Interior of the house from laminated veneer lumber +50 photo

Interior of the house from glued beams

Time flies faster, along with its running, the rhythm of everyday life accelerates, people drown in their worries, and as a result they do not have time to look around, enjoy life. It would seem that it interferes with rest and relaxation in the home environment? The answer is obvious - an inappropriate atmosphere. The country house will become a refuge from city stresses, especially if you build it out of the "right" material - fireproof, eco-friendly, durable and beautiful. All these characteristics are glued beam.

The assembly of the house reminds something of a designer - as the details have figured notches (grooves) and convex parts (spikes). To strengthen the design is used metal - studs insure the structure, pulling together the seams. Thermal insulation is minimal due to the nature of the material, climatic conditions are taken into account, depending on them, a heater is chosen. Often, there is no need for it at all, because the bar itself keeps the heat.

Wooden house on the plot  House with a terrace  Rockary on the site  Conifer near the house  Pots of flowers on the balcony and terrace

Advantages and disadvantages of houses from laminated veneer lumber

In addition to the unquestionable original ecology of the house made of natural material, its absolute safety is also worth mentioning - the material is not toxic, since the glue used in the assembly of slats is water-based. Attention should be paid to the processing of the beams with a special solution, which gives the material resistance to fire, protects against damage by pests. A lot of stages in the preparation of the beam provide a special strength of the structure - the tree does not crumble, does not lose shape. An important factor for many is the speed of building a house. The house made of laminated veneer lumber is being built fast, yet easy - thanks to the quality profiles, and the absence of a shrinkage period. Just as quickly passes the finishing stage, because the walls from the outside and from the inside do not require additional processing, except that several layers of varnish or paint. The last, but not less significant plus is an aesthetics. This house gives coziness and rest.

House in Russian style

The shortcomings of the dwelling of glued beams are a direct reflection of its advantages. The first main issue is the price. At the manufacturing stage it is important to use high-quality and, accordingly, not expensive materials. It is necessary to trace not only the class of raw materials, an important role in glue and antiseptic - these substances should be without formaldehyde and other harmful impurities. It can be concluded that spending at the construction stage is simply a contribution to future comfort.

Mansion from the bar

The value of the tree in the interior

A person can not, and does not want to, distance himself from nature. Even erecting stone skyscrapers, in the interior people always use wood. Even floor tiles can be made of wood, what can we say about furniture or decor items. Only wood can compete with a tree - it penetrates even into modern styles of design. Depending on the material selected, you can get just an unlimited number of effects:

  • a strict classical oak will make an impression of solidity, it, like cherry, is preferably used in minimalistic conditions;
  • hi-tech can not be complete without the use of ash, a nut is also perfect - its texture will emphasize the self-sufficiency of the interior;
  • the very idea of ​​Scandinavian direction implies natural materials, that is, untreated wood;
  • freshness and comfort of furnishings in the style of Provence is emphasized by furniture made of wood, painted in pastel colors;
  • lacquered surfaces of the plum panels will make up a luxurious duo in a respectable decor in the style of art deco, also, chestnut will perfectly match.
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Interior made of wood

Return the naturalness of the interior can be not only in the living room, it is appropriate to use wood in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and even in the utility rooms, for example, in the garage. Deciding on wooden floors, windows or stairs means making an excellent choice. The wooden floor is cozy, the furniture from valuable wooden species is durable, at the same time it is very beautiful. But still, do not forget about the sense of proportion. Of course, the preparation of the premises must correspond - having designed the tree in the bathroom or the attic, it is necessary to take into account the degree of humidity.

