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Art-Deco style is popular among people who want to surround themselves with luxury and sophistication. Its main features are rich decoration and exclusive things. Interior design in the Art Deco style is often used for the design of their homes people of creative professions - actors, writers, artists.


Table of contents of the article:

  • The main features of style
  • Materials for Art Deco
  • Living room of Art Deco
  • Art Deco Cuisine
  • Bathroom Art Deco
  • Art Deco style photo in the interior

The main features of style

To find out what the fashion trend is today, it's not enough just to see a photo of the Art Deco style in the interior. It is necessary to understand the main elements of this style. Here are the main ones:

  • Zigzags - in the form of an ornament or "Christmas tree" tile laying;
  • Sun rays or just stripes in decoration, decor and furniture;
  • Trapezium - frames, mirrors and furniture of a certain geometric shape;
  • Steps - the presence of different levels of space or the creation of an illusion of steps with the help of dark and light strips;
  • Clear contours - surfaces and objects are often framed or highlighted with bright lines.


Materials for Art Deco

  • Tree;
  • Pottery and glossy stone;
  • Glass;
  • Genuine Leather;
  • Steel and aluminum;
  • Bedroom Art Deco

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The modern style of Art Deco in the interior of the bedroom requires, first of all, the use of natural materials and objects with a bright, conspicuous decor.

The center of the composition can be a wooden bed with a head of unusual shape, upholstered in fabric.


Cabinet furniture (cabinets, pedestals and so on) should contrast in color with the decoration of the walls. The location of many mirrors in the room is welcomed, as they visually expand the space of the room.


It is desirable to decorate walls with ornament or decorative painting. The pattern should be in harmony with the room furniture and not be too bright. The ornamental oval niche in the wall will look good. In this case, the oval shape can also be given to the doorway, floor catwalk or decorative elements on the ceiling.


The most winning colors for the Art Deco bedroom are white, black, dark brown, gray and red. Usually for one room three colors are used. Two perform the role of the background, the third is present in the objects of the interior.


It is recommended to use many fabrics. It can be curtains, upholstery upholstery and rugs. It is necessary to add luxury elements - gold, silver, bronze.


Living room of Art Deco

Living room, made in Art Deco style, usually use a combination of many materials. Furniture made of leather and wood is adjacent to glass and metal objects. "Sharp" geometric shapes can be successfully combined with rounded elements.


To maintain the interior of the room in the Art Deco style, it is worth choosing darker shades for decoration. But it is possible to use beige color. He looks elegant and noble.


To give luxury and wealth to the interior, handmade furniture made of exotic woods is used. A special chic of the living room will bring a table with inlaid and shiny metal furniture elements. The same function is performed by massive decor elements - statues, screens.


An unusual form of objects and a combination of different, at first glance incompatible forms are welcomed. Of course, at the same time it's worth keeping to the measure and remembering that the interior should not lose its lightness and elegance.


For the walls of the living room is often chosen a monophonic color. But the discreet ornament of neat patterns is quite appropriate. It is desirable to make the color of the walls lighter than the basic colors of furniture. All fabrics - curtains, sheathing of sofas and pillows, should be combined in color.


Art Deco Cuisine

Creating an interior of an apartment in the Art Deco style, you need to give proper attention to the kitchen. Here, such an interior is created in the same way as in other rooms - expensive furniture, shiny surfaces and restrained colors.


In the kitchen there are many options for using such a feature of Art Deco as stepping. For this purpose, different in terms of height and depth, modular furniture, stretch ceiling from several levels or wallpaper with a multi-stage pattern.


The ideal color scheme for the kitchen in the Art Deco style is black and white. Options are available with shades of brown or silver. In this case, for the dining area, you can choose wallpaper with vertical stripes, and decorate the workplace with a large two-tone mosaic. Strips can be added to fabrics used in the interior.

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A bold decision will be used when decorating kitchen mirrors. They will give the room a shine and visually expand the space.


Floors are best to decorate with marble or imitation tiles. A cheaper, but not less attractive option - linoleum with a large geometric pattern. Parquet or laminate for the kitchen is not suitable because of their impracticality.


Bathroom Art Deco

Art Deco for the bathroom means primarily monumentality, massive and restrained luxury. The main materials used are marble, glass and steel.


Walls and bathroom floors should be made in the same light or dark background, using glossy surfaces. The ceiling is dark not better. The decoration is not prohibited by original patterns and even ethnic motifs.


Plumbing should be massive, with elegant rounded edges. The surfaces of the bath and the sink must be white and shiny. Cranes and hoses are made of chrome-plated steel. In addition to them, you can place metal shelves on the walls.

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Particular attention should be paid to closed closets for storing personal belongings - towels, brushes, creams and cosmetics. These little things should not be kept in sight. Lockers should harmonize in color with the main background of the room and be decorated with a clear linear ornament.


All of the above tips will help you create an art deco style in the interior of the apartment, which will delight you and surprise your guests with beauty and elegance.


Art Deco style photo in the interior




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