9 useful tips how to increase space in a small apartment -

Interior of the living room in white color

Is your apartment big or not? What do you say if tomorrow it can increase a little? And if in a week it adds a few more meters? And in a month you will be able to increase it by another ten meters?

"How to make such a fabulous repair?" - you ask. Answers to all the questions will be found after reading the article to the end.

  1. To paint walls and a ceiling in a snow-white tone it is possible only in the event that they will be completely identical. From the huge variety, it's better to choose gray, silver, zircon, smoky, tender pigeon and stone.
  1. Do not install high furniture. Closed shelves change to chests of drawers, do not use end-to-end models or buffets. If you have no other choice, then the high objects color in the tone of the walls, as shown in the photo.
  1. If you want to save as much space as possible and make your apartment more spacious, then choose painting in light colors or small photos, with huge snow-white mats.
Living room in bright colors
  1. In the kitchen, carefully consider bright lighting in large quantities. It will help to transform your faceless cabinets into exquisite interior items.
  1. Use transparent stools, because they are original and will also play into your hands in matters of space expansion.
  1. Use more glass, mirrors and other surfaces with a reflective effect. They will help bring shine, grace and light to the room.
Kitchen in black and white Kitchen in black and white Black accents in the white living room Black accents on the white kitchen
  1. The wallpaper with the original strip, which tends up from the floor covering, does not so weight the room, like the same texture, but with flowers. And if you still pick up pastel colors, you will end up with light walls after bored white.
  1. As decorative elements, use contrast. It can be soft pillows, on which white with capri color perfectly blends.
  1. Live flowers in pots, especially decorative larch, are perfectly combined with a light background and help to make the atmosphere alive and sated. In this case, air in the room will always be filtered in a natural way.
Plant and candles on the windowsill Bouquet of tulips on a dressing table Entrance hall in white color Bathroom in white color One-room apartment layout