Design a small house - everything you need for

Interior design of a small house with bright accents

Design of a small house in the style of Audrey Hepburn

No wonder they say that necessity is the mother of invention, and a vivid example is the design of a small house, designed from the need to combine practicality and joy for the eyes in a small area. Such conditions give impetus to the development of new styles and the creative use of colors, which was done by four brave and very talented people.

Colorful kitchen in a small house

The first apartment was designed for a young and stylish woman, the next fashion. In addition to the fact that the designer was able to allocate space for creativity - a folding sewing table and mannequin, he was inspired by the eternal style of Audrey Hepburn: the cheeky beauty of chewing gum is an object that illustrates such a design.

From the good old classics to the light and modern interior, from the blue tranquility of Tiffany to the bright splashes of yellow and black. The design is for a young woman who has her own personal space and needs nothing.

Dining area in a small house Yellow accents in a light interior The combination of turquoise and yellow in the interior Mirror in the backlight in a small house Large mirror in the hallway Bright posters for interior decoration The layout of a small house

The next apartment occupies only 40 square meters, and is a tribute to industrial simplicity. For the combination of neutral tones and sufficient illumination, materials such as brick, concrete, plywood and metal are used. There is everything you need for life and nothing more: a sitting area, a small working space, a kitchen table, a bed.

Home office in the living room Home cinema hall Cabinet and cinema in the living room Small bar counter Loft style kitchen Turquoise in the design of the kitchen Kitchen interior in industrial style Brickwork in the interior of the kitchen Wooden decoration in the hallway Large mirror in the corridor Loft style bathroom Beautiful tiles in the bathroom interior

The third project, also fitting only on 40 squares, was designed by Carolina Krak for the couple. When people live together, they need a personal space, which the designer has achieved by creating separate work areas. Naturally, these people will not be separated in this house: all the other zones are designed for two.

Bright accents in the interior of the living room Kitchen corner in white color Bookcase in the interior of a small house home library

Apartment in bright colors

Bedroom in white-gray palette

Desktop in the bedroom

Bathroom in white color

Bathroom in white-gray color

The last apartment from Poland and represents 41 square meters for creativity, which was used by the designer. The apartments were designed for couples in their busy and mobile lifestyle.

Unlike most houses, this one was not completed "to the last." Instead, permanent elements like kitchen and bathroom took up a small share of the budget spent on the furnishings, most of it was used to buy high-quality furniture. Such actions are made to enable the couple to move, taking with them these things and leaving the kitchen for the next tenants.

Interior of a light small house with bright accents Bright accents in interior design Bright accents in the interior of the living room Accent wall with bookshelf in the bedroom Bright illumination in the bathroom

Similar decisions show that even a small house can be made cozy and practical and beautiful. Would you like to live in a small work of art?