10 tips for choosing the perfect shade

Each room in your house can be visually enlarged by light and illumination, from natural light, such as sunlight, to artificial lights such as lamps and lighting fixtures. When choosing the ideal lamp for your interior, have you ever wondered about what type of lampshade will look best in your environment? Here are tips for you to choose the perfect lighting device for your home, from a hanging lampshade that hangs over your dining table, to floor lamps that adorn your favorite chair.

Lampshade near the chair

1. Choose a lampshade that emphasizes the colors of your room

Your living room, bedroom and any other place that needs illumination should be seen as a whole when it comes time to choose the color of the lampshade. If you want the light to be the center point of the room, then you should choose bright colors that will stand out against the background of the rest of the decor. For a more subtle approach, choose neutral tones.

The role of the lampshade in the interior design of the dining room

2. Choose a lampshade that has the right combination with its base

When choosing the ideal lampshade, consider it and the base of the lamp as a pair. If you consider what kind of lamp you have (tall and slender or large and wide), then choosing the right lampshade will be much easier. The lampshade should be low enough to slightly cover the switch, but not so low that you have to reach down to turn the lamp on or off.

3. Decide how the lampshade will fit into your interior

Before you fully concentrate on what the lampshade looks like, do not forget to look at the place where you are going to put it on. Lamp for a sleeping table may require smaller dimensions if the table is small or if there is not enough room to freely lie down and get out of bed. At the same time, the lamp near the chair can be more significant.

Yellow lampshades in the interior of the living room

4. Decide what you need a lampshade for: design, for a specific purpose, or both, and for another

Every shade that you bring to your house should not just be to perform your functions. While spreading light from a light bulb in order to create a relaxed atmosphere is obviously good for your lampshade, the color of the lamp can also make a difference. The use of only white light in the house, especially this refers to the lampshades, will give you maximum lighting. Consider using light shades to spread more light in the room, and to create a special mood and atmosphere in the room, choose darker lampshades.

5. Choose a pendant lampshade that will decorate the room

Suspended lampshades have come a long way in interior design over the years. Great shelters, dynamic flowers and large lamp sizes resembled the 60s and 70s, when large drawings and bright colors played a huge role in the design! Consider these elements when choosing a kitchen lamp. Make sure that your dining table is made in a similar style and is able to successfully emphasize the lamp.

Bright lampshade in the children's room

6. Put the shades in the unconventional rooms of your house

When choosing the right lampshade, remember that the lamp can be placed in the bathroom, basement or laundry in order to add atmosphere and create an aesthetics that there was not enough. In many modern homes, designers use hanging lampshades-drums to create a central point in relation to a free-standing bath. If you have a countertop in the laundry, why not place a small lamp as a "night lamp" for the lighting that is so necessary when passing through an absolutely dark room? The right lampshade can completely change everything in non-traditional premises.

Unusual lighting in the bathroom

7. Make a statement with your shade or do not do it at all

When choosing a lampshade, do not forget to look at your room to determine if you want to make a bold statement or prefer that the lampshade blend with the surrounding decor. Emphasizing the colors and fabrics used on furniture can be an inspiration for lampshades that will take over the color palette of textiles, wallpapers, carpets and decorative pillows.

Arrangement of the living room with beautiful lampshades

8. Security is the main thing

After you have chosen the lampshade that you liked, make sure that the distance from the bulb to the lampshade is optimal, since all the bulbs heat the surrounding space. The size can be adjusted by stretching metal horns that extend from the "saddle" of the lamp to hold the lampshade. There is another way to adjust the distance. To do this, it is necessary to use different sizes of installers that are above the light bulb to make sure that the lamp shade sits absolutely safely and protect the lampshade from fire.

9. When choosing the right lampshade, consider the shape of the lamp

If you want to replace the current lampshade with another, take into account the various available shapes. The lampshade in the form of a drum / cylinder, in Empire style, coolie or traditional bell-shaped type will help create a special style of your room. Many manufacturers of lamps will help you make the right choice by choosing the basics, they will make their suggestions as to which form is best.

The important role of the lampshade in your dining room

10. Make your own lamp shade with all your individual wishes

In our modern world of social exchange of opportunities to make "Do it yourself" projects tailored to our own tastes seems to be the best way out of any situation! If you are cunning, why not make or decorate your own fabric with ribbons, knitted roses, fabrics or other ornaments for a unique appearance that can only be seen in your home! For creative ideas, see Pinterest, Etsy and other sites for simple but unique lampshades from which it will be impossible to look away.