-storey apartment house made of bricks. The total area is 121 sq.m.

How to choose a compact house project?

Today it is impossible to build a good, reliable house without a professional project. To narrow down the circle of search, it is necessary to decide what size the house needs a family. Projects of wooden houses with an attic, block constructions, structures from a bar can not be found today. Ready-made standard designs can always be adjusted to your own taste. If the schemes of the standard plan do not fit and you want to get something original, you can always order an individual project, which will be developed taking into account the wishes of the client. Drawings are very different. It can be a house:

  • with a ground floor;
  • double decker;
  • one-story;
  • with an attic;
  • with a garage.

The foundation for a house on one floor implies a small load on the ground. It is for this reason that such houses are built on sites with complex geology. No less popular are the houses in two floors, as they are splendidly divided into functional zones. For example, a kitchen, a bathroom and a toilet can be located from the bottom, but on the second floor there are rest rooms, sleeping rooms. No less popular are the houses of 150 m2 with a room for storing the car. This is an ideal option for saving space on the land. Most future owners prefer houses with a built-in garage, since the premises can be used as a workshop or a warehouse.

House made of bricks

4-room one-storey apartment house made of bricks. The total area is 121 sq.m.

Wooden house

The project of a wooden house with a mansard 6 by 9 meters. A wonderful house made of round logs.

Houses made of foam blocks

Projects of houses from a foam block are very popular nowadays. These buildings are economical, but they are quite reliable and functional. For more than 100 years, foam blocks have been used to build strong, safe buildings. Foam concrete is produced by foaming a cement slurry. The material is light, practical and inexpensive. The air blocks and due to their porous structure create a good sound and heat insulation. In addition, they have high resistance to fire and water. One can not but say about the ecological character of this building material:

  • clean;
  • do not contain impurities;
  • without chemical additives.

The material is absolutely harmless to people. Penoblok is much lighter than wood or brick, but at the same time it perfectly withstands too low and high temperature conditions. Also, the lightness of the material excludes a heavy load on the foundation, so that such a house serves for many, many years. The owner of the structure can forget about the repair work for the first 60 years after the settlement. One can not help saying the price of the material: it is about 30% lower than the cost of other materials. The main construction of the house from foam blocks lasts approximately 3 months. After that, you can do the design of the facade of the house and proceed to the interior decoration. For comparison: a wooden house made of lumber or brick is built for at least 6 months. The foam blocks are universal, and for finishing you can take almost any material:

  • brick;
  • a rock;
  • plaster;
  • tile;
  • tree;
  • panels and so on.

All materials are well fixed to the foam blocks, so it becomes possible to create a unique facade. Also boundless is the flight of fantasy during the interior decoration. The construction of foam blocks can significantly reduce financial costs. Many construction firms offer customers low-budget options for houses from foam blocks. And the projects provide for the replacement of the belt foundation with piles.

House with attic

House with a penthouse of foam blocks.

Brick houses of 150 m²

Projects of brick houses are usually developed individually. Such plans are created based on the client's financial capabilities and his wishes. Houses of brick will serve not one generation of owners. This material is very durable, so the structure is safe and reliable. The house made of bricks has an excellent sound and heat insulation. Artificial stone excellently protects against pests, rodents and insects. It is better to order an expensive house project from a professional reliable company. Representatives of the construction company will offer many options for future housing. And if necessary, you can make adjustments to the project. All drawings are created according to the rules and meet the requirements of visual perception of the building and the functionality of the building. Brick houses have a number of advantages:

  • they are fireproof;
  • brick protects the house from mold, fungi, microorganisms;
  • the material is resistant to moisture and temperature;
  • high heat and noise insulation;
  • eco-friendly material.
Brick house

Classics of construction - a beautiful and reliable brick house.

Pros and cons of houses from a bar

Houses made of wooden beams have recently become more and more in demand. The log has a rectangular shape. Make it from coniferous forest. The material contains a resin that prevents the decay of wood. In addition to protection from rot, resin gives special strength. The beam can be profiled or conventional. By the technology of creation, it is integral and glued. The strength of the building can be attributed to the advantages of houses made of timber. And of course, plus the purity and safety of the material for a person.

However, the glued beam still has a low toxicity, but within acceptable limits. From it you can build the most intricate house. To pluses it is possible to carry installation of the wiring: it is made very easily even during the construction. Glued beam is resistant to fire, because it is impregnated with special compounds during production. This material has some drawbacks. Usually they manifest themselves if the technology of construction has been violated. Problems always arise when drying. The second disadvantage of glued timber is poor-quality impregnation, if the material is poorly processed, it will rot. A remedy for such purposes should be good, because if you choose a cheap option, it will allocate phenol, which is dangerous to humans.

House of beams

House made of timber with an attic. Having built a house of logs or timber it will be necessary to allow it to settle for shrinkage from 6 months to a year and only then to begin finishing.

And, at last, the last minus of houses from a bar is a high cost of a material.

Also, the cost of warming such a house. Choosing the project of the future premises should take into account all their wishes and financial opportunities. Of course, you can build it yourself, but it's better to entrust such an important matter to professionals. Today, a huge number of construction companies will gladly offer their services for the construction of a compact house. There are a lot of projects, a choice for the future owner of the structure. In any case, if the proposed options do not suit you, you can always create an individual project. The same applies to the choice of materials for the future building. The construction of the house must be taken responsibly and seriously.

The project of a one-story house 140-150 square meters. m. with their own hands. Video

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