50 models of bunk beds for adults and children and design

Bunk beds are considered a necessary attribute when arranging rooms for two or more children with a small age difference. The popularity of such models is due not only to the economy of space in the room, but also to the creation of a playful and fun atmosphere with their help.

System for storing things in the nursery

Гарнитур для детской Moda Bunk Bed as умная система организации пространства и хранения вещей от R&B

Many know that kids like to overcome obstacles in the horizontal and vertical planes, climbing on high chairs, tables, and then effectively falling from there. And to control this process and make it more safe, parents arrange sleeping places and even other functional areas on several levels. The use of such an option is justified also in case of lack of separate premises in the house.

It should be noted that the scope of modern bunk beds is not limited only to children's beds. Ergonomic and stylish design allows you to successfully use them for furnishing rooms for guests. In addition, as is known, in every adult a child lives, and no one will refuse to recall at least this way one of the happiest periods of his life.

Each reader has the opportunity to see 50 models of similar bedroom furniture, as well as options for design interiors with their use.

Choosing a multi-tiered bed, you should focus not only on how best to save space in the nursery. After all, its shape and appearance is no less important factor in creating comfort and proper bedroom decor for toddlers.

Using beautiful facades and racks, supplementing them with appropriate textiles, you can effortlessly get a stylish room, and also provide your children with the required level of comfort, not only for sleep and rest, but also for study and leisure.

Multifunctional bed in a nursery

Multifunctional bunk bed design (Michael Abrams Limited project)

The appearance of such furniture in the house can create a conflict situation in which children can not share the best place to sleep. The cause of the discord may be the upper tier, which seems more interesting due to the unusual location, and the lower one, which can be decorated more richly and beautifully. You can prevent this by designing a bed with absolutely identical details or motivating the kids to change their sleeping places with a certain periodicity. Do not forget to consult with them, as arrange furniture in the bedroom, so that it is possible to easily carry out any maneuvers and actions.

Two-level bed with identical sleeping places

The identity of the design of the tiers, excluding the rivalry between children (the Michael Abrams Limited project)

Buying a bunk bed, you must also take into account the gender of your children. Boys are less scrupulous in matters of color and configuration. For them, the determining factor is likely to be the height of the structure and the possibility of unimpeded movement between the tiers.

Girls still need more graceful and flowing contours, gentle shades, as well as a place to place your favorite dolls, cubs and other favorite toys.

Two-level bed in a nursery for girls

Уютная спальня для девочек с красиво оформленной мебелью (проект Savio & Rupa Interior Concepts)

Если ваши дети растут эстетами и уже предъявляют определённые требования к интерьеру, вас может заинтересовать вариант на фотографии ниже. Как можно заметить, дизайнеры создали своеобразное «царство геометрии» с элегантной цветовой гаммой. Всё пространство сформировано с помощью чётких линий и правильных фигур. В нём даже ограждения верхнего яруса кровати являются неотделимым элементом дизайна, а потрясающее кресло в круглой капсуле смотрится, as его завершающий и эффектный штрих.

Pendant chair in the nursery

Детская комната, оформления с учётом модных тенденций в дизайне (проект Chango & Co.)

Purple accents in the design of the nursery

Elegant bunk bed design for young aesthetes (Kraig Kalashian project)

Children in white and purple tones

White-violet range in the room for small women of fashion (project Karen White Interior Design)

Contemporary Bedroom Furniture, including multi-tiered beds, can have a variety of configurations, allowing it to be optimally and effectively fit into any space.

The variant presented below is interesting in that the lines are not parallel, but perpendicular to each other. Therefore, it can be offered to parents whose age difference in children is quite large. The same model may appeal to families with one child, but not having a spacious home.

Large two-level bed in a small nursery

Luxurious bunk bed for a small bedroom (project Karen White Interior Design)

No less delightful are the beds, in which the tiers differ in size. This factor can also be used for children of different age categories. It should be noted and another advantage of such models: the upper level has a separate entrance, which does not interfere with the owner of the lower one.

Baby for girls in white color

The modern bedroom for sisters with a stunning bed (project Betty Wasserman)

And, of course, we can not say about transforming beds that can fully assemble in a few minutes, not only liberating space, but also representing a kind of decor. This kind of furniture is best for hospitable hosts, who often need to provide a temporary overnight stay for friends, and its undeniable advantage is that the beds can be installed in almost any room.

Wooden accents in the design of the nursery

A clever design of a bunk bed (project Caden Design Group)

Built-in two-level furniture for large families

While doing house design, do not forget the main principle of design, which says that there are no universal solutions suitable for any premises. The same rule should be taken into account when choosing beautiful bedroom furniture, and especially bunk beds, which, although they save space, but are large-sized items.

