Projects of small houses: a cheerful canadian community on

Projects of small houses: a house on a hill

Today we will introduce you to the Canadian community, which is located near the city of Trinity in the town of Newfoundland and Labrador. In Canada there is a saying: "If you build, they will come." In this case, guests are meant, and the building is a picturesque seaside house, due to its location called "Crow's Nest".

He is constantly filled with numerous relatives and friends who came to stay. This tradition was started by a psychologist and business owner Brenda McIntyre, who first designed and built a house with an area of ​​about 130 square meters, flattered by the stunning views of the sea bay. Such beauty soon led to a massive flow of guests, acquaintances and relatives who want to spend at least a few days here. As a result, McIntyre had to build an additional approximately 150 square meters, located a few minutes walk down the hill from the main building and called "Elling". After a while and this was not enough, because there was a catastrophic lack of beds, so soon there was a new sleeping house called "Neighbor" with the possibility of placing a few more people. Let's take a closer look at all three dwellings.

Who lives here: Brenda McIntyre. Address: Port of Rexton, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Size: the area of ​​"Crow's Nest" is 130 square meters; "Elling" - 150 square meters; "Neighbor" - 40 square meters.

Crow's Nest

The main method in the construction of the main dwelling was a huge amount of glazing, so that natural light came not only through the high windows, but through the glass apertures built into the doors. Thus, the author of the project wanted to emphasize as much as possible the relationship between the traditions of the past and the development of modern technologies. As a result, the charming little house perfectly harmoniously blended into the surrounding landscape. As the facade shades were used light straw tones in combination with light blue frames and handrails of the main staircase.

Living room on the hill

The owner gravitates to a delicate combination of cream and sea shades, so the house has many art paintings and miniatures, cozy light covers on sofas and armchairs and drapes on the windows. Her favorite part of the house are those places where she can admire the coastal town, the lighthouse and the ocean, and there are such places along the perimeter of the dwelling, except, perhaps, the bathroom. So in this respect, Brenda can be considered an absolutely happy person.

Dining room on the hill

One of the biggest problems in the development of interior design was the unification of all the premises, that is, the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom and study on an area of ​​130 square meters. In the bedroom, I had to install a folding bed, combined with the storage system, to leave as much space as possible for art objects that were placed on the walls, on the floor, and on the furniture. To make the wooden floor look old, specialists used spruce blocks, from which the top layer of wood was removed, then lightly ground and covered with a deep sea color paint. For painting the floor, the paint of the same company was used as for the facade.

Bedroom of a house on a hill Hallway on the hill

When the bed descends to the "sleep" position, McIntyre, lying down to sleep and opening his eyes in the morning, contemplates a stunning panoramic view of the ocean, experiencing daily true pleasure from awakening.

Cabinet house on the hill

Her home office huddles in a small corner in the kitchen, which does not prevent him from inspiring Brenda to work with unique landscapes.

Elling on a hill


This building was erected when McIntyre needed more space for guests. As the basis for this small house used an old building in which the ground floor was equipped with a place for a boat and fishing gear, and on the second there was an attic. The color scheme is darker here, as the facade of the building is painted red, and the platbands, railings and stairs are in dark green.

Elling on a hill

По забавной иронии Макинтайр продала свою лодку ещё до того, как появился «Елин». Поэтому сейчас это строение с четырёхметровыми потолками играет роль мастерской.

A sleeping-room on a hill

A large Louis Vuitton poster was found in New York, and now it covers that part of the bed that is visible when it is folded.

A sleeping-room on a hill The kitchen of the hut on the hill

To maximize the space, the landlady of the house has beaten a visual perspective, which leaves the impression that you are above water. For example, in the kitchen each zone is raised above the floor and painted in chess colors, as if several separate spaces are arranged in one room, which together create the illusion of some infinity.

The kitchen of the hut on the hill

Kitchen cabinets are made on an individual project, and their doors are painted as if they were sprayed with a spray can, which they use in car repair shops. In this case it is a shade called "asphalt".

The kitchen of the hut on the hill

It enriches the color of the kitchen, perfectly matching with the horizontal windows framed by the classic white metro tiles.

The living room of the slipway on the hill

Too narrow a space became a problem when organizing a living room, dining room and kitchen. Therefore, along one of the walls was installed a long sofa, which has a lot of seating, but at the same time leaving enough free space.

The living room of the slipway on the hill

Excessively bright artistic elements and pieces of furniture forced Brenda to decorate the walls and ceiling in neutral, calm colors.

Dining room on a hill

The house also had a place for a tiny but very cozy dining room overlooking the Gulf of Trinity with light, light furniture. The floors of the whole house are made of a very durable material, both for the garage, therefore are distinguished by their reliability and do not require special care.

Bathroom, which was too narrow a space, was specially decorated with contrasting in texture and color materials: red tiles and white paint. As a result, its visual area has increased at times.

WC on the hill WC on the hill

The mirror in the form of a porthole also introduces a creative note to the space and is simultaneously used as a storage system.

Lodge with veranda


The third building was erected near the "Elling" and, above all, was conceived as a sleeping area equipped with convenient storage systems. There is a small patio that goes to the water, but there is no kitchen and bathroom.

Bedroom in the house with veranda

По сути "Neighbor" — это вторая спальня для двух основных домов, в которых иногда настолько много гостей, что на всех не хватает кроватей.