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Kitchen Hallway Design

For a one-room apartment, the decision to combine some of the premises and turn it into a spacious studio is profitable and true. But it is necessary to combine the rooms with the mind: creating the right design, comfortable environment requires consideration of all possible options. And to make the design of the kitchen, combined with the hallway stylish and original, you need to evaluate the appropriate style. Also need to take into account the requirements for the safe arrangement of connected premises. For example, a conventional set and a large cabinet for equipping different zones are not suitable. They will be replaced by compact, but roomy models.

Kitchen-vestibule in a private house

Warn the absorption of odors home textiles, finishing will help install a powerful hood. Problems with the rapid spread of debris will help to solve the rugs with thick and dense pile, frequent cleaning of the floor near the front door.

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Preparatory stage

Competently to work out the arrangement of completely different premises for purposes that do not have separation, will help the owners to compile several projects. They should consider the available options for the created environment, taking into account the size of the furniture to be installed, equipment. The presence of several solutions will help to find the best and easier, to find a good compromise for one of the plans. They must necessarily take into account the need for displacement, demolition of bearing structures. After all, such a need will somewhat complicate the implementation of the plan. Careful study of the color scheme of the premises is also important. It will indicate the specifics of the design of the common space, the difference of zones. Naturally, the owners will need to compile an estimate, which will indicate the required materials, consumables, and their cost. Consideration of all the nuances will simplify the task of connecting rooms, their competent finishing and arrangement.

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Large kitchen-living room with anteroom

What to look for

Arrangement of combined parts of housing should be carried out, assessing the practicality of selected finishes, furniture. The following recommendations will help in this:

  1. Combination of different types of decoration in a light palette. Bright decoration will make the combination of different parts of the housing smooth, increase the space. Using materials of different types, you can visually separate the zones.
  2. Select non-standard furniture and create a safe layout. The set with open shelves, a lot of relief protrusions to choose is not recommended. It will constantly accumulate dust. The presence of pedestals, floor cabinets with increased depth will ensure easy installation of the sink. When arranging furniture, you must observe the presence of a free passage of at least 120 cm.
  3. Maximum use of walls, minimum decor. The choice of a high cabinet, installed near the entrance, pendant lockers for the cooking area will ensure minimum use of space. But the decor should be small and take up a minimum of space.

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How to choose colors

Make the design of the combined premises the original will help to select the right color scheme. To give preference follows light tones. Finishing in sand, cream, light beige and light gray colors will make the space spacious. To stylize help the addition of dark, bright colors. To distinguish the working kitchen area, you can make a blue or blue apron. Adding green, yellow and orange shades will help create a smooth transition between different parts of housing. Strict and restrained design will help to make the interspersions of brown, black.

With bright and dark tones, you can focus on individual elements. Use them as a basis is not recommended: such colors will "eat" space, reduce the height or width of the walls.

Entrance hall in the kitchen Kitchen set in the hallway  Cozy kitchen  Kitchen-hallway in loft style  Modern interior of the apartment  Kitchen with a hallway in one room

Style of design

Make up-to-date premises practical and stylish will help in choosing the best design. The most suitable styles are:

  • classical; Light brown shades are ideal for creating a comfortable atmosphere. Minor severity will facilitate the convenient separation of different parts of housing.
  • modern; Practical materials and unusual furniture with silver, glass inserts will create an ideal design.
  • high tech; Glossy facades of high-tech furniture will make any small room beautiful and original.
  • country; Warm light tone of stylistics will contribute to the special comfort of housing and the convenience of using the kitchen space, free space in the lobby.
  • loft; Simplicity of foam panels under the brick or plastic panels under the tree will create an original and practical design.
  • Provence. It is an excellent design solution. In it, the furnishings, furniture have light colors: white, cream. They will make the premises as spacious as possible.
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Front door in the kitchen Kitchen in high-tech style  Luxurious furniture in the kitchen-hallway  Classic Kitchen Decor  Large kitchen in a private house  Kitchen in the hallway

Lighting Features

Make the kitchen-hallway vivid and achieve a beautiful selection of each corner of the premises will help their correct lighting. It is recommended to choose the same luminaires for installation. They will help create a common quality lighting for two different zones. Lamps should be bright, giving a soft glow. Perfect for the solution of the problem point lights. They can be mounted on the ceiling, walls. Well complement the interior of rectangular, square overhead chandeliers. To save energy, you can additionally install an overhead chandelier over the dining area, and make a dim lighting in the corridor. Such lighting will be optimal for everyday use. But the point lights can be turned on by the owners during the reception. Over the worktop, you need to install bright lights that will allow you to safely cook at any time.

