11 interior items that you did not expect to see in a small

Interior of a small bedroom

Interior items in the bedroom

Depending on your choice, interior items in the bedroom can create a completely different atmosphere. It is always nice to look at photos of spacious bedrooms with armchairs and a fireplace. However, the reality is that many people can afford only a much smaller area. Sure, the small bedroom looks cozy and cute. However, almost everyone would like to add sophistication to a room where there is hardly room for a bed.

1. Chandelier

A properly installed chandelier (which you will not touch with your head) will definitely make a small bedroom special. The best option would be to connect it to the rheostat to mute the light and create a pleasant atmosphere.

Beautiful chandelier in a small bedroom

Lighting plays an important role in shaping the appearance of the bedroom

2. Plants

The islets of greenery will add freshness to your bedroom and often organically fit into the overall interior.

Plants on the wall in the bedroom

Correctly selected interior items in the bedroom will make the room luxurious

3. Two beds

The photo shows an excellent example of the effective use of space. Its essence is that the width of English single beds is about 89 centimeters, and American - 99 centimeters.

It is this difference that allows you to leave enough room for passage, as shown in the illustration. In this example, it is also worth noting the proper arrangement of bedside fixtures that harmoniously fill the empty space of the wall.

Two beds in a small bedroom

The difference in standard sizes of beds will save space

4. A bedroom for those who like to read

This narrow room can accommodate several dozen books and magazines thanks to special shelves at the head of the bed. It is worth noting that they also have sconces, and in the base are built-in lockers.

Open book shelves in the bedroom

Narrow, but deep shelves are perfect for small bedrooms

5. Sliding doors

There are times when the bedroom is shallow and the ordinary door simply can not be opened from behind the bed. In such cases, a sliding door is used, which will look elegant, without occupying a useful space.

Door-pencil case in the bedroom

The sliding door does not take up space, unlike the folding door

6. More textiles

Long curtains - this is a great way to add a sleeping room to the softness and coziness. And the right atmosphere will help create a properly selected pattern. With the appearance of such an element, the room will noticeably change.

Beautiful curtains in the bedroom

Curtains will add privacy bedroom

7. Some artwork

In this room, where all the free space is occupied by a bed and shelves, it seems that it will not be possible to add something inspiring. But the designer Jen Chu came up with the idea to decorate the window curtain with paper letters, giving the bedroom a completely different look. By the way, the photo shows a quote from the book "Apocalypse Now."

Curtains with an inscription in the bedroom

Everywhere there is a place for art

8. Study room

With the help of a folding bed that folds into the closet, you can really effectively use the space of the room. After the assembly in the bedroom there is enough space for a full-fledged workplace.

Bed in the closet

Folding beds allow you to increase the useful area of ​​the room

9. TV

If you like watching a movie before going to bed, then setting up the TV will be a sensible step. Using the brackets, the screen can be attached to both the wall and the ceiling, as seen in the photo.

TV ceiling in the bedroom

Such a TV can literally add to the ceiling

10. Deep boxes

Amazing lockers, located under these beds, offer ample opportunities for storing bed linen, clothes and much more.

Horizontal cupboards under the beds

This way of storing things is the most effective

11. Lincoln Memorial

It would be more correct to say "picture". Strangely enough, but in a small bedroom it is best to use large design elements. Limited space gives room to the imagination. In the photo, behind the bed are glued wallpaper with the columns of the Lincoln Memorial, which adds room to the extra volume.

Original wallpaper on the wall in the bedroom

Volumetric drawings on the walls will make the room visually larger

What idea did you like more than others? Share your impressions in the comments!