Decor living room - ideas and approaches to decorating the

A harmonious and finished view of the room gives details, because it is in the details that the individuality manifests itself. The decor of the living room should reflect your character and lifestyle, and for this there is a mass of standard and more creative ways.

  • aquarium;
  • houseplants;
  • collections;
  • family values.

Fireplace in living room

Each in his own way perceives colors and the degree of appropriateness of objects. What are the strengths of the living room decor:

  1. Budget. It is easy to replace these or other accessories and parts individually or to acquire gradually.
  2. Creation. Having done something with your own hands - get not only a positive mood, but also a real exclusive, spending only on materials.
  3. Novelty. Even budget brands produce new collections that meet world design standards, the latest trends.
  4. Thematic expressiveness. The shade of romance or the share of futurism - with decor everything is possible. Historical epochs or even works of writers become a leading idea.

Decor on the wall behind the couch Painting on a brick wall in the living room  Pictures on the wall by the cupboard  TV and shelves on the wall  Glass table in the living room  Modular picture over the sofa

Window decoration

Textiles are more than an element of decor. It depends on him the mood of the whole interior, comfort. The combination of tissues among themselves, with other components of the design - wood, skin, is amazing. But in order to feel the rhythm, rhyme was observed, increased attention is paid to window design.

Its role is played by the color of window draperies:

  1. Light or even white - will give a smart look, make the shaded living room lighter.
  2. Neutral: beige, gray-brown, pearly-gray will suit almost any finish.
  3. Black or dark - for high ceilings and spacious rooms.
  4. Any color (lilac, yellow, green) should be continued in other tissues, accessories (cushions, posters).

The print can include fashion combinations:

  • amber + turquoise;
  • purple + yellow;
  • olive + lilac.

Brown curtains on the windows of the living room

In addition to the coloring, the fixing method is important - the cornice successfully performs the function of the decor, if its obvious presence is justified by the style of the room and the height of the ceiling. Voluminous portieres with lambrequins, from heavy fabrics are increasingly being replaced by simpler, more concise models and materials:

  • thin linen, cotton;
  • silk, monophonic fabrics;
  • Japanese screens.

The absence of the usual window design, "bare windows", came from the western interiors. But the relevance, above all, is connected with the view from the window. Large, unoccupied windows allow you to enjoy the scenery and do not contradict the idea of ​​a quiet, self-sufficient rest. Only the windows themselves represent in this case not standard double-glazed windows:

  • paneled with a layout;
  • painted frames;
  • panoramic glazing;
  • glass with branch.

Unobtrusive roller blinds, roller shutters, completely blocking natural light are most often present. After all, in the evening time, a different decor enters into full rights.

Red curtains in the white living room Curtains and blinds on the windows of the living room  Living room with chic interior  Картина на камине  Curtains in blue peas in the living room  Wood in the interior of the living room

Lighting: in a favorable light

Lamps and chandeliers refer to interior objects, which are required to be present, while emphasizing the style. Among recent proposals, there is a clear and obvious tendency towards minimalism. Functionality comes first:

  • outdoor floor lamps-fishing rods;
  • track systems;
  • avant-garde chandeliers of luminous sticks.

Shelves with illumination

But in the living room it is important not only to fully illuminate the space, but sometimes a more romantic, muffled atmosphere is required. Floor lamps and lamps can have a touch of vintage, creating in the evenings an alternative, soft environment. In one lighting object, several expressive materials can be present at once. This emphasizes the decorativeness of the object and allows you to rhyme objects with each other:

  • bronze, brass;
  • colored marble;
  • Red tree;
  • silk lampshades;
  • imitation of broken glass;
  • retro-wiring.

Actual. Large candles - actual decor for creating stylized mantel portals, and separately in a duet with beautiful candlesticks.

Ceiling illuminated in the living room Bright pictures in the living room  Dining room opposite the living room  Pictures on the walls of the living room  Modular picture over the sofa  TV in front of the sofa

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Seasonal decoration

The simplest way to avoid monotony and routine, even in a very beautifully furnished living room, is to periodically change part of the decorative elements based on the time of the year. You can focus on the color of accessories:

  1. Spring - delicate colors, expressed in floral motifs.
  2. Summer - bright, juicy tone on light textures, greens.
  3. Autumn - suitable subjects and rich colors, a little shine against the gray outside the window.
  4. Winter - white decorative elements, finely decorated with gilding for a festive mood.

Red and black for graphics, reinforced with varnish and gloss.

Interesting sofa in the living room

Actual. Connect creative imagination. So, vases from transparent glass can be filled with sand with seashells or New Year's attributes.

Revitalize the interior easily with floral, floral motifs on replaceable textiles:

  • covers for upholstered furniture;
  • cushions;
  • a rug with imitation grass.

And of course, fresh flowers are the best decoration of a house in a warm period, and indoor plants are also a timeless solution.

