Almost two rooms from one - elegant designer half measures

Design apartments in Gothenburg, Sweden

In this topic, on your court is a small bright apartment located in the old house of the prestigious district of Gothenburg, Sweden.

In a small area, about 34 meters, you can place one room, but with some effort, it is quite cozy to do almost two. The word "almost" is appropriate, since the sleeping area is separated by a glass partition.

This unusual and very appropriate solution to the problem of the place for sleep preserves space, good illumination, while fulfilling the assigned tasks of dividing the room into zones.

Studio apartment with balcony Studio apartment in white color Interior of studio apartment in white color Fireplace and bedroom behind the glass

The highlight of the project was an old fireplace, which was restored and successfully entered into the concept of the whole room.

Glass partition in the interior of the studio apartment Kitchen in white color Living room in white Living room in white Flowers in the design of the studio apartment

High windows and spacious balconies create the natural charm of the apartment.

Architects initially got a good enough base for their creativity, but it should be given credit that they were able to harmoniously complement the space with elements of the Scandinavian style. Equipped with an apartment wardrobe room, increased its functionality and convenience.

In addition, the owners refused the bathroom, replacing it with a shower for the sake of additional square meters.

A small bathroom in white color A bouquet of tulips on a coffee table Layout of studio apartment in white color The layout of a small studio apartment