How can an attic (photo of interiors)

Who will give up the house with the attic? Despite the complexity of decorating the interiors of these rooms, they are extremely attractive for most people, although it is impossible to say exactly why. They have some special charm, a pleasant warm feeling that follows us, even when we leave from there. That's why today we decided to collect for you this collection of 30 best ideas for the application of the attic: charming bedrooms, home offices, dressing rooms, children's rooms in the attic and much more!

Design of interiors in the attic (photo)

Which option do you choose: a crazy living area with a hammock in the middle or a spacious minimalist interior for creative pursuits? Share your opinion in the comments!

ban-sauna-makerde large attic children's room-in-the-attic design-child-in-the-mansard design-bedroom-at-mansard elegant-bedroom-loft wardrobe-room-loft living room-attic idea-for-design-attic idea-for-mansard idea-for-decoration-attic playroom-room-loft interior-attic-with-balcony interior-attic-with-electric fireplace room-girls-in-the-attic room-rest-on-the-attic teenager-loft room creative-interior-mansard kuhnya-to-attics mansard-co-glass-roof minimalist-design-attic office-loft office-at-mansard romantic-bedroom-loft modern-bedroom-loft stylish-nursery-on-the-attic stylish-bedroom-loft gym-hall-at-mansard-2 bathroom-in-attic wine-room-loft