Beautiful house - 50 photos in modern decoration

Buying a plot of land, a lot of ideas are born in the head, as the future dwelling will look like on it. But it's quite difficult to build a beautiful house on your own. In most cases, many jobs are done by professionals, but the owner still has to make the most important decisions, starting from the general layout and style, and finishing with small interior finishing works. In order to inspire you and equip you with some important knowledge, we have made in this article a selection of descriptions of how beautiful houses and their photos look inside and out. We hope our publication will help to find answers to important questions.

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Beautiful house: creating a project and choosing a style

Of course, before the construction works begin, it is necessary to draw up a plan for the location of the house, taking into account possible additional buildings. A beautiful house does not have to be decorated in any particular style. At present, there is a tendency to a reasonable mix of different directions with the presence of the dominant one. It is also necessary to determine the materials for construction and finishing works.

A beautiful house can merge in style with surrounding buildings, or carry personality traits. The photos shown in this article show that the color palette of buildings is also not limited.

It is important to think about the number of floors in the house, as well as the functional purpose of all rooms, the presence of balconies and terraces, as well as the location of the bathroom and kitchen, as the laying of communications will be carried out in the process of construction.

On the examples of our photos, you can see how comfortable and beautiful houses are, the projects of which are made by professional designers. Quite possibly, among them there is a suitable option.

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We decorate beautiful facades of houses

The first thing that catches your eye on the homestead is the facade of the house, so it should pay special attention. This is, in a way, the visiting card of the house, which makes the first impression of the building and the family living in it. Even a large beautiful house with an inconspicuous facade will lose its aesthetic value. In the design there are many options with the possibility of using both natural and artificial materials for decoration. In the photo you can see how majestic the façade of the house looks with a natural stone finish.

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Beautiful facades of houses are obtained using decorative plaster. This design makes it possible to paint the surface in any color, and also, over time, repaint it, changing somehow the boring design.

Siding and wood lining are an economical method of facing. The wooden facade will look simple, but neatly and successfully emphasize the modern stylistics of the building. A beautiful house with a siding facing a tile or a natural stone, as shown in the photo, will have a rather original look.

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Finishing with cladding bricks or clinker tiles will be one of the most expensive. Using different color combinations of clinker tiles, you can decorate the most beautiful houses, photos of which can be seen in our article.

In the design of facades, the use of various combinations of materials is allowed. The main thing is that they are in harmony with each other.

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Beautiful country houses: the choice of material for construction

As mentioned earlier, the choice of material is one of the most important aspects of construction. Beautiful private houses can be built of wood, brick, concrete and other materials. Consider some of the most relevant options in modern construction.

Beautiful wooden houses

This material is used for the construction of dwellings for centuries and fully justifies itself, as wooden buildings have a special presentable appearance. The tree is very well in harmony with nature, therefore it is often erected beautiful country houses from it. In the photo you can see similar buildings made of timber, logs or boards.

In addition to external beauty, natural wood has other advantages, such as durability, environmental friendliness, thermal conductivity and moisture resistance. As for the interior decoration, we can safely say that the wooden beautiful houses (the photo inside is in our article), which have a wood finish, are very cozy and practical. The unique texture of the material gives the interior space an individual aesthetic appearance.

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Beautiful private houses made of concrete

The use of concrete slabs significantly accelerates and reduces the cost of construction, in comparison with wooden structures. With the use of concrete it is possible to build beautiful private houses (photos are shown below) in modern styles, such as minimalism, loft or high-tech. In order to give this design a visual ease, often use panoramic windows. You can also decorate facades with other finishing materials.

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The most beautiful houses made of bricks

The most intricate designs can be laid out using masonry. Brick beautiful houses (photo from the outside also find in our article) can have original protruding elements and columns on the facade. This material allows you to build a building in any of the architectural styles: from a chic classic mansion to a small Swiss house. Use in the construction of clinker bricks will provide reliable strength of the structure. It is worth noting that this type of brick has amazing decorative properties, which allows you to build the most beautiful houses.

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Beautiful house frame: design features

Significant differences in the construction of frame structures. It can be a small building, or a big beautiful house. Advantages are reduced to the fact that buildings are easily amenable to redevelopment, there are no restrictions in the placement of rooms, and the layout can be any.

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Beautiful house: determined with the number of floors

The number of storeys of future construction can depend on several factors. First, from who exactly will live in the house. For example, for a family with young children or for a pair of elderly people, the best option would be one-storey structures, since the lack of stairs will ensure the safety and ease of moving through living quarters. A two-storeyed beautiful house (and above) will be a profitable solution when the family is quite large, and also, if the territory of the plot is small, and it makes sense to build not in breadth, but upwards. And, of course, the personal preferences of the owners are the main determinant of the future design.

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Beautiful single-storey houses

В наше время дизайнеры разрабатывают настолько оригинальные и красивые дома, проекты которых вызывают зависть даже у владельцев «многоэтажных» построек. Кроме того, такое строительство будет намного дешевле и позволит потратить сэкономленные средства на закупку современных материалов для оформления красивого фасада, террасы или мансарды. Beautiful single-storey houses, фото которых мы видим, могут иметь большие панорамные окна или же полное остекление одной из стен, что выглядит очень эстетично и оригинально.

Not inferior in beauty and at home with "broken" forms with serving dining rooms, bedrooms and kitchens, which in their appearance are very cozy.

A well thought out beautiful house can be quite compact, and at the same time have a lot of outlets, outbuildings, bay windows and other architectural forms that will ensure the comfortable placement of multi-functional zones.

An extensive terrace can be equipped not only at the entrance to the house, but also along its entire perimeter. This is a good option for lovers to spend more time in nature. Often, recently, you can meet at home with a flat roof, which allows you to equip a recreation area, install solar panels and so on.

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Two-storey beautiful houses

Дополнительный второй этаж дает больше возможностей для реализации архитектурных идей, в частности, обустройства красивого балкона или «французского окна» с широким панорамным остеклением. Two-storey beautiful houses, проекты которых мы видим на фото, довольно популярны в городском строительстве, так как площадь участков небольшая, а соседние постройки могут «нависать» над невысоким одноэтажным строением. Дизайн их может быть совершенно разнообразным, так же как и перечень используемых при строительстве материалов.

The most successful are considered beautiful private houses with a penthouse and a veranda that will significantly decorate the exterior of the building and bring a touch of elegance to the facade.

As a rule, the first floor is intended for joint rest with the whole family or the arrival of guests. There is a large living room, possibly combined with a kitchen. The second floor is reserved for individual spaces: bedrooms, children's rooms, etc.

In this article you will find two-storey beautiful houses, their photos inside and out, as well as beautiful views opening from balconies and attics.

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Modern beautiful house: trends of the outgoing year

In the understanding of each individual person, a beautiful private house can look different. Modern construction is based on such general principles as:

  • comfort and as much space as possible;
  • harmony of external forms, interior decoration and surrounding landscape;
  • uniqueness;
  • unusual forms of construction, corresponding to the trendy trends of 2017.

To build a big beautiful house is a painstaking hard process, which, in the end, is justified by an unsurpassed result. Decorated with taste and comfort for the whole family, it will undoubtedly become the pride and joy of the owners.

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