Top 30 ideas for home, embodied with their own hands

A fresh selection of 30 ideas for the house, which everyone can do with their own hands!

In the beginning of autumn it can be very difficult to reconcile with the fact that the summer, which you had not waited so long, was already over. At the same time, the first gloomy autumn days give us an excellent opportunity to do our own house and bring something new to it. Maybe it's time to update the design of your home office? Or make your hallway more welcoming? Changes in the environment are always invigorating and inspiring, especially if it's not about a new vase or picture bought in the store, but about funny crafts that will express your style and character.

Today Dekorin invites you to take a look at the Top 30 bright house ideas that are very popular in 2015 and you can do it yourself. Geometric patterns and warm shades of metal, natural unpainted wood and minimalism style - there are ideas for creating decor and furniture that best correspond to modern trends. Enjoy watching!

30 best ideas for a house with your own hands 2015 (photo)

Coffee table from stump Useful decor for the hallway Paintings in frames - decor on the wall with your own hands Crafts for home with seashells A tray for eating your own hands Ideas for a home by your own hands Top 2015 The idea to use the old door A new collection of ideas for the house with their own hands Practical ideas for home decor

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Rug mat from own hands Beautiful decor with clothes pegs The idea for stylish decoupage of the dresser Shelves on the wall with their own hands Furniture armchair with your own hands Bed for a large dog own hands Crafts for pets in the houseDecor on the wall with your own hands Home Office - Design Ideas

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Suspended shelf of boards and ropes Ideas for home decoration 30 ideas for home: hammock hanging chair

Lamp from led garland

Geometric decoration 2015 with your own hands Homemade chandelier with indoor plants Homemade hanger from a copper tube and ropes Wall clock with own hands Narrow coffee table with your own hands Painting the table: stylish stripes Unusual vase - decor in the style of minimalism Vase with your own hands