Wallpaper design +150 photo examples

Gray wallpapers in the interior

Choose wallpaper is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Huge variety is often a hindrance, not an assistant. The theme of wallpaper design is not less extensive, but figuring out some of the nuances, choosing the right option will be easy.

Paper wallpaper is the cheapest, short-lived, they are afraid of moisture, burn out in the sun, are difficult to stick because they soak and shrink. Flizelins have a higher density. As a matter of fact it is the same paper, but with fabric fibers. They look more effective, do not sit down after drying, do not swell, some models can be painted.

Cork wallpaper Vinyl wallpaper has a paper base and vinyl coating with different thickness and density, which makes it moisture resistant, gives good performance. Vinyl coatings are of several types: volumetric (foamed); washable (kitchen); flat (silkscreen). Textile wallpaper belong to the class of luxury, are exquisite decoration of the walls. The face is the fabric. Coating requires careful care.

Living room in gray tones Glass-fiber wallpaper is made with the addition of minerals. They are very durable and have a beautiful embossed surface. Most often they are monophonic. Lincrust - wallpaper on a paper basis with a volumetric pattern, which is created by applying mastic. Outwardly they look as if the walls were covered with plaster moldings.

Liquid wallpaper

Attention! Liquid wallpaper, though called wallpaper, is a completely original cover. This is a dry fluffy mass, which before the application is diluted with water, is applied to the wall as a putty.

Spacious hallway


Textural обои отличаются шероховатым или рельефным покрытием, само понятие «фактура» помогает охарактеризовать поверхность. Рельеф может быть: крупным (объем видно издалека), средним (объем заметен при близком рассмотрении), мелким (визуально сливается, но хорошо заметен на ощупь).

Examples of texture wallpapers on the wall

Undoubted plus texture coatings in that they hide the unevenness of the walls, look expensive, have no limitations in the design. Textured can be wallpaper from any material, from paper to fiberglass.

The combination of gray and green on the wall

Attention! The concepts of "texture" and "texture" are very similar. The difference is that the texture can be determined by touch and visually. The lower limit of the invoice is a smooth surface, the upper one is the visible relief. The texture can only be determined by touch. Most often the word "texture" is characterized by products that imitate the surface of wood, fabric, and stone.

Decorative wallpaper with flowers Textural полосы  Wall with molding  Combination of turquoise wallpaper with wooden furniture  Marble textured wallpaper  Light wallpaper for the living room


Coverage with a smooth surface in modern interiors can be met more and more rarely. Although the quality and brightness, they can not yield to their invoice colleagues. The choice of smooth wallpaper, above all, is a matter of taste.

Paper wallpaper with a children's print Geometric drawing on wallpaper  Light wallpaper with a floral print for a small bedroom  Pillows and wallpaper with the same pattern Combination of strip and flower print on the walls

With texture

Natural materials can not withstand every interior: the bare brick of a spacious loft, the untreated wood of a country house or a heavy stone like open planning. But for the residents of top-end apartments designers can offer a way out - wallpaper that imitates natural material.

Simulation of brick on wallpaper

Modern imitation is quite realistic with finely elaborated details. In any case, it is worth considering that it is very difficult to create a real atmosphere with the help of unreal objects. Interior as a result will get a little ironic, but perhaps this is what you need to achieve.

Wooden decor elements in the living room

Wall-papers simulating natural materials will help create the necessary impression, but they need addition, furniture, accessories, which will make them even more realistic.

Black and white living room  Yellow leather sofa by the fireplace Aged chair on the background of wooden spilov Accent wall с обоями под дерево The walls of the kitchen under the whitewashed tree


Single-color обои являются альтернативой окрашиванию. Их преимущество перед покраской заключается в том, что поверхность под оклеиванием не нужно готовить настолько щепетильно. Краска подчеркнет каждый бугорок и ямку, стены должны быть идеально выштукатурены и зашкурены. Тогда как обои позволяют скрыть некоторые неровности.

Modern bedroom design

Unlike painted surfaces, they can be textured. The color can be slightly corrected by staining. In the interior they are successfully combined with other finishing materials or wallpaper with a picture.

Smooth однотонные обои  Turquoise color on the wall and furniture - a bright solution for the kitchen in light colors  Rose-white walls in the interior  Large U-shaped sofa  White sofa in a gray interior

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With pictures

You can devote more than one book to the wallpaper with a picture, they are so diverse. Different images and a palette make the room lighter or vice versa obscured.

Elegant sofa with metal legs

Under the pattern can be implied any pattern, ornament, repeating picture. The pattern can be small or large, neutral or variegated, smooth or embossed.

