Room for a teenage girl - ideas for design (20 photos)

Design of a teenage room for a girl

Your child has grown, it's time to turn a pink baby little princess into a cozy room for a teenage girl. The adolescent period is a difficult stage, a serious physiological restructuring of the organism takes place, psychological stability is slowly forming. A girl of this age (12-14 years old) is almost impossible to please, today she likes one thing, tomorrow another, so try to go around "underwater reefs". Discussing the design of the teenage room for the girl, try to avoid ready-made solutions, invite the daughter to a dialogue, let the teenager become the chief designer of the project.

Avoid complex decors, "television" design: published interior designs take into account the interests of other people's children. Paint the wall surfaces with wallpaper for painting. Does the daughter want green, lilac, orange walls? Agree. Let the choice of shade seem wild - the look of a teenager is very different from the vision of an adult. Perhaps a bright color explosion better expresses the internal state.

Black and white room design for a teenage girl

If the child does not like the color, use Tom Sawyer's method. Cover the floor, window, film the ceiling-wall joint and the floor plinth with a wide painting tape. Invite the company of friends to your daughter, give them paint cans, rollers, protective clothing, close the door. The room will be transformed in a few hours. After-work service is compulsory.

Painting on the wall in the design of the room for a teenage girl

Zone division of the room

Making a living space for a teenage girl is more a psychological task than a design fantasy. Parents will have to equip themselves with the knowledge of teenage psychology, designing the interior of the room of an grown-up daughter.

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The sleeping place is separated in the room of a teenage girl

Divide the room into zones: wakefulness, training sessions, rest. Center of the room, the territory near the window give under the active space, the corner of sleep provide a private character.

Think carefully about the lighting project. It is necessary to plan at least three groups of fixtures:

  • upper;
  • working;
  • bedside

Top lighting is preferable to decorate with ceiling lights, flat shades. Volumetric chandelier is possible when creating an interior of a certain style (classic, provence, modern).

Restrained design for a teenage girl

Carefully calculate the safety parameters: dancing, playing, gymnastic exercises, attempting to remove a sweater (especially if the daughter has grown and the height of the ceilings has remained the same) can cause the chandelier to fall: the plafond breaks, the child is frightened, injured.

Workplace in a room for a teenage girl

As the light source of the working area, it is better to use table lamps on brackets. Such a luminaire provides strong enough lighting, can move back and forth, and be adjusted in height. Lamps of this type are easy to pick up, given the style of the room.

Lighting the bedside area - not a night light for a little girl, afraid of the dark. A full-fledged bright lamp is needed, allowing you to read books, view magazines, make diary entries. The button of the switch is placed at a distance of 40-50 cm.

Lots of light in the room of a teenage girl

Basic pieces of furniture

The main rule of decorating a children's interior, regardless of age, is not to clutter up space. Children should move freely, so only place the necessary items here.

Pillows on the bed will give a room of coziness and warmth

Provide a convenient workplace near a natural light source. If the training table is adjacent to the longitudinal wall, pay attention that the sunlight must necessarily fall to the left. Transparent one-legged masterpiece of design looks attractive, but inferior to the functionality of the desk. Draw-out or stationary pedestals, lockable boxes are capable of storing school trivia, diaries, small "secretaries".

Near the table, given the length of the outstretched hand, plan open shelves or racks with doors. From there it is easy to get a textbook, a necessary notebook, a contour map, here exhibits of collections, sports awards will be perfectly placed.

In the white room of a teenage girl - colored bedding and decor elements

An important piece of furniture - a dedicated wardrobe compartment, a closet, a high cabinet-pencil case, where you can hang out clothes. Nearby you need a large mirror. A teenage girl of 12-15 years gives much time to her appearance, it is important to take into account planning the design of the room of the future girl. In the presence of a roomy, convenient storage it is easier to agree on the implementation of the rule "Things are not lying on a chair or a bed, they are retracted into the cabinet".

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Be sure to provide a full sleeper in the bedroom, avoid the option of a folding sofa. Make your daughter's life easier: modern children are very tired (school lessons, training, music, art classes), so they are often physically unable to make out the bed.

The combination of white and green in the design of the room of a teenage girl

The choice of the girl's hobbies for 12 to 14 years dictates the placement of additional furnishing items that can make the projected space more convenient:

  • fashion, own appearance (for most teenage girls) - dressing table (all adults categorically opposed, but decorative cosmetics, lacquer, costume jewelry will necessarily appear, let it be stored inside drawers);
  • sports, fitness - a corner for warm-ups, morning exercises, yoga classes;
  • in-depth study of biology, chemistry - increased working surface (experiments, herbariums, drawings);
  • music - a musical instrument, a rack (notes, plates, discs);
  • painting - easel, shelves of complex volume (paints, brushes, paper, albums of picture reproductions).

Pink is almost always present in the teen girl's room

Than to please the teenager?

In addition to the main dimensional furniture, decorating the room of a teenage girl of 13-15 years old in modern style, it is possible to use some decorating findings that will make the interior more functional, emphasize the respect of adults for the new life period of the daughter.

  • Corkboard (magnetic) board, where it is convenient to attach the necessary pieces of paper, notes, pictures, schedule of lessons, all sorts of trivia, or a surface painted with black slate paint. It should be placed near the desktop, slightly shifting the line of sight.
  • Lack of heavy multi-layer curtains. Window window is better to decorate with light curtains, which bear only aesthetic value. The blackout function is performed well by roller blinds, the child will simply create an effect of privacy from prying eyes, it is sufficient to pull the cord of the chain mechanism.
  • When the company of girls is going to be, it is necessary to provide a plenty of places where it is possible to settle down. Use seat-bags, volumetric decorative pillows (soft things after easy-going gatherings can easily be taken to the pantry), pouffes, a narrow chest, upholstered in soft material, is a real storehouse for girlish "treasures".
  • At the head of the bed, place the folding tray. A lightweight design is useful when you need to put a book, phone, put a glass of milk, a plate of cookies or a night light "starry sky."
  • Suggest that you hang the signs "the way is free" and "brick" on the outside of the door. Your daughter has almost grown up, has the right to her own free time, individual lessons. It is not necessary to break the boundaries of children's constant parental control. Let the teenager at least partially manage his world, feel the consent of the adults to take into account his mood.
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In this design of the room, a teenage girl has everything for life: both a place for things and a work table

Leave the wall free

Leave one wall of the room free, so that a girl 12 - 14 years old thought over the design, following her own preferences. Let him hang posters, posters, posters, author's photographs (if he is fond of fixing the moments of real life), drawings, collages that reveal the individuality of the teenager. Honor board, sports awards, a schedule of achievements, a geographical map with flags marking the routes of family rest, or maybe dreams travels are the echoes of the inner world of the maturing person, the opportunity for parents to begin an interesting conversation directed to support the necessary spiritual contact with the teenager.

The room of a teenage girl in blue colors

Order print large-format photos, modular paintings, using photo excursions, interesting family trips.

Free walls leave space for the creativity of a teenage girl

An empty wall gives a huge space to the imagination, generates rampant fantasies. A successful variant of strengthening the integrity of the family, a design technique that takes into account the parents' conscious desire to know their own child better, is to invite the daughter of 16 years to paint the free wall on her own. Drawing figuratively express thoughts, exciting teenager, will provide an opportunity to improve family understanding. Let him draw one, invite friends. Delight, inspiring children, when they feel themselves as creators, will not pass. And the bonus for parental courage the girl will receive a significant increase in status in the eyes of peers!