The modern interior of a small house from nicholas hunt: a

The appearance of a small house in Brooklyn

Interior of a small house in Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Garden Studio presents to the reader the interior of a small house created by the talented designer Nicholas Hunt in record time.

Located in the distance of the city noise in the gardens of Boerum Hill Townhouse in Brooklyn, New York, this oasis of tranquility is one of its best projects, which marked the desire to get rid of the bustle of the metropolis. The house surrounded by a garden is a perfect place for solitude for enjoying your favorite book or a midday sleep.

Interior of a small house in Brooklyn - photo 1

This studio is a modest brainchild of experiments. The design of this house is designed from simple materials: simple wood paneling, windows and skylights made of organic glass, siding from recycled cedar.

Using extremely simple and light forms, the designer found a very practical solution. The roof of the house is made in such a way that water does not accumulate on it, and the coolness inside the house is preserved due to the overall height of the ceiling.

Interior layout of a small house - photo 1 Rest zone in a small house Interior layout of a small house - photo 2

Located in a cozy chair, the owner of the house or his guests can enjoy the charming views of the garden, sky and flowers. The windows are closed with special horizontal slats, which hides the interior of the house from the curious neighbor's eyes. On this island of silence, solitude and tranquility, nothing reminds of city life.

In the evenings the studio is illuminated by the sky, through the trellised wall the light falls on the backyard and the surrounding trees.

Interior of a small house in Brooklyn - photo 2

Interior was created at night and weekends and was completed in three months. The purpose of this project is to reveal the boundaries of space, as well as to learn the process of creating your own personal design.

According to the author of this project, most often his friends asked him the same question about what he intends to do with this house. But this project is not about what the author intends to do with this house, but about how this house affects him, what he can do with it. After all, there is definitely something special about feeling outside the crazy rhythm of New York.

Exterior of a small house in Brooklyn

Escaping from the city bustle, the author of the project managed to do the impossible: create a place of incredible beauty in close alliance with nature away from the noisy city. With confidence now you can say: yes, the escape was a success. Now, with a cup of coffee, he enjoys the sight of a charming moon, revealing its full-length embrace above his head-

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