Entrance hall connected in the kitchen Long corridor  Kitchen in high-tech style  Kitchen-living room  Design kitchens  Entrance hall in the kitchen

Choosing furniture

When arranging non-standard premises, furniture with completely closed shelves and compartments should be preferred. Hiding the inner filling behind the same sliding or swinging doors will create a simple, but practical design. Optimal will be straight and L-shaped headsets. They will make it easy to organize a working triangle from a sink, stove, refrigerator. So, cooking will be easy and safe. The dining group should occupy a minimum of space. To do this, you need to choose models with small dimensions, tables-transformers, tabletops which are fixed on the wall. A headset with a bar counter will be practical. Ideal with a stand with hidden internal compartments for storing services, utensils. For the corridor, you need to choose a roomy cabinet with one or more open shelves for bags, hats. A good option will be a closet connected with a tiny benches and a mini-hanger.

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A simple variant of visual separation of the connected rooms will be the fastening of gypsum columns, similar elements. The transition between the parts can be done in the form of an arch or half-arch. The design can be hollow, assembled from plasterboard. Stylishly highlight the transition forged partition, consisting of thin elements. Wooden analogs do not work: they will be difficult to clean due to the constant ingress of dust. The choice of different finishes will also allow for separation:

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FlooringBefore the cooking zone, put a tile of one tone, in front of the entrance door - a tile with different patterns, shade. It is possible to combine tile and wooden floors, linoleum.
Wall decorationAn attractive option is a combination of one-color wallpaper and painting in a similar coloring, two types of wallpaper, wallpaper and plastic wall panels.
CeilingAbove the cooking area, you can make a tiny level ledge with backlighting. The rest of the surface is best closed with a stretch ceiling or simply plastered.

Entrance hall in studio apartment Decor kitchens  Entrance hall + kitchen  Stylish decor of modern kitchen  Large kitchen, combined with an entrance hall  Kitchen-vestibule in the apartment

Tips on how to make a kitchen from the hallway with your own hands

The combination of the neighboring housing premises with their own hands must begin with a detailed planning of the forthcoming work. Owners must take into account the functional characteristics of each zone and keep them after repair. Compliance with sanitary and building standards remains the main requirement. It is inadmissible to transfer communications, demolition of bearing walls without obtaining permits and inviting specialists. Installation of equipment in an improper place (displacement, "overlap" of one zone to another) is also unacceptable. United premises should have a similar design, look one in one, but at the same time completely solve the original tasks. Used microwave oven, dishwasher, kitchen utensils should be hidden. A good option will be embedding technology. If possible, the lunch group should be moved to the living room. This will eliminate the discomfort of eating in the immediate vicinity of the front door.

Entrance hall in the kitchen Kitchen-vestibule in a small apartment  Stylish kitchen in the hallway  Hall in the kitchen  Large entrance hall-kitchen in a private house  The layout of the kitchen-hallway


The decision to combine rooms with small sizes to increase the available space is ideal for hruschevok, private houses, villas. Careful planning of the connected zones will help to use the space freed from the walls to install the equipment, creating a widely convenient passage. For rational design of the kitchen-corridor, you need to take time to create a plan for the arrangement of premises, the choice of finishes and furniture. The combination of warm light tones of walls and bright textiles will help create a special comfort. Installation of ultramodern furniture, appliances with glossy facades contribute to a visual increase in space. And properly selected lighting will make two completely different zones one whole. Therefore, before self-alteration of housing it is necessary to familiarize yourself with all the nuances of the upcoming repair, weigh the pros and cons. Useful recommendations will help to simplify the work as much as possible and start implementing the plan without delay.