Fold and lay out as necessary

Folding chairs

Today we will teach our visitors who are owners of close housing, to use furniture that is lightning fast, expanding or performing several functions at once.

If you suddenly change a large cottage for a tiny house, then suddenly every inch of it becomes incredibly important, almost precious. The main thing is not to get lost and try to find an effective way to fill the space without cluttering it. So, rule number 1: use any opportunity to hang something on the wall.

Some models of modern folding furniture evoke pleasant and not very memories from childhood, but thanks to the development of modern technologies, it has significantly changed. Of course, its cost is slightly higher than traditional analogues, but its assistance in saving square meters is absolutely invaluable.

One of the biggest problems of limited space is the eternal search for berths for guests. In this case, the actual solution will be a folding armchair, which takes up very little space in everyday life, but becomes a full-fledged bed when laid out. The only drawback of this option will be a tiny distance between adjacent bunks.

Bright red sofa

Sofa in Art Nouveau style

At first glance, it's just a beautiful picture. But it is enough to detach half of the frame and extend the legs, lowering them to the floor, as it turns into a dining table, which can accommodate at least five people. Naturally, the picture or photo is selected individually.

Folding table

Picture in the frame

In this case, a unique coffee table has a topical secret - it moves apart to the size of the dining table. You can raise it to seven different levels depending on the situation and place the six guests.

But that's not all. The worktop of frosted glass also expands, allowing you to comfortably accommodate the eight arrivals.

Folding coffee table

Coffee table

This compact home office unfolds like an old wardrobe. One side provides the storage of files and books, and on the other, space is organized for the working computer zone.

The device is equipped with rollers, so that it can be easily rolled up after the work is completed. True, thanks to the coating with aluminum panels, the design turned out to be heavy, since it weighs about 240 kg.

Folding cabinet

Cloakroom secretary

If you do not consider this piece of furniture in more detail, you will not see anything extravagant in it. It is a small folding table, suitable for kitchen, bedroom, apartment and hostel. It is painted in a dark color and in folded form it looks rather modest.

However, when unfolding a universal semi-cabinet with a table top is produced, equipped with a set of shelves and drawers for storage.

Folding table

Wall folding table

If you are not a fan of noisy parties and luxury, most likely the bar is not a necessary part of the furnishings of your home. Therefore, you will be fine with a mini locker, in which fit a couple of bottles and a few glasses. And most importantly, if necessary, it develops.

Foldable bar

Folding bar

An excellent find are universal folding bookshelves. In this case, this is the most difficult option with grills on both sides, made of natural wood, painted in a pleasant green color.

Foldable bookshelf

Folding bookshelves

Flexible, like an acrobat, this laundry dryer offers almost 26 meters of drying rope in fully expanded form. The presence of wheels ensures easy transportation and stability even when the structure is folded.

Foldable dryer

Dryer «Gulliver»

Another example of universal furniture - a compact chair - a table that unfolds to turn into a stepladder. It is a vital subject in the presence of apartment lofts, bunk beds and cabinets with mezzanines, which is difficult to reach. Also it can be used as book shelves.

Folding ladder-rack

Modern stepladder table

This option is ideal for parents whose children like to leave their best friends and girlfriends at home for the night. This stylish bunk bed has two comfortable beds. But if you do not need it, she quietly disappears from the field of vision, leaving behind herself a dead wall. There is also the option of converting it into a dining table.

Folding bunk bed

Bunk bed

Folding bunk bed

Bunk bed