5 spectacular objects for a small apartment - accentuated

Chest of drawers in the form of a suitcase

And in a tiny room there is a place for colorful gizmos. Our sample is undeniable proof of this.

A table of a color of a sea wave about a bed - a box on long curved legs, does not demand the big site, but the form and coloring is pleasant to an eye. You can not not love him.

Spectacular bedside table for a small apartment

Komodik in the currently popular vintage genre. He seems to weigh in the air on almost not noticeable oblique legs, and visually practically does not absorb space.

Spectacular chest of drawers for a small apartment

A high floor lamp on the hinge. The basis of his little - it will fit almost everywhere. This model is much more comfortable than usual - a flexible head can be deployed on a sofa, armchair or work area.

In small apartments it is often located near, and there is no need to purchase a lamp for everyone.

Spectacular lamp for a small apartment

If available only 30-40 square meters. m, it may seem at first glance that this is not up to the high-flying seats.

However, why should it be abandoned, if you can simply replace it with a compact model, in addition to a mobile model, in addition, it can be moved simply by means of wheels in the front part.

Spectacular armchair for a small apartment

Well, a bit of folk motifs. This chair in the Chinese style is not only very beautiful and comfortable, but also practical - in case you need to make room, it is simply folded and placed against the wall.

Folding chair for a small apartment

Any of these objects will add a fervent mood to your home and will perfectly cope with its destination, storing priceless centimeters.