Blue color in the interior

Blue color in the interior

The blue color is not at all simple. It is unique in that it can be used as a base, as a canvas, to create an integral picture of any room. The blue color in the interior of the house or apartment is the orchestral accompaniment of the main party. His skillful application can create a whole gamut of styles and images.

Furniture голубого цвета At the stage of the main decoration of walls it is useful to think over the decorative elements on them - moldings, panels, frames for pictures, photographs, mirrors. Blue color very well "takes" additional finishing. Due to its use, the room can be given originality, elegance or, on the contrary, emphasize simplicity.

Curtains and furniture with shades of blue


Colored ceilings - a fashion trend. For those who would like to follow fashion not too radically, but a little reservedly, a light blue ceiling is a good alternative to bright unusual ceilings.

This ceiling is associated with the sky, air. The flight of imagination here is unlimited, it is possible to supplement it with clouds, sun, birds, branches of trees. If the walls are the same color, then matte, a little lighter than the walls, the ceiling will give the entire room a lightness.

If you doubt the combination of the colors of walls and ceiling, feel free to apply a win-win option - choose a color of the ceiling for one or two colors lighter than the color of the walls.

The dark blue glossy ceiling looks like a real sky. He gives the room a depth, natural naturalness. Visually increases the room up and in breadth.

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Светильники для такого потолка лучше подобрать яркие, выразительные, эффектные. Ceiling подчеркнёт их своеобразие, при этом не потеряется сам. Для подчёркивания достоинств потолка оттенка неба важно правильно подобрать потолочный плинтус, его ширину, форму. Этот цвет позволяет использование более широких потолочных плинтусов с gold или серебряной отделкой.

Kitchen with walls and blue floor "Heavenly" ceiling can be supplemented with a decor of polyurethane foam or foam, moldings, simple paint patterns, stickers. This will give the ceiling vitality and originality. For especially solemn premises it is expedient to use plaster molding.


Do you doubt whether a white and blue sofa is suitable for a living room? Do not doubt, with light walls and pastel shades of the room, a sofa of this color will be its highlight. Even the massive chairs of pastel tones look aristocratic and, at the same time, unobtrusively. To the armchairs and the sofa will fit elegant soft puffs on bent legs. As an upholstery for cushioned blue furniture, it is better to choose fleecy fabrics - velor, velvet, chenille. Do not forget about the combination of upholstery fabric with curtain fabrics. This allows you to link the color gamut and the stylistic orientation of the room.

Furniture в кухне голубого цвета Case blue furniture is appropriate in the kitchen. This color is suitable for both ultra-modern plastic, and for a noble tree. Cabinets, kitchen apron and table top in tone, will give the kitchen a feeling of freshness.

The walls are blue It is easy to make any kitchen original, complementing it with a light blue dining group, the rest of the furniture can be different, for example, lemon-yellow or white. The doors of lockers and drawers of chests of drawers can be painted independently by floral or floral ornaments or decorated in the now popular decoupage technique. Very cute look in the interior of small silver-blue podstavochki, benches and tables.


Unusually? Yes, but beautiful. With the use of modern technology, for example, flooring technology, it turns out an ideal coating of an unmatched shade. And imagine on this floor a luxurious carpet in dark blue or white-gray tones ... But even a simple floorboard can be painted with a celestial color and surprise everyone with originality.

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It is convenient to use carpet as a floor covering. In the interior of the bedroom, a high-pile carpet will create a feeling of bliss and peace.

Blue wallpapers in the bedroom

If you have chosen the "colored" floor - green, blue, yellow, etc., in the peak of the traditional "under the tree", pay special attention to the color design of the floor skirting and interior doors. The optimal color combination is tone-to-tone with a floor or lighter one or two tones.

Living room with walls of blue flowers


I want from time to time, for example, with the advent of spring, change the color range of the living room or bedroom? It is best to use textiles for this:

  • curtains, curtains;
  • curtains;
  • blankets;
  • covers on upholstered furniture, cushions;
  • tablecloth, napkins.

If you fill any room with textiles of certain colors, you can achieve a radical change in its perception. Here everything depends not only on the color scale, but also on the texture of the selected materials, drawings and ornaments. Noble fabrics - velvet, silk, tapestry - give the appropriate style to the room, fill it with luxury, it's not. Light colorful calico create an atmosphere of airiness and home comfort.

Light bedroom with curtains and blue walls With the help of textiles, you can slightly "dilute" the monotony of the situation. A pair of red pillows in a blue interior will give the room a liveliness and dynamism. When decorating a room with pastel shades, do not be afraid of "overloading". Unobtrusive palette allows you to use it in huge quantities. From the bedroom really create a real gentle "cloud", and turn the living room into an exquisite boudoir.

The blue color in the interior of any room apartment or house, will be acceptable - and in the kitchen, and in the interior of the living room, and in the interior of the bedroom. A small dark hall, decorated with the use of white and blue, will become lighter, more. The color of water applied in the bathroom expresses the very essence of it. The toilet, finished with a suitable tile, feels fresh and clean.


Combination of color with others

The universal compatibility of this color with others makes it possible to harmoniously enter the blue interior of a separate room in the interior of the whole house.

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Blue color "loves" the smoothness and softness of the transitions, it is the color of water, it carries in itself its fluidity. It is the color of the air, it carries with it its lightness. Saturated juicy shades - scarlet, orange, bright green, and also black, it is better to use in combination with it dosed, interspersed, so as not to break the integrity of the space created by this color. Bright color spots on a gentle background attract the eye, add dynamicity to the interior and "smooth out" the coldness of the main shade.

Combining the blue (as the main) with others (as additional), you can not just set the style of the room, but create its mood, fill the room with a certain emotion, feeling.

Dining room with blue walls

Combinations of blue with others, bearing an emotional color:

whitecleanliness, freshness, spaciousness
goldluxury, nobility, aristocracy
beigerefined simplicity, provence
brownnoble antiquity, retro style
light greentenderness, subtlety
redsharpness, dynamism
yellowsincerity, fun, joy
Grayrestraint, tact

The classic combination of white, light blue and blue - a wand - vyruchalochka for those who are not "friendly" with the color palette.

Combination of green and blue colors

Application in interior styles

Designers love it for unpretentiousness and ease of combination. It is used in a variety of interiors - from solemn royal, to unpretentious rustic ones. Deep, rich tones reflect the character of the brutal man, and the gentle pastel - the innocence of the baby.

Bedroom голубого цвета The blue color in the interior is classic - one of the most used, because it is a good background for exquisite decor - stucco, statues, mirrors. Its "naturalness" is in harmony with natural finishing materials. The demand for celestial shades in the style of Provence, rustic style is also explained by their compatibility with plant elements and natural materials.

Kitchen with white floor The modern tendency of closeness to nature, the return of mankind to its origins, raises the urgency of the blue interior. As air and water are the basis for human existence, so the blue interior is the basis of the human dwelling.