Kitchen-dining room combined with living room

Fireplace in a wooden house

Features of production glued beams provide an opportunity to be warmed by the warmth of a cozy fireplace. The bar is treated with a liquid that repeatedly reduces the propensity of the tree to ignite. Of course, when developing a project, the designer should take into account not only the aesthetic, but also the practical side of the issue. The fireplace is built at the same time as the house, because it also has a foundation - if it's a solid heavy fireplace. The project should take into account the depth, height of the structure, its strength and safety:

  • The floor area adjacent to the fireplace must be separated by non-combustible materials, such as iron or tiles. This will not only help to secure the room from fire, but will also add character to the decoration;
  • the walls adjacent to the masonry also need to be protected - they should be covered by analogy with the floor, or simply isolate the brick brick wall from the very beginning;
  • ceiling and chimney, as a rule, do not connect, and the remaining small gap is laid with heat-resistant material - basalt cotton wool will do. It will require additional strengthening, you can make it drywall;
  • The chimney and his assistant in the output of smoke - the pipe on the roof - must be designed and then built with absolute precision. Fixation of the chimney can be based both on the fireplace itself and on a different design.

Fireplace in a wooden house из бруса

The fireplace in the neighborhood with glued beams is a responsible step, but it will bring a lot of joy provided a careful and attentive attitude.

Firewood in a niche under the fireplace  Stone and wood in the interior  Living room with parallel exposure  Fireplace with portal of stone  Fixtures near the hearth

The main components of the interior

The interior of the glued timber house, its creation, is strikingly different from the design of any other room. The nature and plastic features of the material make it possible to perform incredibly beautiful projects. A competent designer will take into account not only aesthetics, but functionality. There are no frames - the tree can be used to create any style, but the main idea, of course - is naturalness and environmental friendliness. The advantage of the wood interior is warmth and light - it reflects completely in a special way on the walls or floor panels. Therefore, the preservation of primordiality becomes the main goal when planning the interior. Interestingly look ceiling beams - untreated, nothing naked.

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Interior of a house made of lumber

Design kitchens

The kitchen is certainly a very cozy room: there is a crunchy aroma of meat, biting pies and strong coffee brewing. But all these actions involve creative confusion, splashes, from which it is so important to protect the wooden panels of walls and floor. To support the style solution, you can put an apron tile, imitating the texture of the tree, even a laminate board or plastic is suitable. The working area, made of stone, fits perfectly into the natural style of the kitchen. Do not forget about the hood, if you want to keep the ceilings in their original form.

Kitchen in a house made of lumber

Each culinary in his own way sees his ideal cuisine, but not superfluous will adhere to several basic principles:

  • competent zoning. Convenience, as well as the accessibility of all working areas, shorten the time for the creation of culinary masterpieces by several times. In a small room it is better to give preference to a line headset, but in a large kitchen the island is appropriate;
  • harmony of textures. Against the background of a natural tree it is strange, even alien looking simple objects made of plastic or fiberboard. Ceramics, clay, glass, stone - these materials perfectly shade, and in addition, underlined the bar;
  • textile. Functional, but still decorative part of the kitchen - color, material and processing fabric will create any desired mood;
  • lighting. Another way of zoning the room - light can be muffled, bright, illuminate individual areas for convenience and create a suitable atmosphere;
  • decor. Flowers, appetizing still lifes, interesting ideas will find support in wood decoration. Ceiling beams can be beaten with braided braids of onions or garlic.

Mosaic apron  A dark clock on a light wall  Ceiling with beams  Suspended chandelier above the table  White furniture in the kitchen

Living Room Design

The living room can be made in any color, the main accent is already there - this is the material. The rest of the work is to emphasize nature:

  • a good solution is to design panoramic windows, they will fill the room with morning light, and in the evenings you can admire the sunset;
  • to support the expansion of space is worth, having painted the walls in gray tones, the white color will also cope well with this goal;
  • The main element of the living room is the fireplace, and its decoration with stone or brick is softened with rugs and sofa cushions, carpets. If there is no fireplace, the arrangement of furniture depends on the preferences, leisure of the family.
  • it would be misleading to think that timber houses require a classical style, this is not so. You can "make friends" a tree with high-tech, it will look good minimalism, modern, of course, country.

