A small boat on wheels - a traveler's dream

Small boat on wheels - camper Sealander

A small boat on wheels is always ready to travel

Are you ready to sail in a small boat on wheels when the road is over? Combined camper Sealander is not limited to banal movement only along the routes. You can easily make it a water trip.

Self-sufficient small boat on wheels

Self-sufficient transport for rest

German designer wanted to create a self-sufficient transport for recreation. And he managed something - a model designed for swimming in calm water with a maximum speed of 5.6 nautical miles / hour (about 9 km / h). The cost of the invention starts from 17 thousand dollars. Like a cute little duck, this mobile is easily transformed from overland transport into a seagoing vessel.

A small boat on wheels in the form of a car

For now, the car

Inside the one-piece, fiberglass-reinforced plastic case, the interior is hidden, the color and functional of which is made to order. Here, there is a built-in toilet, shower, cooking area, refrigerator and audio system. Or vice versa, you can do with curtains and pillows. Folding benches are transformed into a bed, the size of which is comparable to the royal bed.

A small boat on wheels is ready for swimming

Ready for swimming

Would you like to check out Sealander in action? Watch this wonderful minute video:


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Camper turns into a boat

This camper turns into a boat.

Posted by INSIDER design on Tuesday, July 12, 2016