And if the room has a non-standard configuration or small dimensions, it is recommended to pay attention to the embedded models developed by designers directly on the spot, taking into account all your wishes. In addition, this option is simply necessary if you need more than two beds.

Below you can see several charming projects that will not only perfectly fit into the space, but, undoubtedly, like your children.

Multi-colored bedspreads in the nursery

Delightful casual design of a children's room with twin-tiered beds (Amy Maguire project)

Steps-lockers between the beds in the nursery

Luxurious stylish bedroom for restless (Lovelace Interiors project)

Children's urban style

Эффектный урбанистический дизайн для маленьких граждан (проект H&H Design)

Bright children's for a large family

Perfect design of a bedroom for a large family (project Lauren Leonard Interiors)

It should be noted that bunk beds are popular not only for arranging children's homes in private homes, but also for decorating multi-bed rooms of hotels, cottages and resort complexes. At the same time, designers strive to create unique and comfortable rooms, filled with an exciting and even festive atmosphere.

У вас не возникнет ощущения отчуждённости, скуки и однообразия, as это обычно бывает в подобных заведениях, а, наоборот, вы обретёте чувство умиротворения и спокойствия даже в присутствии ещё нескольких человек.

Children in white and blue tones

Сине-белое оформление, as беспроигрышный вариант комнаты для мальчиков (проект Lauren Leonard Interiors)

Bright two-level beds inside and outside the room

Двухъярусные кровати внутри и снаружи здания, as оригинальный вариант планировки номеров (проект Raymond Forehand)

Semicircular construction in the nursery

Stunning semi-circular wooden construction for bedroom furniture (H2O Architects project)

Children's classic style

Impressive classics for a stylish and comfortable bedroom (Harman Wilde project)

Beds for little princesses in the nursery

Separate chambers for small princesses in the castle of the Snow Queen (project Jennifer Brouwer Design)

Sleeping places with illumination in the nursery

Индивидуальное освещение каждого спального места, as показатель грамотного дизайна (проект Studio Frank)

Children's minimalist style

Minimalism and simplicity of the room-cabin (Studio Frank project)

Innovative design of multi-level beds with smart storage systems

Bunk beds of the new generation are rarely just comfortable and compact beds. Almost every model is designed to make the most efficient use of the space of the room, including in its design capacious boxes, shelves, a desk and even an extra sofa.

Smart and clever design quality bedroom furniture allows your children in minutes to put the perfect order in the room, disguising the unclean bed with the help of the folding mechanism Murphy or a widespread roller device. At the same time, interior objects do not look cumbersome, which is the secret of their success and popularity.

Extra pull-out bed in the nursery

Bunk bed with an extra pull-out bed (Vons Furniture project)

I would like to note that architects are trying to approach the organization of storage systems in a non-standard way. Therefore, it is increasingly possible to see models with original staircases, performing functions and a cabinet, and places for games and studies. And, of course, such solutions can be called not only clever, but also effective.

Luxurious wooden bed in the nursery

Luxurious wooden bed with many boxes for storing your favorite toys and things (Vons Furniture project)

Bright red elements in a light nursery

Hybrid furniture design for the fashionable interior of the children's room (project Leone Design Studio)

Bright colorful children's room

Bright colors - a win-win solution for decorating a bedroom for children (Incorporated project)

Wooden furniture in stylish children's room

Stylish interior of the nursery, created with the help of original furniture facades (project Incorporated)

Современные мебельные гарнитуры проектируются таким образом, чтобы их можно было расставлять не только вдоль стен. Посмотрите, as изящно дизайнеры сумели разделить пространство на функциональные зоны с помощью всё той же двухъярусной кровати.

Zoning children with furniture

The original way of zoning the room with furniture and color (project Incorporated)

Нельзя не сказать несколько слов и об общих концепциях дизайна интерьеров, в которых мебель не является координационным центром. В их основе, as правило, лежит яркая идея, например, «живописная поляна под сказочным клёном» или «комната для будущих путешественников и исследователей», а шкафы, столы, кровати и различные элементы декора призваны эффектно её подчеркнуть.

