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Increasingly popular among people get projects of houses with an attic. Country housing can significantly reduce the cost of utilities, provides a healthy living in the green zone. The availability of transport access allows the owners of a suburban area to work in the city, and to live in their own private home. For such housing projects of wooden houses with an attic of the different area are used.

The most affordable option is a wooden cottage with a garage and attic, which provides comfortable living conditions for a family of 3 people. Such a cottage does not take a lot of space on the site, which most developers do not have a large area. The rational use of the attic space will ensure the expansion of the useful area without erecting the 2 nd floor.

Wooden house with an attic

Optimal according to the criteria: size, price, comfort house made of timber with a mansard 7 to 8 meters for a large family. Gable roof without complicating the construction of cuckoos and bay windows. On the first floor is the kitchen dining room, attic floor: a corridor and two spacious bedrooms.

A narrow house with an attic

A narrow house with an attic and a garage for a small family for permanent residence. On the first floor there is a kitchen-living room, an attic floor: a corridor, a storage room and two bedrooms. Beautifully looks a spacious balcony under one roof with a penthouse.

The owners of suburban areas are very popular houses with a garage and attic. Such structures allow rational use of the land, leaving it for planting. The timber houses with an attic and a garage have a large number of advantages that allow you to build quality and modern housing with minimal expenses on your countryside.

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Construction Materials

For the construction of the cottage is best suited tree. This is an environmentally safe and versatile building material used to create housing for a long time. Modern building technologies allow improving the technical characteristics of wood. The use of glued beams or frame-panel construction technology allows one-storey suburban housing with an attic to be built in a short time. A ready-made house design from wood is offered by many construction companies.

A handmade fairy tale is a log cabin made of logs in the style of an alpine chalet, for private use and a boarding house for wealthy tourists.

A handmade fairy tale is a log cabin made of logs in the style of an alpine chalet, for private use and a boarding house for wealthy tourists.

Spacious house made of laminated veneer lumber

A spacious house with a mansard of laminated veneer lumber, with a total area of ​​132 sq. M. m. Advantages of glued profiled bar - strength. beautiful aesthetic, maximum heat savings. This house is a sin to finish both from the outside and from the inside, the shrinkage of glued beams for a year 1-2 percent (log 10-15 percent). Nuance: glued beam is an expensive treat as a material: more expensive than a brick. the more aerated concrete, foam concrete and so on.

Log house

A quality log house with a mansard 5.4 to 5.4 meters. External simplicity of the project of the house without waiting rooms. The fender and the cuckoo compensates for the natural warmth of the light wood.

Unlike brick and building blocks, the project of a house made of wood on the ground floor can save a lot on construction. Correctly selected project with an attic allows quickly and with minimal financial investments to solve the housing problem.

Out-of-town cottages of bar 6x6 with an attic are the best variant of the project. Owners of summer cottages, who are fickle in a country house, can choose frame houses with an attic. This is an excellent option for dacha construction, as it allows the construction of a reliable and modern building on the site in a short time. For a panel house with an attic will not require large investments, it will not take up a lot of space and will allow you to live comfortably in the summer time in the suburban area.

The project of a house made of timber is suitable for those who want to build suburban housing for permanent residence. Today, schemes of such cottages are offered by construction companies that perform turnkey work.

Saving on construction materials and construction works

Such houses allow you to save on the construction of a 2-storey suburban house. They will be cheaper than a cottage with a 2nd floor. The advantages of cottages with a mansard 6x6 are also in the possibility of using cheap building technologies. For such a house, you do not have to do a reinforced foundation and hire workers who perform masonry. The use of wood as a building material allows to reduce the time of construction.

The attic space replaces the 2nd floor, allowing you to save on the construction of load-bearing walls and exterior decoration of the facade. Its area depends on the size of the roof slope. It will allow creating an original design decoration of a country house. The high cost of attic windows is compensated by savings in the construction of walls, finishes and thermal insulation.

One-story structure with a high roof becomes an alternative to a 2-storey building. Modern building technologies and decoration allow rational use of the attic space, turning it from an ancillary into a living space.

Design advantages and a variety of layouts

The original layout of the attic, the presence of a specific shape of the windows and the special geometry of the walls open up a large space for creativity in front of the designer. Various ready-made designs of wooden houses with a penthouse represent the options for design of such a dwelling. Beveled walls and ceilings allow you to effectively decorate the space. Even in the dead zones of such a premise, it is possible to rationally install chests of drawers, book shelves or other things that require special storage.

All for an active holiday in the suburban area after a week of labor for a family or a small male company.

All for an active holiday in the suburban area after a week of labor for a family or a small male company.

Big house

House for a big family.

House project with attic

The advantage of a house with an attic in this project is an additional 3 bedrooms.

In such a house from a tree with a penthouse it is possible to equip a premise of any purpose. It can be a bedroom, a guest room, an office, a library or a nursery. The choice depends on the preferences of the owner of a country cottage. In this house can comfortably accommodate a family of several people. In order to realize all your ideas about a country cottage with a cozy room under the roof, you need to choose the right house designs from the bar with the attic. For permanent residence fit lumber cottages, which are reliable, keep warm and create safe conditions for life. For a summer cottage house it is better to choose frame structures that do not require large financial investments.

Frame house

Frame house with a gable roof.

The frame house project

The project of a frame house with a penthouse. First floor 61 sq. M. m.

The erection of a wooden building with an additional premise under the roof is available for most people. A variety of ready-made projects allows each owner of a suburban area to choose the best option for a wooden cottage for permanent or seasonal residence in it. Such a house can be built by professional builders working on a turnkey basis, you can also build a structure on your own, taking into account the advice of professionals. In any case, this option to build a country cottage will cost less than the construction of a 2-storey building.

Frame house with an attic. Video

Why a house with a loft