6 incredible projects for the reconstruction of garages - it

Bedroom in the garage

If you want to make your house more spacious, but you do not have the opportunity to build an extension to it, pay attention to the garage. Weigh what is more important to you - additional residential meters or the roof "over the head" of a family car. 

Then think about such unfortunate moments, as, for example, the road leading directly to the window or the gate used earlier to open the hangar. But we will not talk about the mistakes of the designers.

It is better to look at brilliant solutions, as a result of which even the most attentive observer does not recognize in the resulting extension a once-parking box. 

Dear readers of Small Interiors, take a look at the pictures, and if at least one of these wonderful rearrangements inspires you, leave the car on the street!

Modern patio in the garage

Modern patio from FABRE / deMARIEN

The architects FABRE / deMARIEN in Bordeaux, France, transformed this block with an area of ​​41 square meters into an original modern house.

White kitchen in the garage

Transformed garage, project FABRE / deMARIEN

Inside it is light and free, and even there is an outlet to fresh air.

Glass walls in the garage

Fabre / deMARIEN

In clever design of small interiors many storage systems that allow you to operate a dining room, bedroom, living room and work area in this small room.

Kitchen with island in the garage

Traditional kitchen, transformed from a garage space, project AHMANN LLC

Thomas Ahmann of Ahmann Architects turned a narrow hangar into a lovely family kitchen in Washington, DC.

Kitchen in white in the garage


Ceiling decoration The open beams helped to unify the L-shaped space kitchen interior.

Living room in the kitchen


The compartment, smoothly flowing into the patio, provides a recreation area near the kitchen.

Patio in the courtyard

Traditional patio, project from Menter Architects LLC

The architect Margaret Menter turned the parking space into a children's playroom and a creative corner for the whole family. They can be reorganized as the child grows up and changes in their needs.

Games for children in the garage

Sports hall and pavilion for parties, the project Menter Architects LLC

Now, while the kids have not grown up, the space includes playing, sports equipment and a place for the display of artistic abilities. Everything can be easily dismantled, and the room will turn into a party pavilion.

Bathroom in the garage

Menter Architects LLC

Inside there is a bathroom with a sink.

Luxurious house with panoramic windows

Katherine Robertson Photography

Now it's hard to believe that part of this house with a chimney surrounded by windows was used before for the garage.

Living room with fireplace in the garage

Katherine Robertson Photography

Being in cozy living room, you'll never guess that once in this room stood a lawn mower.

Living room in the garage

Soft upholstery and antique finds from the market town of Round Top, Texas state, give the finish a special charm.


Interior of the garage before repairs

Hangar before transformation

Таким было пространство гаража, когда его увидел архитектор Pi Smith из Smith & Vansant Architects перед началом капитального ремонта.


Fireplace in the interior of the garage

Жилое функциональное помещение после преобразования, проект Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Now here is a special "mud alley" where family members can hang their snow-covered or wet clothes, dismantle the mail and leave the wet boots to dry next to the wood-burning stove.

Bright living room in the garage

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Not far from the "mud alley" is a comfortable and bright room.     

High-grade housing in the garage

Ira Lippke

Speaking about the alterations of the garage, we can not fail to mention the magnificent project of Michelle de la Vega - designer, artist and welder in one person. She turned her parking lot with an area of ​​23 m2located in Seattle, in a full-fledged housing.

Studio interior in the garage

Ira Lippke

The open space in industrial style has its tiny mini-kitchen, bedroom in the attic and bathroom, which has become the only extension to the old car box.

Living room with fireplace in the garage

Ira Lippke

Operating fireplace and steel sculptures made by Michelle de la Vega create a cosiness in the open-plan living room.