A little beauty: 19 unique design solutions for a modern

Miniature kitchen

A small kitchen is a rather problematic place for creativity. In a small living room you can free up space by getting rid of an extra chair or table. And in the kitchen - you take out a stove or a refrigerator? Of course not, but we have reserved for you several design solutions for the arrangement of a small culinary space.

Stylish ideas for a miniature kitchen

Stylish ideas for a miniature kitchen

Today, we will help to place all necessary items and furniture in a confined space, and also give some valuable advice on decoration and decoration. You will learn about the tricky methods of visual deception, which significantly increase the room.

Compactness and organization

Let's start with the basics of the basics. Compactness, organization, functionality - these are the three whales on which the design of a small kitchen is based. Everything should be very restrained and neat. Of course, no one is against decoration and decoration, but it is worth resisting the temptation to fill the useful area with extra shelves, tables and huge outdoor vases. Choose a stylish headset, with even walls, without excess protrusions and attachments. Make maximum use of the space in the corners, and then in the center there will be at least a bit of freedom. [from Michael Kelley Photo / Houzz] P - shaped kitchen set

P - shaped set of kitchen creates a sense of space in the center of the room

Give up excess decor. Do not occupy the work surface with unnecessary things. For registration is suitable for unused space, such as walls, ceiling or windowsill. They can be stolen by paintings, paintings or drawings. And on the window to arrange vases with flowers or hotly loved figurines. [from Aidan Design / Houzz] White kitchen with a decor on the windowsill

White kitchen with a decor on the windowsill

Use walls for storage

Not all can be placed in the cabinets of the headset. To store frequently used items, a useful space of walls will fit. Magnetic holders, hooks and small racks, will allow to organize a mess, and to make room in the shelves. [from Frisson / Houzz] Kitchen implements on the dashboard

Functional use of the kitchen panel

On the walls you can store not only kitchen trivia. They statute is an excellent haven for flat dishes, for example all sorts of cutting boards, pans and sticks. [by Andre Rothblatt Architecture / Houzz] Kitchen implements on the walls of the kitchen

Practical use of walls

Do not underestimate the power of wall shelves. There are very multi-functional options with metal holders, which are ideal for storing glasses, wine bottles or fruit cups. [from Inspired Interior / Houzz] Metal shelving for storage of kitchen utensils

Metal shelving for storage of kitchen utensils

View the options with the kitchen island

Kitchen island is an ideal solution for a small area. The compact arrangement of shelves, equipment and cabinets will save a lot of space. In addition, there is a huge selection of models and colors, so that under the rustic and modern design, there is a good copy. [from Lonny] Kitchen island for space organization

Kitchen island for space organization

No place for a full-fledged model? Nothing wrong! Even a smaller variation of the island, will help to restore order and organize the storage of kitchen utensils. [from Lonny] Small kitchen island model

Small kitchen island model

More reflective surfaces

There is a small trick to visually increase the space - reflective surfaces. They not only enhance the contrast of colors, but also add an interior of brilliance and lightness. It does not have to be a mirror, you can buy a set with a glossy finish. [Celia James Interior Design / Houzz] Small kitchen with glossy cupboards

Small kitchen with glossy cupboards

The technique of stainless steel, also has a reflective ability. Plus, it will add a touch of modernity to the interior. [from HGTV.com] Wall with kitchen appliances from stainless steel

Wall with kitchen appliances in stainless steel - as if duplicating space

Say a firm and confident YES to white. This shade with amazing ease will open up the hidden potential of your kitchen, and you will see how much free space you have. [from DigsDigs] Glossy kitchen in white tones

Glossy kitchen in white tones

Brilliant color accent

To divert attention from problem areas, you need a powerful color strike! Bright contrast will deprive the kitchen of the cluttered space effect. It is enough to paint only one wall in a juicy shade (for example - turquoise), and the room will play with new colors. [from Granite Gurus] Turquoise kitchen panel made of brick mosaic

Turquoise kitchen panel made of brick mosaic

Fresh fruit shades will help a little "unload" the room. It is desirable to choose a lighter, pastel shade. Tenderly lime, orange or banana - only you can choose! [from Lonny] Small kitchen with soft green tiles

Small kitchen with soft green tiles

Minimalist style - an excellent solution for a small kitchen. But this does not mean that you can not use different colors. Such an interesting palette in the style of Ombre is a good example of a non-standard and exotic approach to the design of cabinets. [from CubeMe] Iridescent cabinets in a minimalist interior

Iridescent cabinets in a minimalist interior

Creative impulses should not be limited to single accents. How do you get the idea to paint the kitchen in a dark, saturated shade? If you decorate walls and floors in a single color scheme, an illusion of expanded space will be created. [from HGTV.com] Dark blue kitchen design

Dark blue kitchen design

Ultra-modern style

Modern design of kitchens, differs the fast furniture and high functionality. In a miniature kitchen is very difficult to implement a rustic or vintage design, so futurism or modernism - the most optimal choice. [from Apartament Theraphy] Small kitchen with wooden cupboards

Small kitchen with wooden cupboards

Металлический декор, стальные оттенки – вот главные признаки современного стиля. Разбавьте все это новейшей техникой – и потрясающий дизайн кухни готов. Наиболее предпочитаемые оттенки: серый, пепельный, черный, белый и землистый. [от Home & Garden Ideas] Modern kitchen design with metal details

Modern design with metal details

The ideal design of a miniature cooking laboratory? You do not think that this is it .... [Engberg Design / Houzz] Ultra-modern style небольшого кухонного пространства

Ultra-modern style небольшого пространства

Skillful integration into the dining room

One of the simplest and most popular solutions is the consolidation of rooms. Take down the unnecessary walls and get a kitchen-dining room or kitchen-living room in one person. In such a room the island will perfectly fit - with the continuation in the form of a dining table. [from Diego Bortolato / Houzz] A small kitchen combined with a dining room

A small kitchen combined with a dining room

The highlight of this interior is the bar counter, which, with the help of chairs attached to it, can turn into a comfortable dining table. Here is a stylish and very functional solution for your kitchen. [from Rina Magen / Houzz] Kitchen with bar-table

Kitchen with bar-table

We hope that these creative ideas inspired you to the feats! If you already have a couple of ideas for transforming the interior, then immediately share them in the comments!