How to decorate the interior of a small apartment in the

style loft in the interior of a small apartment

Whoever says anything, but even in a limited space, you can recreate the interior with a "character".

  • The presence of a white color visually expanding the available space;
  • minimal amount of furniture, decor elements and visually heavy parts;
  • the presence of an interesting "highlight", for example, a vivid abstraction on the wall or hand-made;
  • modern technology - a computer, a music center, a home theater and so on.

To maximally brighten the style of the loft in the interior of a small apartment, you can demolish excess internal partitions or walls that are not carriers. If possible, the front door should be disguised and do not immediately rush for a look. The best option - sliding, type barn. Unlike the swing, it does not take much space in the narrow corridor.

Small apartment in loft style

The loft-style dwellings are bare walls and bare brickwork. Feel free to use the horizontal combination of the surface, leaving a light coat at the bottom, and a dark stone from below. One of these walls should be in front of the window for visual expansion of the room. On it you can install a TV to save space.

As for the ceilings, it is not necessary to specifically level out the existing irregularities on its surface. The original course will be the use of beams. You can reduce them to one point, making sure that the wooden beams are tapering to the center. So you visually raise the ceiling and add some zest to the interior.

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For a list of materials ideal for decorating an apartment, plaster, brick, stone, stainless steel, concrete, wood, glass, crystal, leather, suede, vinyl, aluminum, plastic are included. To understand how to beat them for different rooms, check out the list of premises that make up a standard apartment.

Studio apartment in loft style

Entrance hall

It is from this room that guests begin their acquaintance with the apartment, forming an idea of ​​the tastes of the hosts. To arrange a small space in the loft style is easy. The main principle of the studio is no finishing of the walls. If in the design of the apartment there are reinforced concrete elements, it is better to roughly plaster them.

To brighten the room, use a special mixture of gray and white cements. The ceiling can also be painted white. The surface of the floor is left the same or trimmed by imitation boards - tiles or laminate.

Loft in the interior of the studio apartment must have a minimum of furnishings. Their appearance should be simple, antique, without mirror surfaces and pretentious pens. A possible option is a nightstand, painted in gray or black and white colors like a chessboard. As lighting fixtures, small sconces, spotlights or simple hanging lamps are suitable.

A small loft style apartment with a loft bed

Living room

Leave some corner or one of the walls of the room in the so-called "pristine" form, covering the rest of the surface with paint or plaster. If desired, you can simulate brickwork using decorative panels or paint. Do not forget to seal the joints between the tiles on the ceiling and paint it with water-based material.

Put the wooden window blocks with double-glazed windows. All textile curtains of the studio replace with compact blinds. As for the interior elements, here you have complete freedom of action in the design of the apartment. In the available space, use objects with a variety of dimensions and color design. In the center place the sofa, surrounding it with a few soft puffs instead of massive armchairs. Photographs within the framework and panels will well complement the overall picture.

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Living room с деревянными балками на потолке


The principles of kitchen arrangement within a small apartment are practically the same as requirements for other rooms. All modern household appliances (microwave, dishwasher, and so on) can easily be placed on the niches of the kitchen set. Do not forget that the style of the loft, among other things, characterizes the presence of a large number of different miniature shelves, where you can arrange all used utensils.

Above the stove place the hood, without hiding the discharge pipes - they will give the room a special color, reminiscent of the interior of industrial buildings. In some areas, make spotlight, conventionally breaking even a small space into separate zones - for cooking and consuming cooked food. In addition, you can do this with a small bar counter with shelves and hanging glasses on it.

Kitchen в стиле лофт


Separate the bed from the remaining areas of one-room studio apartment is possible by folding screen. If, however, in your small apartment there is still a separate room for sleep, its decoration is maintained in a general style. For small bedrooms, "loft beds" with a lot of capacious boxes that make possible the most rational use of available space are very popular. Well, if the bed - the main element of the interior - will be wooden, but it is quite possible to have metal parts on it. If desired, the construction material can be artificially aged.

Remember that all bedding and bedspreads must be monophonic. If you do not want to install blinds on the windows, as in the living room, hang a translucent tulle or Roman curtains that can be easily folded. Taking into account the specifics of this room, you have every right to depart somewhat from the standard for loft standards. For example, you can cover the walls of the bedroom with photo wallpapers. The only restriction is a ban on a variety of landscapes with flower fields, waterfalls and similar things. The main guidelines for selection should be strict lines and solid colors.

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Loft style bedroom


To this room in the interior of a small apartment does not become too gray and gloomy, dilute the dark palette with bright inclusions - colorful posters on the walls, unusual chairs, colorful carpets. Nevertheless, try not to "go too far" with iridescent shades. If possible, mount a bed on two floors above the child's desk.

To pay tribute to the classics, hang on the wall an integral part of an industrial street culture - a bicycle. An active child who loves to study everything around will necessarily appreciate this idea, which helps to save space in a small apartment.

Cozy apartment in loft style


Try to put in this room a maximum of your imagination. No matter how small this room, it is always possible to fit a designer bath on elegant legs in retro style. The walls and the floor must be covered with ceramic or plastic tiles. A good option is imitation wood. In addition, you can experiment with a combination of metal and glass on the example of sanitary ware, chrome accessories, mirrors.

Brick walls in loft style


Здесь дело обходится несколько сложнее, чем это было бы с лоджией. Последнюю можно было бы утеплить и сделать частью комнаты посредством снесения стены. Лучший же вариант для балкона — утепление и установка максимально больших окон. Предназначение и функциональность данного места квартиры определяется исключительно хозяевами. Balcony может служить и кабинетом, и зоной отдыха, и местом для детских игр.

Thus, this is a huge space for the development of fantasy, a combination of new and old, natural and artificial. Possessing a conditionally strict framework, it is very economically advantageous. If you really want to live in a loft apartment, you can always find such an opportunity!