The combination of white and blue colors in the interior Modular picture in the living room  Candlestick with candles on the living room wall  Armchair and flower by the window  White living room with fireplace  Chic interior of the living room

A piece of nature in your living room

For lovers of domestic plants, modern ideas will be liked. To add to the urbanized life the share of wildlife in the form of indoor plants becomes a good trend. Rarely what photo of the living room does without a beautiful green plant. But there is also an interior fashion for living greens.

"Green" decor will not contradict the chosen style, even if it is far from eco-direction. Properly selected plants are appropriate even in technological, industrial styles, like hi-tech (succulents, cacti, dracaena). Some recommendations recommended by decorators and phyto-designers:

  1. Better is one big and beautiful (a plant-tapeworm), than many small, but different.
  2.  It is important to choose a suitable pot and complement the laconic wooden supports.
  3. Design models of special tables with pots in the center: models from marble will add entourage.
  4. Special wall mounted modular systems for climbing plants - your living decor will grow stylishly.
  5. A pair of identical tree-like or shrubby plants for expressive symmetry.
  6. Compositions from several plants have something in common - the shape or color of the leaves.
  7. Florarium - several types of plants, flowers with effective filing and minimum care.

Beams on the ceiling of the living room Room tree at the window  Skin on the couch in the living room  Interior of the living room with indoor plants  Aged furniture in the living room  Glass table and blue armchairs in the living room

Scandinavian style: off monotony

Free planning, the desire for space, natural materials, naturalness - all this is appreciated by fans of the Scandinavian style. He steadily led the last time among other directions. Combined kitchen-living rooms, joining the loggia - these features of the premises are designed to increase space and are supported by a light scale of scandium-style. However, in the pure form in the works of designers is less common: interesting details are added. The share of eclectic allows decorative elements to become brighter, more expressive:

  • contrasting strips on light curtains;
  • real vintage items;
  • natural forms and elements;
  • bright colored glass;
  • plaids of large mating;
  • multifacture of textiles.

As for the color gamut, due to the rich shades of accessories, you can escape from the dominant influence of white. It is perfectly permissible to introduce fashionable shades into such an interior: herbaceous-green, gradations of blue, turquoise and sunny-yellow.

Unusual clock on the wall Картина на камине  Living room in Scandinavian style  Suspended chandeliers above the table  Brick wall in the living room  Firewood by the fireplace in the living room

Neoclassicism in the lead role

When the sitting room acts as a ceremonial hall or you prefer to surround yourself with beautiful things in everyday situations - a rethought classics will be a suitable choice. The decorative elements reflect the character of the owners and at the same time this interior is in step with the times. The decoration is calmer than in the usual classics with its correctness and a certain amount of pomposity. Flexibility manifests itself in detail - the style can include:

  • ethno-elements;
  • features art deco;
  • industrial elements.
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Pleasant textures are elegant, in addition matte, satin surfaces at the peak of popularity. But also the shimmering elements are quite appropriate, for example, suspension on the front chandelier.

Mirror over the fireplace

Neutral in color the main background is an excellent basis for many adapted versions, which make the interior of the living room unforgettable only due to the decor. For example, a simple, neat, but at the same time an interesting marine style. It is perfect for small rooms and low ceilings. Do not contradict the technique: it is enough to frame the television screen with a baguette. The color scale can include not only blue and white, but furniture - not necessarily dark wood from a natural massif:

  • sand, beige;
  • gray-blue;
  • natural shades of wood;
  • wicker furniture.

Neoclassicism in the living room Dining room opposite the living room  Chic interior of the living room  Original chandelier in the living room  Interior of the living room with paintings  A bright picture above the fireplace

Trimming of walls and pellets

For a more status look, decorating at the finish level will do. Modern stucco has a number of advantages that make it possible to make the interior in classical, historical styles even more luxurious:

  • clear and beautiful drawing;
  • a variety of ornaments;
  • possibility of staining;
  • technical simplicity of installation;
  • affordable price.

Fireplace with stucco molding in the living room

Novelties of finishing materials allow to decorate a wall without additional accessories. They are beautiful in themselves and will cope on their own with the role of a notable accent:

  • 3D panels of plaster;
  • bamboo panels;
  • decorative rock;
  • textile screens;
  • inoculation of sterol;
  • wooden panels.

The latter are becoming increasingly common for the decoration of the walls. Budget options from hardboard or other analogues of this tree can sometimes be difficult to distinguish from representatives of the premium segment, including longevity, safety, useful properties, like noise insulation.

Expensive furniture in the living room

Varieties are suitable for many styles, most naturally with the other elements of design:

  1. Country, and everything that refers to suburban life - spits of trunks, imitation of the bark of a tree.
  2. Respectability and nobility of historical styles - the "buazeri" model.
  3. Carved fantasy patterns - modern reading.
  4. Aged wood - male, somewhat brutal version in loft style.

Many types of such a large-scale decor in your living room do not have to be planned in advance: gradual improvement of the hall is possible. The next step is better to consider together with the choice of furniture.

