10 projects of folding furniture: a great idea to save space

Built-in bed

Today, readers of the site about stylish interiors can get acquainted with ten unusual and very useful items of folding furniture. If you have a small apartment, then such things will be just right for you.

For example, you may need extra chairs when the guests come. Agree, it is very convenient to clean the furniture after use and thus free up the necessary space.

Wooden table

Folding mobile table

If there is no place in the kitchen, such a table will be a real salvation: it can easily be folded, it can be hidden behind the door. Use it when you need it.


Folding chair

This chair is a very useful thing. It consists of three parts with hinges, and when folded it becomes flat. You can buy a few chairs - they will not occupy much space.

Armchair and ottoman

Folding table and chair Folding table and chair Folding table and chair в сложенном виде

Such a set is full of surprises. These two leaves of the tree can easily become an armchair or padded stool. A convenient and practical headset with an unusual design.


Folding desk

Such a thing is indispensable in a small room. When there is no possibility to put a high-grade table, use this: it will help to save precious centimeters of a room, and convenience in use will play into the hands of its owner.

Big table

Foldable dining table

Laconic design, simplicity and convenience of use - there are advantages of this original table!

Benches for shower room

Folding bench for shower room

This practical item will add a cozy bathroom.

Tableик для балкона

Folding tableик для балкона

If the size of the balcony does not allow you to organize on it a full place for tea drinking, then use this idea.


Folding chaise longue folded Folding chaise longue

Shelzon очень удобен, его можно поставить у бассейна, на крыльце дома или в саду. Но в отличие от своего обычного собрата, этот не займёт много места, поэтому его намного проще хранить.

Folding table

Folding table в прачечной

This is a very practical and useful thing. In the laundry, where there is hardly enough space, such a table will be very welcome.

Unusual grill

Outdoor wall grill

If in your yard there is no place for a barbecue, then this wall grill will help to solve the problem. It occupies very little space, besides it can be installed at any height - even on the balcony.