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Design of a children's room

Each parent faces the task of correctly designing the design of the children's room so that the child can feel comfortable, safe and at the same time harmoniously develop. In the premises for children, everything must be thought out carefully, and it is necessary to create a zone for rest, study, games. At the same time for proper interior design it is important to take into account the age, sex of the child and his preferences. The area of ​​the room should be rationally used, so that in the nursery there was everything needed and at the same time there was enough space. The choice of color combinations is not less significant component in the interior. Some colors can soothe, promote physical or mental activity, others on the contrary irritate, cause anxiety or increase hyperactivity. Therefore, to create a suitable atmosphere in the children's room, you need to first familiarize yourself with useful recommendations from experienced designers.

Boys and girls will like the sea stylistic direction in various variations. The theme of the sea is very extensive, in the room you can add images and details of ships, steering wheels, lifebuoys, chests with treasures or pictures of seascape landscapes with underwater inhabitants, fish, mermaids. Children will be interested in playing Indians, especially if the room is put in a tepee and place ethnic decor. In the nursery you can create a real jungle or fairy forest with animals. Young astronomers and cosmonauts will like the space theme. The images of cartoon, fairy-tale, book heroes and cute animals will also decorate the room and create a positive mood. The boy's room for a teenager can be decorated in loft style and add details related to automotive or sports themes. The girl on the older is suitable for a premise in a romantic Provence style with an abundance of floral arrangements and patterns.

Window sill with seat Forged metal bed Slate Double bed in the nursery Corner of creativity for two children Bed with a house

The layout and zoning of the room

Correct zoning of the room adds more coziness, the child is easier to learn to observe the order. To divide into separate zones a room in which two or more children live is very important, it allows to allocate for each his personal space.

In the nursery, it is necessary to distinguish three main zones:

  1. game;
  2. for sleeping and rest;
  3. educational.

Sports section

In the sleeping area, in the center of the room or near the wall, there is a bed, sometimes with a bedside table. If a bunk bed is installed in a room for two children, it is necessary to additionally place a sofa. The sleeping area is separated by special podiums, curtains, screens, shelves, partitions, figured gypsum board structures.

Floorноценная кровать в детской Room in turquoise color White children's room White and green room  Children's room with swing

Furniture should be placed in such a way as to free the center or other part of the room for the playing area. On this site there are racks, shelves, boxes or baskets for toys. If the floors are not equipped with a heating system, then a carpet must necessarily be laid in the play area. Separate the territory for games can not only screens or partitions, but also with the help of a Swedish wall or rope ladder. You can decorate the walls of the playing zone with bright colors or effective children's photo wallpapers. When the child becomes older and stops playing with toys, the game zone is reincarnated in the living room, where the teenager can receive his guests.

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Crib Bed in a nursery for children under 3 years old Carpet in the form of a world map Decoration of walls by drawing  Decor wall with butterflies

When a child is three years old, he needs to organize a place where you can draw, make crafts, appliques and develop creative skills. For this, there will be enough nice children's table and a small chair. Closer to the school age the student needs to provide a full-fledged workplace. On the desk, the light should fall from the left side, do not forget to buy a table lamp. In the working area, a shelving system is installed to store teaching supplies. On one of the walls you can place a geographical map or board, on which it is interesting to draw with crayons or markers.

In the nursery, where two children live, it is necessary to designate two bedrooms, two work areas and one playroom, in which separate places for storing personal belongings will be provided for each child. Areas for children of different sexes stand out in different colors. For example, the girl is tender pink, for the boy is warm green.

Built-in wardrobe in the nursery Bunk bed with a large staircase on the side Two beds in the nursery Zoning with different wall colors Beige baby Photos above the bed


Certainly, the safe atmosphere in the room where the child is located is an obligatory requirement for responsible parents. For the equipment of children's preference should be given a natural, environmentally friendly component. For painting and plastering it is necessary to choose the tested materials with hygienic certificates. Plastic, polystyrene panels are better to exclude from finishing, and instead use paper wallpapers, or paint with safe paints.

Pink Room LED lights Children's classic style Original shelving for children Bed-machine for a boy

Any possible danger in the child's room should be provided for and neutralized.

