30 design ideas for small apartments, or how to turn tiny

Ideas for the design of small apartments

Design options for small apartments

Do you live in a small apartment? Many people of their own volition or need to live in malometrazhki.

Delicious projects outlined in the thirty projects presented below, definitely, are worth your attention.

Having an insignificant number of square meters, I want to find a way to visually increase the space and at the same time to preserve coziness and functionality. That's why we prepared this material. All photos are associated with the original article. There you can find a lot of images and information on each layout.

There is no specific order for the design of the room. When it comes to the most modern interior design, it's important to remember some points.

Do not be afraid of bright, saturated colors, use non-traditional solutions, use built-in cabinets, use multifunctional furniture, expand the room, removing unnecessary partitions.

These are just some of the techniques that you can resort to. Try adding painting, graphics and floral arrangements.

And here are 30 of the most magnificent ideas. Enjoy and take inspiration!

Studio apartment in red and white color

1. Red and white tone. Charming decor in Paris

Purple accents in a gray studio apartment

2. A tiny home in Sofia with graphic details on the walls

Studio apartment in white color

3. A small apartment in Gothenburg. Demonstration of a brilliant layout

Two-level studio apartment

4. 21 square meter. Creative solution to increase space

Interior of a stylish modern studio apartment

5. Smart technologies and Hi-Tech cause pleasant dizziness

Bright accents in a white studio apartment

6. Equipping a small Swedish apartment with everything necessary

Orange accents in a white two-level studio apartment

7. The second tier in bright, sunlight

Interior of studio apartment in white color

8. Purity, freshness, uniqueness

Interior of studio apartment in pastel colors

9. Residence in Barcelona with interesting design

Interior of studio apartment in white color

10. A fantastic dream in Tel Aviv

Colorful accents in a white studio apartment

11. Comfort with a large window and parquet floors.

Backlight in the interior of a stylish studio apartment

12. 45 square meters. Design optimized by Maurício Karam

Green accents in a white studio apartment

13. Inspiring All-In-One-Room apartment in Stockholm

Studio apartment in white color

14. Reasonable layout in Stockholm

Stylish studio apartment in white color

15. Nothing superfluous

Studio apartment in light green color

16. A beautiful, rainbow mood

Spacious apartment in white color

17. Two girls in Stockholm. Demonstration of ingenious interior design

Stylish studio apartment with a bedroom

18. Delightful Swedish suites, or how to create more space

Bright accents in a white studio apartment

19. A wonderful version of the decor

Stylish apartment in pastel colors

20. Ideal student accommodation: a truly nice home

Bright shelving with retractable sleeper

21. Red Nest, an incredible 23 square meters. m in Paris

Living room of a two-level studio apartment

22. Unusual maximization of space

Studio apartment in black and white

23. Pleasant outlines. Not so difficult

Bright accents in the interior of the white studio apartment

24. Tenderness and refinement of lines

Interior of a stylish studio apartment in black and white

25. Elegance and charm will be found in the compact apartments Gdansk

Studio apartment in the attic

26. Ideal location. Unusual 54 square meters. m in the capital of Sweden

Studio apartment in bright colors

27. Saturation of color pleases with its spontaneity

Studio apartment in pastel colors

28. Thought, embodied in life, from one of our readers

Studio apartment with a podium

29. A charming layout of housing with a staircase

Studio apartment in the attic

30. An unusually large amount of light expresses love for small rooms