3d wallpaper in a modern interior

The emergence of new technologies opens wide opportunities for designers to implement modern materials for the interiors of apartments and houses. Recently, more and more popular use of 3D technology, which strikes your drawing at first sight.

What is 3D wallpaper and what are their features? These are three-dimensional images for walls, the main feature of which is the 3D effect. The picture seems to come out of the wall into the space of the room.

3D wallpaper in a modern interior

On these wallpaper the image can be different - from landscapes, people, animals to fantastic pictures and abstract drawings.

The main advantages of 3D wallpapers are their durability, fire safety and non-toxicity. Such wallpaper can be safely used even in children's rooms. Over time, 3D canvases do not lose their original appearance, they do not decolour and do not burn out under the influence of sunlight. These wallpapers are cleaned using a sponge with any detergent.

3D wallpaper in the interior of the nursery

This type of wall paper meets the requirements that are required for interior decoration materials. To entrust pasting of walls with such wallpaper is better than specialists who can perform turn-key repairs in Moscow of the whole apartment.

The main types of 3D wallpapers:

  • Panoramic are considered the most demanded coating for walls. They look like a single canvas and its length sometimes reaches ten or more meters. That's why they are taken by those who wish to cover all the walls at once. It is very convenient and economical.
  • Single look like a fragment of the image, performed in random order. Such types of wallpaper are used for gluing to walls as a self-contained element.
  • Standard have a typical size and a 3D image to them is selected. As a rule, these are abstract drawings, various ethnic patterns or geometric figures. They can glue the walls without selecting a pattern, which simplifies the task.

3D wallpaper as a new trend in the interior

3D wallpaper by image type:

  • Fluorescent are a very original option, which is especially beautiful in daylight. This kind of wallpaper has a bright pattern, and in the evening they are transformed, starting to emit a soft light in the dark.
  • LED - this is a whole system, consisting of a large number of LEDs. On such wallpaper, you can change the image many times, depending on the desire and mood. You can select the desired song using the remote control.

3D wallpapers with dolphins

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