8 suggestions for small kitchen design

Small kitchen in white color

For sure, every third Russian, if not the second, faced with the problem of a small area of ​​kitchen in the apartment. And when the repair came in this magic room, it became difficult to figure out how to arrange everything needed in it, and that there was still room for maneuver mistress, and yet it would be nice and cozy.

Fortunately, that there are certain tricks in creating interiors for small spaces.

Kitchen interior in white color Original bar counter in the kitchen

1. Cabinets are better to choose light and shiny

Dark wood tones and massive decoration elements will "weigh down" the room, stealing light from her. At the same time, bright light surfaces, reflecting the light, create the appearance of a larger volume of the room.

Bright refrigerator in white kitchen U-shaped kitchen in light colors Bright accents on the white kitchen Geometric pattern in the design of the kitchen

2. Harmoniously combine the colors of cabinets and walls

With the right combination of furniture merges with the walls in a single interior, without creating obstacles for the eyes.

Kitchen in black and white Kitchen of unusual shape Kitchen in blue tones

3. The chairs under your concept are worth a look

Do not spare the time to find the right, comfortable, but unencumbered with extra heavy parts, chairs. They will fit into the design compactly and leave space free.

Kitchen in natural colors Wooden bar in the kitchen Kitchen with breakfast area

4. Transparency for you to help

Glass, light shiny metal is an excellent material for invisible elements of furniture. And it would be nice to make such a dining table, for example.

Transparent bar stools in the kitchen Transparent bar stools in the interior of the kitchen Dining table with glass top

5. Household appliances there too

Again, dark spots in the interior attract attention and visually steal space.

Compact kitchen in white color Black wall in the interior of the kitchen Red accents on the white kitchen

6. Hide the technique to the maximum

Light cabinets we already have, it remains to build in them as much as possible of technology. The built-in dishwasher or oven looks more aesthetically pleasing and does not clutter the territory.

Kitchen in the style of minimalism Kitchen in gray

7. The game of the world

Lighting is also better to integrate, and at different levels. Can be divided into zones - working and dining. Fixtures to choose simple, light chandelier

Suspended light in the kitchen Interior of a two-row kitchen Folding dining table in a small kitchen

8. Use the window sill with benefit

It can easily be converted into a shelf, an increased work surface or a table.

U-shaped kitchen with breakfast bar Breakfast area on the windowsill Bar rack at the window