Unusual interior of a hut in a deserted forest

Interesting interior of the hut in the forest

Guess what the interior of the hut in the forest can be

Tiny houses are not new, but this interior of the hut is special. In fact, the structure itself can be considered a regress to the origins, when people wandered by caravans and lived in shepherds' huts as reindeer herders or drove the animals to new pastures.

Thomas Alabaster from Suffolk in England built this modern pastoral hut and decorated it with a hatch for additional natural lighting, along the entire roof.

Light interior of a hut in the forest

Such a bright first floor

Interior of the hut in the forest: ceiling Interior of the hut in the forest: facade

Full-length skylight

Alabaster said that he has long had a love for abandoned sheds, which are surrounded by almost untouched nature.

Interior of the hut in the forest: small terrace

In appearance, and do not guess the content

Thomas grew up in the countryside, always loved English summer and with pleasure retired to a secluded place, closer to the thickets. He often spent time reading in a dilapidated shed at the back of the garden or found an abandoned bench. He was so fond of shelters and wild nature that he embodied similar ideas in his small projects, if the customers did not mind.

This modern version of the shepherd's hut is in a secluded place. The house is finished with galvanized steel sheets.

Interior of the hut in the woods: simple furniture

Here is such a wall, transparent and overlooking a lot of light

The form of the hut is classical, only with a truncated roof. It has a long hatch. This technique fills the interior with light. The only complication is the need to wash the glass.

Interior of the hut in the forest: kitchen

Place for cooking

Interior of the hut in the forest: a small bedroom

The glass wall adds even more light. Almost entirely white interior gives the impression of air and free. In one corner there is a simple kitchen area with a two-burner stove and a small fridge.

Behind the compact door opposite the bed is a bath covered with zinc panels.

Interior of the hut in the woods: a tin can in the bathroom

Door to the bathroom

Interior of the hut in the forest: white-gray shower room

The bathroom itself, lined with galvanized sheets

According to information from the owner's website, the construction of this spacious shepherd's hut cost $ 20,000. Such data is published on the site of the developer.

Interior of a hut in the woods during the daytime

Very blue sky, now inside, probably, especially light

Interior of a hut in the woods at night

However, as well as at night

If necessary, the author can repeat the project for the customer or use the concept. Something can be changed and supplemented, it depends on the future customer. A minimalist, light tiny house, inspired by the shepherds' hut concept, is an ideal place for relaxation and relaxation in the silence of nature.

Have you ever wanted to suddenly get away from everything and get into something like this?