Geometric drawing on the walls will help to increase the space of the room If the design contradicts the style of the room or purpose, the interior will never be comfortable. It is not necessary to combine different pictures in one room, even if they are thematically similar or compatible in color. But they can be varied with monophonic walls or stripes.

Bedroom in black and white

For convenience, the wallpaper is divided into groups by image type.

  • Abstract drawings - stains, smears, chaotic stains are great for modern interiors;
  • Geometric shapes - different shapes and circles. As a result of a particular alternation, a certain mood and rhythm are created. Used in modern styles, especially large shapes;
  • Strips - are a kind of geometric patterns. Can be vertical and horizontal, narrow and wide, can be used in almost any style, especially complement modern, retro;
  • Vegetable pattern - all kinds of twigs, leaves, flowers, other floristics. It is attractive because the picture is unobtrusive, suitable for most styles. It looks particularly good with country and provence;
  • Oriental drawings are thematic images of different styles, for example, tropical animals, Chinese hieroglyphs, Arabic patterns. Are appropriate in ethnic interiors or eclecticism;
  • Imitative drawings - this type includes any images that imitate a certain material (wood, stone, metal);
  • Classic pattern - represents a variety of regular patterns, most appropriate in classical interiors, although modern interpretations of patterns can be attributed more to modernity.

High headboard

Vertical stripes visually make the ceiling higher  Large window in the bedroom  Risen on the chest  Round table in the kitchen  Turquoise ornament on the wall

With stripes

Strips on the walls - a fashion trend, which, of course, deserves attention. The alternation of contrasting colors always attracts attention.

Black and white vertical stripes

Strips can be used almost everywhere. They can be fantasy, convoluted, moderate or refined. The main thing is that there are other details of furniture or textiles that would complement them.

Black and white wide strips

In bright colors, the strips will bring dynamics, make the atmosphere more alive. Wide will give the spirit of modernity. The vertical line will visually raise the ceilings, and the horizontal lines will make the walls wider. Narrow strips look better in small rooms, while large ones are quite spacious.

Horizontal stripes in the interior

A wide vertical strip will be appropriate in the classical interior, narrow very elegantly complement pop art or retro, and any minimalist interior will decorate the striped cover of black and white or gray.

Light bedroom  Imitation of the mirror at the head of the bed  Strips of different width and color  Bedside table made of natural wood  Bright bands for a fun and dynamic children's

In a cage

Wallpaper in the cage is often preferred by lovers of strict motives. Designers like them for the opportunity to saturate the room with a bright contrast of simple forms, as well as make the situation more spectacular. The cell is different: bright, traditional, strict, large, small.

Chandelier resembling a lump

Cellular drawings are most often used for decorating a retro interior, as well as in English and classical style. Varieties of checkered ornament:

  • Chess - classical strict squares of two or more contrasting colors;
  • The Scottish cell - squares are created by perpendicular strips of different widths;
  • Country - a type of Scottish cell with less contrast;
  • Nova is a square ornament of four colors;
  • Glenchek is a complex geometry of dark and light shades on a gray background.

Bedroom in English style  Wallpaper in a black and green cage is ideal for the office  Wood in the interior of the hallway  Scottish cage in the interior of the bedroom  Armchair in red and white stripes

Wall-mounted wallpaper

Modern wallpaper - it's not that birch grove or waterfall, it's high quality images on practical, durable materials. In this case, you do not have to choose the options from the catalog. Photo can be any image or even a child's picture. This small canvas can dramatically transform the room.

Bedroom with access to the balcony

The image on the wallpaper may be as realistic as if there were no walls in the room at all. And it can look like a huge picture.

Bright living room with sofa and pouf

Particular attention should be given to a realistic panorama - three-dimensional 3d wall-papers. They look very original and interesting, the volume and depth push the boundaries regardless of the size of the room.

Bright children's Wall in flowers Bright living room with window to the floor Bright and spacious living room Photo wallpapers in the interior of the hall

With patterns

Wallpapers with patterns appeared one of the first and since then have never gone out of fashion. They are represented in the form of an interlacing of geometric figures, ethnic ornaments, classical coats of arms, oriental motifs. Almost every house has a room with patterned wallpaper. This pattern is considered to be the softest.

The combination of different patterns on the wall in the bedroom

Especially popular in recent years have become wallpaper in the classic version: patterns with monograms, damask and paisley.

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Blue wallpaper with an ornament in the bedroom

With a damask pattern

Damascus is not only steel with a special texture or the capital of Syria, it is also an original two-tone pattern with an attractive oriental motif. It is very easy to recognize it. Damascus is a vertical series of rhomboid symmetrical floral pattern, which is made up of plant motifs and ornate lines.

