10 great ideas for saving scarce space in a small kitchen

Small kitchen in white color

Planning is the first and main stage of preparation for repair. It is important to carefully consider the strategy and tactics of the work, if the area of ​​the room is too small.

Dear visitors of our site! Do you want to transform your tiny kitchen? We will show you how best to achieve this. We offer to visit different cities of the USA and Canada to see 10 interesting design projects.

You will discover important secrets and will be able to apply them in your home. Good masters always fulfill the wishes of the customer. With a lack of free space in the kitchen, they will fight for every centimeter. Therefore, multifunctional household appliances craftsmen will place behind the facades of furniture cabinets.

The first two ideas were developed in Los Angeles (California, USA) design studio Design Inc under the guidance of Emma Sklyar. The firm renders a full spectrum of services: projects and re-planning of premises, manufacturing of furniture to order.

First, experts are informed about the wishes of customers. On their basis sketches and mock-ups are made. They help to choose a contractor and construction materials, give detailed advice on each issue.

You can preview the samples of tiles and other facing materials, household appliances, lamps and furniture. In the creation of the masters, the fusion of modernity and classics pleases. Artists create beautiful interior and comfort. They treat their work with love and understanding, giving joy and genuinely expanding the room.

1. The kitchen has furniture with a white facade and a dark top. Updated classical instruments of the old model are installed. They are small, but powerful enough.

For example, a black O'Keefe and Merritt stove with a gas hob and an oven. Dimensions: 85 x 53 x 53 cm. A powerful hood is attached above it. The same color refrigerator Elmira Stove Works. Manufacturer Bertazzoni and Viking can supply household appliances of any desired size.

2. Single compact shell, made in the form of a bowl. It gives a win of 20 cm of space. This is a comfortable and roomy model. The walls are lined with white ceramic tiles Arden. Affordable prices (from $ 5 to $ 32) allow you to decorate the room beautifully even with a limited budget. The mixer is made of stainless steel of excellent quality. The price is $ 1597.

In this case, a classic design is used, which is suitable for all kitchens. High landing gander allows you to easily place under it utensils of any height. It is easy to install and convenient to care for. In addition to this sample, you can pick up any other, for example, under the old days. On one of the walls two large and roomy shelves for all kinds of utensils are strengthened.

Steel plate in white kitchen

3. Студия Best & Company, расположенная в Нью-Йорке, уже много лет помогает жителям города. Первым делом художники узнают мечты клиентов, а затем блестяще претворяют их в жизнь. Они разрабатывают проекты, выполняют столярную составляющую, изготавливают мебель. Вот ещё одна уникальная работа, подаренная дизайнерами.

Artists work hard on every architectural element and module. Plasters and decorators, electricians and carpenters are masters of the highest class.

For maximum space gain, it is recommended to install a small sink, for example, Undermount. The gas plate is the famous Italian company Bertazzoni. The price is $ 1999. The size of the hob is 61 x 61 cm. A combination of white, steel gray and light brown colors is used.

Dishes and cutlery, made in light colors, fit perfectly into the interior. Snow-white shelves with vases, glasses and wine glasses are interesting. They are equipped with illumination. On the countertop is a blender and a knife stand. Successfully fits into the interior of the coffee pot. A small white kettle by Le Creuset is simply made for this kitchen. Material is enamelled steel. The price is $ 60.

Storage in the kitchen

4. A small partition in a small kitchen needs to be used rationally. Do not hang a calendar or a picture. It is better to strengthen a number of racks from floor to ceiling. You can apply awnings for towels, special hooks, on which the tools are placed. Very convenient is the bar for the knives from the magnet. In front of you is an original kitchen, equipped with the Stephanie Sabbe from Boston.

The studio provides a full range of services for the construction and interior design. Stephanie, the performer of the project, first of all creates a plan. And then she accompanies the customers on the whole way of updating the premises. Despite the small area, this kitchen has enough working space and storage space. A professional with a unique style will take into account all the wishes of the customers.

Storing dishes in the kitchen

The same idea works equally well for pots with pans. An incredible amount of metal dishes can be placed on a small wall. You see a beautifully decorated space. Pay attention to the partition. It is painted in black. It masks any possible scratches.

A table of light wood and the same shelves above it were successfully placed on a tiny section of the room. The kitchenette is designed by KitchenLab from Chicago. Chief specialist Rebekah Zaveloff offers clients a full portfolio of services: consulting, projects and design of the premises.

Mobile kitchen set

5. Interesting and original style of MacGyver. Pay attention to this little "galley". Here the most essential is concentrated. On a small kitchen island there is everything: a sink, a stove and a cooking area.

Storage systems allow you to hide pots, pans and knives. There is also a place for a garbage can. On the opposite side there is space for several people, where you can sit down and have breakfast. This unusual design was developed by Actual-Size Architecture from San Francisco.

Drawer in the kitchen

6. How to arrange a pantry if the area of ​​the room is very small? We hasten to tell you an interesting idea of ​​a retractable storage. This furniture creation is hidden in a tiny corner. Despite its miniature size, the mobile locker is very space-saving.

On its shelves it is convenient to store products of long-term savings, all kinds of bottles, jars and boxes. Extra items are hidden from the eyes, but easily accessible. The interior uses moderate and restrained colors: gray, white and beige.

Kitchen in white color

7. We present to your attention a sample of the kitchen, decorated in a minimalist style. The work was carried out by Post Architecture from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Designer Gloria Apostolou applied a concise way of decorating the interior to find additional space.

From the room everything was removed: equipment, objects, ornaments. Small household appliances and accessories are hidden behind the facades of built-in cabinets. The main emphasis is on minimalist finish, glossy furniture and proper lighting.

Before you are clear straight lines and smooth surfaces. In the color scheme, the base colors are white and gray. Large windows and transparent doors do not require special decor. It replaces the picturesque landscape of the courtyard. This simple and elegant kitchen looks very stylish.

Small white kitchen

8. A small and compact kitchen is created in the city of Durham in the north-east of England. Emma Delon designed the room in white tones. High walls along the walls. Pleases a lot of storage systems, where you can save all the master's belongings.

Arranged to the ceiling cabinets and mezzanines visually expand the space of the room. This is also facilitated by their light color and the flat shape of the lamps. The abundance of natural and artificial light gives a sense of spaciousness.

Dining area near the kitchen

9. An interesting idea is to expand the available space due to an open plan and remove the doors between the living room and the kitchen. Thus, the two rooms seem to merge into one more spacious.

There is another option ─ to enlarge the doorway, decorating it in the form of an arch. You can completely remove the wall. In this room it is easy to move around. There can work two cooks at the same time, without interfering with each other.

10. In the mind, we recommend leaving only the most necessary: ​​a set of knives, favorite glasses and an enchanting teapot. In such a kitchen a lot of light, details of transparent glass and acrylic. All this together adds joy and spaciousness.

Do you have a miniature kitchen at home? I would very much like to know the alternative opinions of friends.