The cozy interior of a small wooden house in california

Interior of a small wooden house с гаражом

Interior of a small wooden house

This original building, built in 1900, was used for many years as a stable, a garage, a guest house. Now it has turned into a small but beautifully renovated home of architect Heidi Richardson. Appreciate the interior of this small wooden house!

Interior of a small wooden house - кухня

Your story

Located at the old railway, which once had a great importance for the whole of California, this house can tell us its age-old history. Having decided to decorate the interior in a modern style, the designers decided to leave the appearance of the building practically unchanged.

Interior of a small wooden house - гостиная

Successful redevelopment

Recently, this building was subjected to a long and significant damage to the water, so it needed a complete renovation. To revive the house, the designers made a redevelopment at the top - now there are two bedrooms and an attic.

Interior of a small wooden house - второй уровень

Modern house

Open beams look classically stylish, and modern lamps without plafonds remind us that the house has just been reconstructed.

Interior of a small wooden house - лестница

Classic style

Simple finishing materials of light tones provide ease and airiness to registration. Such interesting features as the rope decor on the railing makes us smell the tree, even if we just look at the photo.

Interior of a small wooden house - ванная

Wood and woodwork

Classical cabinets and furniture made of wood will always be relevant, especially for such a historic home. It would be unexpected to see inside hi-tech or futurism, when outwardly this building looks the same as a hundred years ago.

Would you like to own such a holiday home? We really liked this project, and you?