The wall at the headboard smoothly turning into the ceiling

The wallpaper with a damask pattern, as a rule, is executed in restrained tones. At the same time, they are distinguished by elegant strictness. Can be smooth or embossed. Original coating looks when a matte pattern is highlighted on a matte background. Damascus pattern is well combined with monophonic walls or is complemented by vertical stripes.

Bordeaux color in the interior

The classical application of Damascus is an accent wall. The room is filled with companion objects: a mirror, a pouf, a pillow. It should be noted that Damascus almost always makes the general background worse. It can be used indoors for any purpose, but does not fit every style. Perfectly complements the classics, oriental style, modern.

Bedroom in bright colors Turquoise wallpaper with a damask pattern  Living room with fireplace  Armchair in the old days in the tone of wallpaper  Luminaire in the interior

With monograms

Wall-paper with monograms is perfect for living room and bedroom. In rare cases, they pasted walls of hallways. It is used for decorating all horizontal surfaces or for selecting individual zones.

Dining area by the window

It is important to take into account that the monogram pattern can have both a classical appearance and a modern one. From the lighting of the room depends largely on the perception of wallpaper of this type. The wallpaper with monograms will help to create accent zones, well combined with a variety of other materials, since it does not have that fancy high cost that is inherent in the classics.

Bright living room with armchair

Due to the alternation of the pattern along the entire surface of the wall, a dynamic effect is created. Very successful can be a combination of striped walls with sections of wallpaper decorated with monograms. They are absolutely not suitable for small rooms, unless they will allocate one narrow wall.

Light bedroom с комбинированными стенами

Wall decor wallpaper with monograms  Puffs in the form of large stones  Luxurious pattern  Iridescent pattern on the wall  Spacious bedroom in burgundy color

With paisley ornament

The paisley ornament is also called a Turkish or Indian cucumber. This pattern has already become classic and has many interpretations. It is a drop of various shapes and designs, more often with ornate floral arrangement. Cucumber drawing is considered the most suitable for the bedroom, living room, cabinet, where it creates an atmosphere of wealth and mystery.

Orange armchair in the interior

Classic paisley involves the use of two, a maximum of three colors, but in modern design it can be more variegated and saturated. In addition, other patterns are often added to the drops.

Bright and dynamic design  Armchair with a table by the stairs  Pink wallpaper in the bedroom  Baby for girls  Wallpapers with paisley ornament

With the plots: what it is and how it is used in the interior

Wallpapers with stories are also called graphic or art-wallpapers. And if we say simply - this wallpaper with pictures. A real find for designers, which allows you to decorate the interior in accordance with the chosen theme. Thanks to them, a fabulous story comes to life on the walls. Diverse modern comics, a story from a favorite song, a movie, and perhaps there will be a picture based on a famous work of art.

Wooden furniture in the dining room

The wallpaper with the story is somewhat like wallpaper, but in this case there is not one picture but a report (the basic element of the ornament that repeats many times) in the form of a picture or graphic object. Subjects of story wallpaper can be very diverse. Most often they are created for children's rooms. In other rooms the subject wallpaper is less in demand. The wallpaper with the plot can cover all the walls or be used to highlight the accent. In any case, it is important that the thematic drawing correspond to the general style and purpose of the interior.

Chairs covered with leather

Art wallpaper can be glued and in small rooms, but they are more suitable for spacious rooms where the pattern will not overlap with cumbersome furniture and will be appreciated.

Corner sofa in the living room  Children's workplace  Green sofa in the living room  Round dining table in the kitchen  Subject wallpaper in the children's room

In the form of frescoes

Fresco - one of the techniques of painting walls, when the picture is created on a damp plaster. After drying, the lime, which was previously added to the composition, forms a transparent film that protects the fresco from the influence of time. Today, increasingly, fresco is called any wall painting, regardless of the technique of its manufacture.

Mural in the dining room

When talking about wallpaper in the form of frescoes, most often mean ready-made panels with aged images or conventional wallpaper.

Wallpapers with image Fresco on the bedroom wall Wall-papers on a wall Photo wallpapers with a picture behind a sofa Picture of an old street on wallpaper

With text and inscriptions

They appeared relatively recently. Very popular print in the bedrooms of teenagers, but this does not mean that it can not be used in other rooms. A variety of design and themes allows you to choose the right option for placing any orientation.

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Wallpapers with image букв

There are many design options. The inscriptions can be made with a calligraphic font, consist of separate phrases, letters, numbers, in the native or foreign language. It looks interesting stylization for street graffiti or a collage of old newspaper clippings. The themes of such wallpapers are impressive with a variety: retro drawings, mathematical calculations, an incoherent set of words, children's calligraphy, imitation of old letters. In general, they look original, and sometimes even extravagant.

