Stunning reconstruction of the old house - competent

Interior design of the living room with fireplace

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with one of the options for resolving the issue related to the need to expand your housing space and, accordingly, improve the living conditions of your family members.

If you live in a private house and have a room like a basement or a garage, cheer up and look around. Only in this way you will see that you are surrounded by thousands of options for the successful resolution of this issue.

Redesigning the garage and other similar structural elements of your house to living rooms - is the way that will allow you to get rid of the problem of lack of necessary living spaces.

Luxury private house after reconstruction

The entrance to the premises of the former garage, and in particular the piece of land in front of this element, is disguised with a semicircular flower bed, as well as a brick pipe, which is a constructive continuation of such an element as operating fireplace.

It was this product that was installed in the doorway, and performs both practical functions related to heating and aesthetic, playing the role of the interior.

Looking at a similar example of interior it's hard to even imagine that once this territory was used exclusively as a garage. Audio and video systems are successfully hidden in special niches, large windows fill the entire space with light and a sense of freedom, and the fireplace, successfully hides the location of the doorway designed to enter the car.

Looking at all this splendor, you can safely say that such a elegant living room could not exist without such human characteristics as creative courage and unlimitedness, as well as a lack of fear of making large-scale decisions.

Luxury private house after reconstruction

One of the possible ways of internal filling of the premises, which resulted from the conversion of garages and cellars, is the use of various vintage and antiques items purchased at sales and specialized low-cost markets.

This method not only saves your money, but also helps create a unique image, the visual quality of which will exceed all your expectations. A coffee table and chairs, as well as a chest of drawers and accessories, are items that perfectly match within one thematic design solution.

Interior design of the dining area

The room, obtained as a result of the modernization of the garage, can be used, including as a place for cooking and eating food.

Spacious kitchen, equipped in one stylistic direction with a general design of the whole house and equipped with a spacious exit to the backyard, is a good solution, allowing you to fully enjoy the dishes served on the table, as well as communication with people close to you.

Kitchen in the reconstructed house

Present time provides a lot of opportunities regarding the design of kitchens located in a former garage. Classical style will be most appropriate and attractive for most people who dream of a worthy incarnation in the life of such grandiose zadumok.

Marble countertops, a wooden massive table, as well as lockers for storing kitchen property, characterized by the absence of any excesses - the elements that will create a universal image, the process of application of which is different from no restrictions. Even modern technology in the form of an oven, washing machine and other items seems appropriate and harmoniously combined here.

Dining room in a private house

The additional doors, which appeared after closing the garage entrance, create a special chic, the presence of which will be appreciated by all your loved ones. Color spectrum The emphasis is on the use of light tones, which give the necessary scale together with the corresponding visual perception.

Bedroom design in light colors

Cozy bedroom - Another option to design additional areas, formed after the modernization of your garage. A large bed with a special emphasis on a rectangular canopy, as well as decor and interior items that successfully support the chosen color scheme - factors that will make your stay here pleasant, and a dream sweet and unforgettable.

Various engravings located on the wall, and stained coffee tables - a technique that you can easily use and in your own home. Plants in the interior add to it life and special mood.

Luxury private house after reconstruction

The living room in the garage can be turned into a special corner where there are no such concepts as time and space. Retro style in the interior and is the time machine that will take you back to the past.

Vintage elements of furniture and decor, such as a chest of drawers, armchairs, chandelier and curtains, are exactly those tools that will produce a similar effect, while preserving the uniqueness of the design.

Bathroom Interior Design

If you do not need additional areas necessary for living your loved ones, it is worthwhile to think about the possibility of equipment of a special room, where you will feel especially comfortable and secluded.

Luxurious bathroom a room equipped according to your requirements only, and will be that island of tranquility and pleasant seclusion, which is so necessary with the modern rhythm of life.

An antique chest of drawers intended for storing clothes and perfumery, a vintage shelf and other furniture elements, performance in a classical style, will help fill this room with a special cosiness and spirituality.

Bedroom in light colors with gray accents

Such a bedroom will allow you to comfortably accommodate not only guests of your home, but also members of your family.

Bathroom decoration

Equip an additional bathroom, which is perfect for your guests. Green color and the corresponding decoration of the room various bamboo frames, as well as woven baskets, will create a bright mood and will charge with energy for the whole day.

Photos above the stairs

The staircase, executed in a classical manner and combining in its image such color shades as black, a mix of silver and gold, along with the paintings on the wall, create a special view past which it is impossible to pass without attention.

Luxury private house after reconstruction

Living room. The color scheme is built on the contrast of black and white colors - it looks great. Additional decor elements and luxurious furniture, emphasize the individuality of the stylistic content of this room and its high design component.