The design of tiny apartments is a demanded niche of the

Design of tiny apartments in pastel colors

The design of tiny studio apartments presupposes the most scrupulous attitude to the choice of the subject of the situation. If your home has a modest size, there is no place for a spontaneously purchased floor lamp or a bag of beans.

From conception and design to real life in an apartment - you must show maximum attention to every aspect. Two apartments, which are presented in this article, can serve as examples of such a balanced approach.

Sample 1

The first apartment from the designer Felipe Campliny from the company ArchViz represents a masculine look at the design of small rooms. Its area is only 29 square meters. m. However, even here the author of the project managed to place all the components necessary for the life of a modern bachelor.

Neutral colors create an open space effect, despite the fact that only a pair of small windows that can not even be opened open outwards.

Kitchen design in a tiny apartment

Design of a tiny open-plan apartment

Using a natural tree of white and gray tones makes it possible to easily add and remove from the interior those or other elements, without much reflection on each decision. This is a perfectly clean canvas, for example, for an intimate dinner.

Design of a tiny apartment in bright colors

Home cinema in a tiny apartment

Although the bedroom (such as it is) - technically part of the same space in which the living room is located, it turns into a separate corner without much effort, or remains open for general review if it is necessary to give the room a more voluminous appearance.

Bedroom design in a tiny apartment Kitchen design with dining area Design of a tiny bedroom in pastel colors

The bedroom behind the curtain

As for the bathroom, in this apartment it is not the closest place. Classical white finish is perfectly combined with a corner shower and surprisingly wide dressing table.

Snow-white bathroom

The layout of a tiny apartment

Sample 2

The second apartment is the embodiment of a completely different approach to the design of small apartments. The space area is only 20 square meters. meters belongs to the young woman-designer, and his vision of the performance was presented by specialists of the studio Art.

A large opening in the wall is provided with sliding partitions. This simple solution provided flexibility to the interior.

Mirror partition walls easily move and overlap those parts of the apartment that are not used in a particular situation. And so they provide privacy and order to those areas in which the inhabitants of the dwelling are currently living.

Design of a tiny apartment with plum accents Workplace in a tiny apartment Folding sofa in a tiny apartment

Bedroom in a tiny apartment

A tall white cabinet stretches along the wall. This massive storage itself serves as a partition, giving the apartment a more modern look.

Rest zone in a tiny apartment Dining area in a tiny apartment

A long corridor in a tiny apartment

The dining table on the rollers rolls out and unfolds so that it surrounds the entire kitchen area.

Small kitchen in a tiny apartment Kitchen in a tiny apartment

Folding dining table in a tiny apartment

Even the bed is removed when not in use.

Mirror partition in a tiny apartment

Lilac color scheme, which is present even in the bathroom, gives the apartment a subtlety and at the same time creates an atmosphere of femininity.

Purple accents in the design of a tiny apartment Plum accents in the design of a tiny apartment

Mobile partition in the design of a tiny apartment

Bathroom design in a tiny apartment

Purple accents in the design of a tiny bathroom

That's how men's practicality and women's refinement are embodied in the original design solutions for small apartments.

The layout of a small apartment