Original interior solutions for a small house for a large

Interior of a small house for a family

The natural and cozy interior of a small house

The interior of a small house is developed based on the available usable area. Often the height of the ceilings is determined by the owners themselves at the stage of designing the building, which is an undoubted plus. Sufficient height of ceilings allows to organize the division of vertical space into two tiers. Today it is a very popular solution that provides a modern look to the interior and allows you to win a few precious square meters. 

Placing rooms in such a house, as a rule, is very compact, and then zones of different purposes are at arm's length from each other, but this is not an excuse to deprive the living quarters of coziness. Light walls of the house in a complex with natural wooden panels will add to the interior of the friendliness and sensation of space.

Entrance hall in a small house

Compact house design

Staircase in a small house

Ladder to the second level

For dividing the zones, you can use panels of modest dimensions and decorative walls. Also, in order to save space, it is worth taking care of the presence of large windowsills that can be used as an additional work surface.

Zoning in a small house

Separation into zones

Kitchen and dining room in a small house

Additional surfaces

Wide window sill в интерьере маленького дома

Wide window sill

Another way to save space is to install additional shelves and built-in cabinets. You can also arrange niches for storing clothes in folding pieces of furniture.

Open shelves in the interior of a small kitchen

Open shelves in the kitchen

Adding to the interior of the second tier is an original solution that your children will enjoy. It is important that the space in this case looks holistically and is made in the same style. This option is ideal for houses whose height is not sufficient to build a full-fledged second floor. On the upper tier you can equip a rest area and additional compartments for storing clothes.

Second level in a small house

The second tier

Stairs in the kitchen

Decorative staircase

View from the second level

Using Space

View of the kitchen from above

Overview from a height

Accessories in the interior of a small house

Optional Accessories

Small table on wheels


Cabinet in a small house


Large windows - an important attribute of a compact interior, because the abundance of daylight makes it more cozy. Refusal of curtains in favor of decorative blinds will help to give the design an individuality.

Large windows in a small house


Backlight on the second level

The space of the second tier

Sleeping area в маленьком доме

Sleeping area

Blinds on windows

Window decoration

Even in such a small area you can designate the boundaries of the working area and places for eating. The main thing is to compactly place furniture.

Kitchen area in a small house

Partially separate kitchen area

Dining area in a small house

Dinner table

Bathroom equipment will not require significant restrictions, because in a small room it is easy to place all the necessary devices and accessories, if you prefer their compact varieties.

Bathroom in a small house

Compact bathtub

Bathroom in a small house

Storage in the bathroom

Well, when the structure of a private house allows you to use outdoor space. Then its owners should think about the construction of an open loggia or a small veranda.

Loggia in a small house

Decor of a loggia

If you are faced with the task of creating a private home of compact dimensions, you do not need to give up the idea of ​​making it original. Since even in a limited area you can create a real masterpiece of interior design.