Beauty of small forms - stunning design of a small bathroom

Interior of a small bathroom

In today's story, we will introduce you to the incomparable decoration of the bathroom, which was invented and developed by a talented specialist Robin Amorello.

A built-in toilet paper holder and innovative cupboards, large-format tiles and frameless glass helped to maximize every centimeter of space in this modest corner unusual house.

This bathroom with a total area of ​​7 square meters is located on the second floor of the mansion, which belongs to the designer Robin Amorello (Robin Amorello).

He independently developed and implemented a fantastic design of its arrangement using incomparable textured materials, modern sanitary ware and unique accessories.

Before the repair, the bathroom had an uncomfortable layout and aesthetically unattractive decoration with an inclined ceiling and an inefficient arrangement of the headset.

Interior of a small bathroom before repair

After the reconstruction, the room acquired a modern and laconic appearance. The specialist dismantled the bathroom and installed a shower cubicle with frameless transparent glazing that visually enlarged the room.

For decoration of walls and the floor the designer has picked up a ceramic tile of a light gray shade with an amazing texture. She gave the room a practical and elegant appearance, and also perfectly fit into the overall stylistics of the decoration.

Interior of a small bathroom after repair

Before the repair works, the walls in the bathroom were lined with decorative panels, artificial marble and refractory tiles, and linoleum is laid on the floor. This interior looked dull and lifeless.

Interior of a small bathroom before repair

Specialist Robin Amorello removed the septum and expanded the dressing table with two sinks. The lining of the walls was made with ceramic granite tiles with a wood texture that filled the space with incredible comfort and warmth. This material perfectly fit into the design of the bathroom and gave it unlimited charm and creativity.

Designer furniture was specially made for this project using a sea-colored espresso tree. A large number of drawers and cabinets allows you to place in them all household items and cosmetics.

The dressing table was decorated with marble granite worktops of gray hue, vintage mixers and original license plates, giving the atmosphere expressiveness and authenticity.

Washbasins in the bathroom

Two magnificent round mirrors on the walls are capacious lockers for medicines and cosmetics.

Niche for bath accessories behind the mirror

In the next photo, you will see the design of the toilet.

Toilet before renovation

Master used to repair this space ceramic tiles, which perfectly combined with smoky gray the decor of the walls.

Decorates this area with a license plate and abstract artwork, which brings to the furniture incredible charm and creativity. The original metal luminaire and laconic towel holder complete the execution of the toilet.

Toilet after repair

Sliding doors perfectly fit into the overall design of the space. They were decorated with large mirrors, visually increasing the area of ​​the room.

Three laconic industrial lamps above the dressing table perfectly illuminate the bathroom and give it an incredible charm.

Interior of a stylish bathroom

In the next photo you will see the layout of the bathroom with the main location of the zones and items of the furniture set.

Bathroom layout

Interior Design a bathroom from a specialist Robin Amorello is a fantastic creative masterpiece.

The magnificent functional layout of the limited space, the stunning design made with the use of amazing textured materials and industrial elements, the muted shade palette and innovative equipment, as well as the cozy atmosphere attracts close attention and public interest to this project.