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Outbreak in the garden

Magnificent design of a small infield area

Very many people had to make some compromises when buying real estate. So, sometimes instead of a large plot at the disposal of the inhabitants of the house is a small and at times not very comfortable garden. In this article, several ideas are presented, thanks to which a "compromise" space can turn into a pride of its owners.

Consider the appointment

To make the space look harmonious, it is necessary to determine its purpose. Think about how you would like to use it. Perhaps, you can not do without a large dining table for meals in the open air. Or maybe you would prefer to have a rest area with soft seats or an open hearth.

Depending on the availability of free space, you can limit the arrangement of one zone or divide the garden into several different sites.

Dining area on the backyard

Track Configuration

More often people, getting acquainted with this or that place, aspire to cover its sight entirely. In this case, it will lead to immediate disappointment due to apparent tightness. Therefore, in the first place, it is worth concentrating on the development of the site plan.

Think about the location of the tracks, and then pave them with tiles or stone. So it will be easier to determine the location of the various zones of the garden. If there are several of them, it is important to make sure that the tracks lead to all parts of the garden.

Gravel path on the plot

Expand the space

Most likely, you will not have the opportunity to increase the dimensions of your small area. However, you can always create the illusion of a larger space by engaging vertical surfaces. Such a configuration will direct the observer's view upwards, and this will distract his attention from the real boundaries of the garden.

Remember that only using plants of different heights will help achieve the desired effect. Plant and spread trees, and evergreen shrubs and creeping ivy. It should include and stunted herbs, flowers. They will look good in containers of different volumes or in flower beds.

Multi-level infield with climbing plants

Deep Colors

The design of compact gardens is difficult to make very expressive, but you can increase its recognizability by introducing bright elements. The same thing you would do with the interior, would not it. For example, colored pillows, laid out on benches and deckchairs, will become a spectacular decoration of space. Do not be afraid to seek inspiration in nature itself.

Flowering plants will help to make bright and impressive any garden. To ensure a holistic perception, focus on 2-3 shades and decorate the whole area in a balanced color palette.

A flowering bush in the recreation area on the site

The simpler, the better

When only a very small area is available, reloading it with parts is very easy. Simplify the design, get rid of the optional elements. Make sure that the lawns are regularly watered and cut. 

If you have young children who like to leave their toys in the garden, try cleaning regularly.

Simple design of the infield Luxury cottage with a lounge area Round hearth on the backyard The path of slabs on the plot of land Chairs around the hearth on the backyard Lounge area on the plot Mirrors in the design of the infield Recreation area on the plot Farmland with a swimming pool Rest zone on the site