Inscriptions on wallpaper Photo wallpapers with a world map from the names of countries Large letters on the wall White-blue wallpaper Inscriptions on wallpaper для кабинета

Combination options

Combine the wallpaper in the interior can be different, but among all the methods you can identify the most popular design techniques: Combination of three types of wallpaper in one color scheme

  • Horizontal separation - a monophonic or striped surface at the bottom, and above is a large or small pattern;
  • Alternating vertical stripes and large pattern - on a striped background there are wide sections with a print.
  • Usually they are located on opposite walls, can be asymmetric;
  • Selecting a plot with a texture or color;
  • Combination of wallpaper with other finishing materials.

Combination of colors in different wallpapers

Advice! It is desirable that the combined wallpaper belong to the same series or at least be combined in color and thickness of the material.

Patterned wallpapers and a monophonic wall  Example of a combination of two walls with different decorations  The allocated zone on a wall and a ceiling  The combination of black walls and light wallpaper  The combination of wallpaper in the hall

Accent wall

This design technique has already become a classic. As the name implies, it is designed to attract attention, in the room they should be one, in very rare cases, a complementary pair is allowed. When you draw accents, there is a color contrast, but you can also play on the texture or highlight the wall with photo wallpapers. In any case, the color should be brighter and more saturated than on other walls.

Accent wall в детской комнате

If we are talking about monophonic wallpaper, the color of the accent wall should be the leading one. In the accent bedroom it is customary to make a wall at the head of the bed. In the kitchen - at the dining area, and in the hall a free surface or TV zone is allocated. In the children's accent wall, there is a play area, in the bathroom there is a wall near the bathtub, and in the corridor there is a surface opposite the entrance.

We decorate the wall behind the bed Horizontal stripes on the wall We stand out the wall in the area of ​​the fireplace Accent wall за кроватью Wall selection with wallpaper of another texture


Tough rules in the design of the interior and the more so in the choice of wallpaper does not exist. However, the experience of professionals, obtained through trial and error, allows you to choose the most suitable option for different rooms.

Wallpapers with image черепа

For a bedroom

The bedroom should be calm and cozy, so the preference should be given to neutral wallpaper. The bed area can be successfully selected by both, which can go to the ceiling. From the remnants of these battles on the opposite wall, you can make a panel or use them to glue a niche.

Rich dark green wallpaper in the bedroom

It is undesirable in the bedroom to cover wallpaper in the form of landscapes, but flowers or a cage here will be just the way.

Bedroom in bright colors Unusual bedside lamp High headboard The oven in the corner of the bedroom   Delicate wallpaper for bedroom

For kitchen

In the kitchen, wallpaper should be combined with the finish, which is used on the working wall. It looks very symmetrical zoning, when the walls of the kitchen are covered with wide stripes and complemented by a bright print on the most visible open wall.

Cabbage leaf wallpaper

Design стен кухни не должен быть слишком пестрым, иногда предпочтения лучше отдать однотонным гладким поверхностям. Принт должен соответствовать кухонной тематике, а цвет узора или его отдельных элементов должен обязательно находить визуальный отклик на фасаде мебели. Нежелательно использовать фотообои на кухнях с ярким фартуком.

Fartur from the wallpaper behind the glass Wall with washable wallpaper Yellow interior Wallpaper with a picture of dishes Ornament - flowers

For children

In children's rooms, a combination of monotonous walls with photo wallpapers looks very harmonious. There are many collections for children with fine prints, but all such walls are not recommended to be glued to. A fine pattern is best alternated with wide stripes or monophonic surfaces.

Abstract wallpaper for children Light children's room Dinosaurs on wallpaper Pink textiles in a green room White and pink nursery Room for a girl

For the living room

The living room is the place where you can embody the wildest fantasies. The room can be a motley artist's palette or a discreet classic interior. Here you can use a texture wallpaper with a large damask pattern, which will complement the massive furniture or small flower and strip in pastel colors. The combination will bring ease and spaciousness into the atmosphere.

We use three types of wallpaper in the interior of the living room

For the living room можно выбрать практически любой понравившийся дизайн обоев и воплотить самую оригинальную комбинацию.

Living room with panoramic windows Border on the ceiling Selection of the zone at the table Orange chair in the bedroom  Lamp style

It is very difficult to independently design the wallpaper for the room without having an idea of ​​what materials, colors and textures exist, without knowing the rules of combination and color combination. But if you get a little deeper into these questions, connect fantasy and view a lot of ready-made design interiors, for sure, it will be possible to create your own, which will satisfy all aesthetic needs.