Interior design of a small house from ganna studio

Interior of a small house with a patio

Interior of a small house in Taipei

In Taipei, designers Ganna Studio designed an interesting interior of a small house, the area of ​​which is only 53 m2. The authors of the project retained the original layout, but were able to visually expand the space and add more light to the rooms.

In the case when the house is simultaneously an office, it is very important to designate the boundaries of the working and residential areas in order to guarantee a full rest for those who use them both.

The working area is located between the kitchen and the bathroom, it is beautifully lit and does not seem too small. Because of the rotating white panels from the windows of the kitchen, a lot of light enters the room. On the other hand, these panels are painted in a dark gray color.

Kitchen with dining area


Large bookshelf in the kitchen

Shelving in the kitchen

Large dining table in the interior of the kitchen

Rotating panels from the kitchen side

Rotating panels в интерьере маленького дома

Rotating panels

In the work area there is a long wooden table with dark red lockers on the sides. One of the walls - common to the dining room and office - occupies a roomy rack that does not obscure the glass doors.

Work zone в маленьком доме

Work zone

Work zone для нескольких персон

Shelf above the glass door

Also very interesting is a floor covering made of natural light wood with a pattern "in a Christmas tree".

Unusual chairs in the dining room

Wooden flooring

Small room for rest

Small recreation area

Bedroom за стеклянной стеной


Wooden Bathroom Finishing

Cabinet with sliding doors in the bathroom

Beautiful tiles in the bathroom interior

Bright elements in the bathroom interior

Small house with terrace

Small house in Taipei

The layout of a small house

House planning