A small balcony as a place for relaxation - a unique

Storage boxes on the balcony

The project, with which we want to introduce the visitors of the site today about small interiors, was carried out in 2014. Designers who worked on a small balcony of a typical multi-storey building managed to visually expand the available area, transforming the boring premises into an amazing relax zone.

It's nice to sit alone, throw out of your head all thoughts, forget about vanity and indulge in leisurely reflections.

To carry out the work, there was no need for large monetary investments, as the specialists used furniture materials like wooden pallets, from which a decent sofa, ordinary soft cushions and old wooden boxes for making book shelves turned out.

By the way, they were specially attached almost to the ceiling, so that they did not visually reduce the already tight space.

Storage boxes on the balcony

The resulting interior is made in the best traditions of minimalism: the walls are painted in a classic white color, which perfectly combines the details of wood, cream shade spread out on the couch plaid and compact spot lights. However, another style would be inappropriate in this case.

As facing materials, architects used white floorboard and decorative plaster "Bark beetle" for walls and ceiling. At the request of the owners, the loggia was insulated with foam plastic, two layers of styrofoam and a special foil-insulated heater, so it can be used even in the cold season.

To prevent moisture from entering, the walls were lined with moisture-resistant cardboard, which became the basis for plastering.

Storage boxes on the balcony

As a result, the apartment has an isolated place for recreation, where, regardless of the modest amount of furniture and decorative elements, a person can feel comfortable and calm.

The highlight of the project, of course, were wooden boxes and pallets, skillfully turned into capacious bookstands and a comfortable couch. Surprisingly, sometimes such ordinary things become unique and memorable details.

Storage boxes on the balcony