How to install or repair a garage door - a short technical

Garage door design

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The garage (especially large, for two or three cars) that goes outside can take up a lot of space on the site. If your garage doors are in poor condition, do not support the architectural style of the house or are simply boring, you can replace them, improving the overall look of the property.

Readers are offered useful information regarding installation, cost and other important points on this topic.

Garage door design

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The renovation of the garage doors can make the use of the home more comfortable and rational, and in the case of a built-in room for cars - it is also safer. The best time to arrange a garage is warm dry weather, because the work will be done in the air. But if you do not plan to paint or install complex structures (for example, pergolas), then weather conditions do not have much significance (except frosts or a strong thunderstorm).

Garage door design

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Whom to hire? Because of the required accuracy, experience and knowledge in the field of assembling garage doors, it is better to leave this work to professionals. Do I need a permit? Probably yes. In some cities, it is really necessary to receive appropriate approval, because the garage doors, in fact, - the external wall facing the street.

Any competent expert in this field will tell you if permission is needed or not. But if you are still not sure, then contact the city or district administration and find out.

Modern finishing materials:

  • wood - a wide range of design options, successful operation in any climatic conditions, but high cost;
  • steel is much cheaper than wood, but the downside is that it can rust, so you should avoid using in coastal areas;
  • aluminum - is not susceptible to corrosion, unlike steel materials;
  • Tempered glass in a wooden or aluminum frame is great for modern buildings;
  • fiberglass and vinyl are good budget options, do not rust, but the design choices can be limited and there is a risk of destruction in very cold weather.
Garage door design

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Door types:

  • sectional - the most common option (moving up and down the special guides);
  • recoiling - move aside (as in the photo above), require more space in the open state;
  • hinged - double doors opening outwards, which is not the best choice for a cold climate: snow drifts can block traffic.

All these types of garage doors can be supplied with different types of opening: manual, automatic and remote control system options.

Term of project execution

If you buy a garage door for a standard size, and they are in stock, then the installation can be finished the next day. It takes more than a month for an individual order. This time will leave for delivery, and for installation it will take only one morning.

Garage door design

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The price of steel garage doors, as a rule, varies from $ 300 to $ 3,000, glass in an aluminum frame costs from $ 1,500 to $ 3,000, vinyls $ 600 or more, and glass fibers from $ 1,500. Wooden products are usually the most expensive: from $ 1,000 to $ 10,000. Installation costs vary by region, but you can expect to spend between $ 100 and $ 200. To remove and dispose of old garage doors, another $ 100 is required.

The manufacture of pergolas over the garage gates can cost in the amount of $ 5,000 to $ 8,000. Street lighting will cost $ 100 per unit, plus installation. Automatic fixtures will cost from $ 5 to $ 100 and more per piece, depending on the materials used.

Decor or painting can be done as a design project and include only the cost of materials.

Garage door design

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Decoration and details

It's better if your garage doors match the architectural style of the house. Therefore, it is necessary to find an option that echoes the characteristics of the materials and the color scheme of the entire building. For example:

  • arched garage doors with glass inserts for a traditional mansion;
  • wooden doors with iron hinges for a villa in the Spanish colonial style;
  • gate in a country style for a city mansion;
  • emphasis on elements of applied art in wooden garage doors;
  • smooth glass gates for modern housing.
Garage door design

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After you have chosen your garage door option, you can go to the accents that will best complete the new image. Decorative cornices under the canopy will add elegance and laconism, bringing the garage style closer to the overall design of the building.

Garage door design

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If there is not enough space under the box roof to install brackets, you can create an imitation with wooden pergolas.

Garage door design

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Next, we turn to lighting and other finishing touches, which can have a big impact on the final result. Even without changing the garage door, and just by updating them with stain or new paint and replacing street lights, you can very budgetably refresh the image of the building.

Garage door design


Important safety notices

Automatic garage doors have the functions of protecting against accidental entry of children and pets under the lockable door. In order to be sure of the serviceability of these important aspects of the work of the gate, you must periodically do two small tests:

  • wave the broom under the garage door. The sensors must recognize the movement, and the rollback of the gate will work;
  • check for sensitivity to pressure. Place a roll of paper towels under the door. When, when lowering, the gate will reach the fold, the guard should work and the mechanism will raise the doors.

If at least one of the tests has not been passed - call the company that installed the gate for immediate repair.

First steps:

  • Look at the photo of the garage door to determine the style.
  • Ask friends and neighbors about the recommendations of installation firms.
  • Make measurements if your door is of a custom size.