On the corners of the furniture should be softened pads. Plastic windows must have an opening locking mechanism. For safety reasons, the sockets are closed with special plugs, and the radiators and batteries are shielded. Broken glass, dangerous cutting objects, heavy curtain patterns, unstable furniture designs should be excluded from the territory of a young child.

Roman blind on the window Bed-panda Armchair-bag in the nursery Art painting on the wall Wooden bed Allocation of sleeping area

Room functionality

Being in the child's child grows, develops, acquires new skills. Therefore, it is important that there are places for toys. Arranging on the shelves and removing the items in boxes, the little one is accustomed to order. It is important that the child can easily get things out of the closets, so he will soon learn to put on clothes and keep order in the wardrobe. If the crumb tries to paint the walls, you can buy him an easel in a toy store, so it's more convenient and more interesting to express creative impulses. Looking at small details on the wallpaper or carpet develops the child's imagination well. The room should have enough space for outdoor games.

Example of a furniture set Childrens with work area  Workplace in the nursery  Attic in the nursery  Hanging pockets for pens  Storage of toys

Sports section

The growing person should develop in all directions. For the development of physical dexterity and health in the nursery will be useful to establish a sports corner. Even in a small area, it is possible to choose a compact structure that does not take up much space. To small sized rooms the sporting corners of L-shaped type are well suited. They are attached to the wall and do not take much space. In order to save space, some manufacturers produce sports seats that can be part of a bed, table or bedside table. In a spacious room, you can put a design, made by the type of the letter "P". Such equipment is more functional.

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Zoning of the children's room Children's lighting Child's design for a teenager Children's room for the baby  Sports section в детской

Sports corners, in most cases are made of wood or metal. Wooden products are environmentally friendly, while metal products have high strength and are able to withstand several children at the same time.

The structures for physical training can have different components:

  • the main element is the Swedish wall;
  • gymnastic rings, horizontal bars, horizontal staircases allow to strengthen the muscles of the hands and abdomen;
  • ropes, nets, rope ladders train all muscle groups and develop willpower;
  • Basketball and ring allow improving coordination of movements;
  • boxing bags and pears are used for testing strokes.

For safety, a soft mat, a mattress, should be added to the sports corner. The design can be decorated with light decorative details, so that it corresponds to the theme of the children's room.

Carpet with figures in the nursery Basketball hoop on the wall  Head of the bed in the form of pencils  Stairs with swings  Marine motifs in the interior  The ladder and the rope on the wall

Finishing Materials

Suitable for children's decoration materials should be as safe as possible. This must be taken into account before starting the repair. Let's try to figure out how to make the room beautiful, comfortable, safe, and that it needs to be used for this.

Children's room for the boy Small children's room  Lighting in the nursery  Organization of storage of small items  Bedroom for two children  Pink baby for girls


For flooring in the nursery, the ideal option is a tree. Laminate is made on a natural basis, it can not harm the health of the child, this material can also be used. The main thing is that the surface is not slippery. Therefore, do not apply too thick a layer of varnish on the parquet, and laminate is better to buy with a pronounced texture. Cork floors are an excellent option for a children's room, they are durable, warm, antibacterial, do not slip, do not cause allergic reactions. From a synthetic linoleum it is more reasonable to refuse.

Floor в детской Semi-laminate  Pictures above the bed  Airplane on the wall  Palace with pictures  Carpet in the nursery


In the nursery it is quite possible to use stretch ceilings. The main thing is that this material has a quality certificate with compliance with all sanitary and hygienic requirements. By the way, vinyl wallpaper is often undeservedly blamed for the isolation of carcinogens. This is not true, they can not harm human health, they can be used to finish the ceilings in children's rooms. The surface can also be whitewashed or pasted with paper wallpaper.