Living room in a house of lumber Yellow furniture in the interior  Motorcycle on the shelf  Table in the form of padded stools at the sofa  Blue furniture in the living room  Carved table in the interior

Bedroom design

Sleep is very important for a person, so the interior design of the bedroom can not be allowed to go by itself in any case. Here you can fantasize enough: an attic, an attic, a room with a double ceiling ... Like any other room, a bedroom can be made in any style, but it is desirable to preserve the charm of naturalness:

  • first of all to think about the bedroom is at the stage of designing a house - the room should be in a quiet part of the house, away from the kitchen, the living room, bathrooms, if possible, it is necessary to equip the bedroom on the second floor;
  • the treatment of walls and ceiling is minimal - the untouched wood covered with varnish looks most comfortable. The painted wall also looks good;
  • furniture. Do not overload the room, enough beds, bedside tables and dressing table;
  • textiles will emphasize airiness, and a soft carpet will keep warm;
  • lighting. It is better to stick to zoning, this will add comfort and coziness.
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Bedroom in a house made of lumber Tables with lamps near the bed  Gray carpet in the interior  Television on chests  Chandelier in the form of a flower in the interior  Bedroom with white furniture

Design Cabinet

The house must have a working area. Cabinet requires concentration, and therefore, the situation should be comfortable and restrained:

WallsPainting the walls in the right color is very important to maintain the working atmosphere. Olive shade will cope with the task, it will create a calm mood.
FurnitureThe table and chair are the leading setting of the cabinet. The table should be wide, and the chair comfortable and stable. Set the workgroup better to the window.
LightingIt will not be superfluous to have an extra lamp - a desk lamp or a floor lamp at the couch, useful for working with documentation, and in addition, it is so convenient to read.

Cabinet in a house of lumber

Bathroom Design

This seems strange, but only at first glance. Wood and bathroom are quite compatible:

  • Accommodation. The bathroom should be located on the first floor, due to its heavy construction.
  • Floor. It is necessary to strengthen, a thorough sealing is necessary, followed by finishing with tiles, stone and other moisture-resistant materials.
  • Walls. Необязательно закрывать стены плиткой от пола до потолка. Можно защитить только поверхности возле ванны. Конечно, в комнате должна быть сильная исправная вентиляция, ведь дерево не любит влажности.

Bathroom in a house made of lumber

Scandinavian style

The basis is taken by light and wood. The room should breathe space. For this, a light, mostly white paint is used. Airiness is achieved with the help of textiles - again unobtrusive drawings, light colors, light textures. Ceiling beams are the best suited to this style, they will give a game of light and shadow. Welcome color accents: popular yellow and blue combinations - the juiciness of colors emphasizes the ease of space.

Scandinavian style в интерьере дома из бруса TV on the carved partition  Apron made of bricks in the kitchen  Room with dining and living room areas  White furniture with black worktops  Window in the roof

Country style-comfort and tradition

Hand embroidery, restored furniture, draperies - this is a whale of village style. Clay pots, country furniture wrapped in warmth, and various interesting elements, such as cuckoo clocks, will not get bored. Dilute the wood forging and brass decor items. The drawings are light, floral, and the colors are natural, soft. This style is very popular, because the romance of decorative trinkets, the comfort of soft pillows relax, allow you to truly relax from everyday vanity.

Country style in the interior of the house of a bar Chandelier from horns  Combined floor covering in the interior  White curtains on the windows  Carved patterns in the interior  Clock on the wall above the TV

Rustic style

Rough naturalness, no ennobling finishes, everything is minimally smoothened, textures are allowed to remain rough. Substantial simplicity is achieved due to deliberate naturalness - self-made furniture, everything is subordinated to the idea of ​​functionality. Modern objects are masked as much as possible.

Rustic style в интерьере дома из бруса


In order not to get disappointed with the shortcomings and shortcomings during the construction phase, it is recommended that you plan in advance the layout of the dwelling, the interior design of the rooms and, of course, how to trim the house from the outside. You can focus on photos and videos, it will help to decide on a difficult choice. Do not forget about non-residential premises, the garage should fit into the overall picture and maintain the style. A country house made of laminated veneer lumber is a structure with its own character. Properly designed and lovingly decorated, it will give peace and comfort.