Columns in the living room Chic table by the couch  Columns in the living room  Pictures and stucco in the living room  The stucco decoration on the ceiling of the living room  Candlesticks on the fireplace

Decorative niches

A niche is a good way to give a distinctive feature to your interior. It can be a constructive feature or a preplanned solution. In any case, its design should include:

  • suitable background, for example, contrasting to the main color of the wall;
  • effective lighting, mirror parts;
  • several proportional, symmetrical depressions;
  • objects in it must be commensurate with each other.

Specially design a niche is still not worth it when the area of ​​the living room is not large. Plasterboard structures take up a lot of space and cease to be relevant. For studio apartments, if necessary, to organize storage facilities, is more in demand: the wall section occupies a completely built-in closet to the ceiling with modern glossy facades-sections (for example, from MDF). A niche is being set up in the center, which gives a laconic, practical solution aesthetic appeal, which will be appropriate in any modern style.

Shelves with illumination в гостиной

Decorative techniques are capable of much. Zoning of open spaces, for example, the first floor of a country house and more modest studio apartments, sometimes require the allocation of a separate part of the space from the central one.

Decorative elementsZonesInfluence and mood
AquariumDining and Main AreaFavorable atmosphere
Living wallMobile options for more functionalityAntistress, humidification of air
Water WallRest zone and main partRelax, amazing view in the evening
Rack panels, lattice partitionsSleeper and guest areaPopular eco-direction
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Decorative plates in niches

Demonstration of objects

The display of collection items, expensive ceremonial dishes, albums, books can be carried out in many ways. All of them are designed for ordering, better representation of objects and become a full-fledged replacement for cumbersome walls:

  1. Shelves - open, light and diverse.
  2. A beautiful cabinet-showcase can become a central part of space, a point of attraction of views.
  3. Elegant modification - shelves without a stand on hidden fixings.
  4. An empty shelf is a great pair to one that is stuffed with things, as well as several free cells in shelves based on the "honeycomb" principle.
  5. Small panels for the background, for example, of silver-plated material.
  6. Avant-garde models - an unusual slope of the shelves and a general view of the shelves.

Vases and flowers on the shelves

Actual. Special lighting, background or perimeter, will emphasize the exhibited samples in a favorable light and create a pleasant atmosphere in the evening.

Shelves with illumination в стене

Decor on the wall and not only

The small size of the main room in the house will affect both the amount of decor and its placement. Any decor of the wall, whether it be family photos or decorative plates, will add volume, colors. Even everyday things, like frames for collages and photos, are constantly being improved, becoming more expressive. Passepartout is a great way to organize the displayed images (there are both graphical black and white and color).

Designers offer simple, fresh and at the same time functional solutions. But among them there is always an unusual place. With pride to carry the title of real art objects are capable of:

  • square vases, interesting ceramics;
  • acoustic systems - remember form and performance;
  • decorative letters and graffiti;
  • table and integrated flower vase;
  • Spills of stones - holders for books, coasters.

Red painting in the white living room White sofa and glass table in front of the TV  Poppies on the living room wall  Yellow color in the interior of the living room  Cat on the living room wall  Sofa in the window in the small living room

Quantity converted to quality

The idea of ​​decorating with the same type of objects is able at best to change the appearance of the living room, because the number of options is limited only by imagination. There are ready collections: to collect from the offered copies an individual panel or installation will not be difficult even to beginners in design:

  1. Vases, ceramic products on a small side table, mantelpiece, consoles - even unfilled make a pleasant impression.
  2. Reproductions like a black and white photo with the same frame.
  3. The panel of decorative plates is a chaotic or strict arrangement.
  4. Mirror compositions - space and lightness in a refined frame.

Council. Pictures or similar objects do not hang too high at low ceilings - so the space from above will be added.

Original lamps on the living room wall Corner sofa in the living room  Unusual ceiling in the interior of the living room  Strict design of the living room  Wall with shelves opposite the sofa  Ceiling with patterns in the living room

The finishing touch: carpets

The choice of modern carpets will not cause difficulties. Designers of the whole world consider them to be an important finishing touch of the room and do not get tired of coming up with new models. Of course, they are able to remain within the classics, but sometimes their form is far from canonical parameters.

Not only does the color of the carpet or pattern make it a notable accent on the flooring:

  • there are models with different levels of pile length;
  • carpets-posters - memorable models are increasingly settled not only on the floor, but also on the walls;
  • Advanced solutions for bold interiors: as if drawn in pencil, watercolor paints;
  • Strong graphic patterns;
  • carpets with applications;
  • vintage, retro-drawings in the form of birds, butterflies, small flowers;
  • volumetric drawings on new technologies - not woven, but printed;
  • space theme for abstract drawing.

Bright carpet in the living room Pictures above the sofa  Red carpet and white sofas  Sofa and table opposite the fireplace  Carpets of unusual shape in the living room  Chic carpet at the couch

But only your personal preferences, which are so easy to convey through decorative elements, can make the living room unforgettable and interesting. Do not seek to realize all the ideas at once - leave room for creativity or fashionable novelties.