Ceiling в детской Floor lamp-flower  Starry sky on the ceiling  Children's room with a blue interior  Clouds with illumination on the ceiling  Lamp in the form of a flower on the wall


In the design of the child's interior it is permissible to use paints, but not all. Safe compounds on the package are marked "for children's rooms" or the word KID in the title. With such colors you can repaint the walls as much as you like, which is very important for a children's room, because kids often mess up everything around. Hypoallergenic paints with silver ions are not only safe for health, but also resistant to various contaminants. From the surface, painted with such a composition, it is easy to wash off any stains with detergent. Paper and vinyl wallpaper can also be used to decorate the walls in the nursery.

Walls в интерьере детской Fillets on the shelves  Wall in stripes  Armchairs-pillows in the nursery  Drawings on the wall  Airplane and motorcycle under the ceiling

Color spectrum

The room for the child must be performed in calm, pastel shades, in which then bright elements are added. It is acceptable to combine calm and saturated colors. It is not recommended to use too many bright details, this can make the room less comfortable and increase the hyperactivity of children.

It is especially cautious to use bright red and orange colors, which in great abundance have the property of annoying and tiring.

Wallpapers with forest views

Dark, closer to the black color of the tone, often act on the psyche of depressing. Green and bright yellow colors favorably influence psychological development. Gently pink, soft blue shades soothe and lull, which is why they are so popular in the rooms of newborn babies. All variants of blue and violet contribute to mental activity, help to focus. Successful color combinations for the children are great, include imagination, and you can come up with an interesting solution. The most important thing is to create a harmonious atmosphere in the room, in which the child will be comfortable and interesting to grow developing.

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Bright colors in the nursery Floorки на стене над кроватью  Guitar at the wall  Cabinet with shelves  Panel with cartoon characters  Chamomile on the walls

Multifunctional lighting for children

First you need to provide maximum natural light. In the nursery room should penetrate enough sunlight. Ideally, if the room windows face east or southeast. Daylighting from the north side will not be enough, because of this the child can feel sluggish and sleepy.

As for artificial lighting, it should be located in each separate zone: sleeping, playing and teaching. In the area intended for games, bright lighting should be organized. In the training area above the desk place the lamp on the left side or put a table lamp. On the territory for rest and sleep establish a source with an average level of lighting, often in the sleeping area there is enough one night light.

Lighting in the nursery Interior in bright colors  Multicolored chandeliers on the ceiling  Posters with cars on the wall  Ceiling с разноцветными светильниками  Carpet with flowers in the interior

Textile decoration

Curtains are desirable to choose from natural cotton fabric. At the same time, they should be dense enough to create comfortable lighting for daytime sleep. To cushions, bed linens and bedspreads were not a source for allergic reactions, it is important to select them from safe hypoallergenic materials. The canopy can be chosen in a tone to the curtains or emphasize the overall style in the interior. Often the room of babies is decorated with a canopy over the crib. Such decor is appropriate in the nursery for the older girl. Baldakhin, in addition to the decorative function, additionally protects the child from insects, hiding from sunlight and moonlight. Wool carpets can not be placed on the floor, in the children's room, it can cause allergic reactions. It is better to buy nylon or polypropylene carpet. Textile products are available in a wide range. Therefore, you can easily find the interior items that perfectly complement the chosen direction in the design of the room.

Textiles in the interior of a nursery

Popular styles used for children's decoration

For young dreamers, the marine style in a room with a blue-blue color scheme and thematic decor elements is ideal. For gentle girls, the room is often decorated with provencal motifs, where there are many gentle shades and floral patterns. Calm kids will feel comfortable in a country room. Growing ladies and gentlemen are perfect for English or London style in the interior. Modern high-tech is very rarely used for children's rooms, since this direction provides an abundance of cold colors and glass details. Classic style will never lose its relevance and is the most common in the design of children's rooms.

Children's style in the sea The original shelf above the beds  Red chandelier in a light interior  Pirate motifs in the interior  Sofa with drawers  Children in Provence style


Before you start building a children's room, look at successful design projects, this will help you choose the right concept and style. Each sq. M of the room needs to be rationally distributed to create all the necessary conditions for the harmonious development of the child, who spends most of the time in his room. Try to keep the children's room interesting, cozy and safe. Before you do interior design, remember yourself as a child and about what room you then dreamed of. Connect fantasy, and take into account your baby's preferences, then you will be able to create an interesting and special design.