Bright blue children's room

Exquisite innovative design of a children's room (Incorporated project)

Stylishly decorated children's room

Competent and stylish design of the bedroom, stimulating curiosity and self-organization of children (the Pearl Design project)

Two-level bed with built-in cupboards

Roomy closets and purple accents for small women of fashion (Pearl Design)

Children's sports style

Disciplining sports in the design of the room for boys (project Visbeen Architects)

Лестницы, горки и канаты, as обязательные элементы двухъярусных кроватей

Few can provide their children with separate rooms for sleeping and playing games. Therefore, doing the design of children, each parent tries to combine all these zones in the available room. And one of the important and mandatory questions in this case is literate furniture arrangement in the bedroom. Also it should be taken into account that unlike adults, kids are unlikely to appreciate the stylish and elegant, but boring design, which complicates the task a little.

But it needs to be said that the significant help in solving this problem is provided by designers offering beds in which not only storage systems are provided, but also game elements in the form of traditional staircases, a complex of ropes and even slides for cheerful descent from the upper tier, as well as physical development growing organism.

Two-level bed with slide

Крутая горка, as один из факторов стимуляции лёгкого пробуждения (проект Martin Perri Interiors)

Two-level bed with obstacles

Дополнительные препятствия для весёлого подъема на верхний ярус (проект CG&S Design-Build)

Two-level bed with entertainment elements

Потрясающая кровать с полным набором развлекательных элементов (проект CG&S Design-Build)

Creative design of a children's room

Креативная идея оформления детской спальни (проект CG&S Design-Build)

Two-level bed with mobile lower tier

Мобильный нижний ярус кровати, as дополнительный игровой элемент (проект CG&S Design-Build)

Two-level bed with slide в небольшой детской

Even in a small room you can find a place for a fun slide (the project Cynthia Prizant - Prizant Design)

Several models of bunk beds for adults

Even the most pessimistic readers of this topic, who believe that multi-level models only place in children's rooms, will surely change their minds by looking at the bedroom designs presented below.

Стильный дизайн подобной мебели позволяет их успешно использовать в элегантных спальнях as в качестве комфортных мест для сна и отдыха, так и в виде нестандартного и эффектного оформления пространства.

Замысловатые конструкции могут стать даже восхитительными украшениями комнат, позволяющим по-новому взглянуть на такую мебель. И, as говорилось ранее, такую схему меблировки можно даже встретить в некоторых отелях и кемпингах.

Agree that the multi-bedded rooms, equipped with bunk beds, is the best haven for the numerous traveling company.

Duplex beds for hotel rooms

A delightful variant of a bedroom for a hotel room or a guest house (project Shane D. Inman)

Stylish black and white bedroom

Elegant and bright solution for a fashionable bedroom, designed in a minimalist style (Design Fab)

Two-level bed with wall lights

A cozy room with a bunk bed and a competent lighting system (the Knudson Interiors project)

Stylish four-bed room for rest

Four-seat stylish room for a good rest (project Knudson Interiors)

Species bedroom in a sports style

Уникальная мебель для восхитительной спальни (проект Room & Board)

Bedroom in an urban style

Безупречная мебель для урбанистического стиля (проект Room & Board)

Elegant bedroom in white color

Elegance and charm, underscored with spectacular configurations and stunning textures (Becky Harris project)

Multi-level beds that enhance the splendor of the rustic style

Many people believe that the use of such items imposes restrictions in the choice of style. However, with a competent approach to design, there are practically no prohibitions, and the problem, asую мебель выбрать для спальни, is extremely rare.

For example, you might assume that for bustling country details bunk beds, considered to be a specific decor of rooms for children and adolescents, will become an enchanting addition, not only not breaking the spectacular image, but also adding to it piquancy.

By the way, the idea of ​​using multi-level models in the rustic interior is not so new. Let us recall at least the design of log houses. In each house there was always a Russian stove with the warmest bed, sunbed. And near her you could often see a wide bench, also serving as a bed if necessary. Therefore, such furniture can be called an attempt to reinterpret the ancient design of village houses and stone castles, which was successfully embodied.

You can make sure of this by looking at the amazing and memorable projects in the photos below.

Bedroom in medieval style

The charm of medieval castles, transferred to a chic modern bedroom (Highline Partners project)

Rustic-style bedroom

The designs of the upper tier of the bed enriched the stylish room in the rustic style (Platinum Series by Mark Molthan)

Fairy-tale furniture in the nursery

Сказочный дизайн мебели as достойное украшение детской комнаты (проект Peace Design)

Luxurious bedroom in the hotel room

Luxury interiors for a chic resort: a chalet in Courchevel (project Landmark Homes)

Children's room with an exclusive interior

Eclectic interior decorated with a bunk bed (project Landmark Homes)

Bright accents in the children's room

Bright and effective accents in the design of the children's room (project Landmark Homes)

The video below shows a few interesting options for two-level beds in the nursery.