Care of furniture: an overview of useful tips with photos

The basis of any interior is beautiful furniture. Such purchases do not often, therefore, acquiring the situation in the house or office, we expect for a long period of its service, while often forgetting that the furniture needs special care.

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Depending on the color, shape, purpose and material of manufacture, the measures aimed at maintaining the appearance of the environment are significantly different. Observing the simple rules of furniture care, you will keep its appearance for a long time in its original condition. Features of the use of leather furniture Leather furniture is rightfully considered one of the most expensive options for the environment. Natural leather in the interior is an indicator of luxury and prosperity.


Such furniture is not only beautiful, but also capricious in care. The rules for the care of leather furniture are built on three pillars:

Table of contents of the article:

  • Protection
  • Cleansing
  • Careful exploitation
  • Features of care for wooden furniture
  • Care of light furniture
  • Care for polished and glossy furniture
  • Care of furniture - visual photos of competent care


Before the start of the operation, the upholstery of furniture is recommended to be treated with special sprays with water-repellent properties, which cover the skin with a thin protective film. After this treatment, the material is more resistant to liquids entering it. Pollution is removed faster, less dust accumulates in the pores, which simplifies cleaning. Regular impregnation will allow you to preserve the beauty of your furniture much longer.

care-for-kitchen furniture


Proper skin cleansing is the guarantee of her long service. Daily cleaning is to remove dust with a soft cloth and carefully blow all the folds on the furniture with a vacuum cleaner. It is not necessary without the need to use wet cleaning, since water disrupts the hydrolipid balance of the material, which affects the appearance of furniture.

care-for-kitchen furniture

If you find stains, try to ascertain their origin before attempting to remove them. For such purposes, there are special industrial furniture care products. You can try to remove the stain and with the help of folk remedies.

care-for-kitchen furniture

If you are not sure that you will cope, better invite a specialist.


Important! Before using any industrial or home care products for cleaning or cleaning leather furniture, be sure to test them in a small, inconspicuous area.


Careful exploitation

Cuts, scratches, cracks on the skin can not be repaired, and eliminating such damage in specialized repair shops is an expensive pleasure. In order not to allow unforeseen expenditure, try to observe simple rules of operation.

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Keep furniture away from pets. Use repellent sprays from biting and scratching, protective pads on the claws of animals. Cover the furniture with covers, if the house has small children - marks from markers on light furniture are very difficult to remove. Due to the peculiarities of the material, the leather furniture reacts especially to the humidity level and the temperature regime.

care-for-kitchen furniture

With dry and hot air, the elasticity of the skin is lost and microcracks and creases can form on it. So do not put such furniture in the immediate vicinity of the heating appliances, and if your apartment is very dry air, use humidifiers, place more indoor plants.


This will help moisten the air, make it softer, which will be beneficial not only to the skin of the sofa, but yours. Care of soft furniture Upholstered furniture with textile upholstery is a democratic and versatile option. Depending on the composition and texture of the material, care for the upholstered furniture is also different. The most common are upholstery fabrics, such as: flock, jacquard, velor, teflon, tapestry.


Dust removal from upholstered furniture with a vacuum cleaner is the best option without contraindications, but wet cleaning can be carried out only taking into account the features of the upholstery material. Any contamination should be removed as early as possible - fresh stains are always washed easier. You can try to do this with the help of home remedies.

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Soft furniture made of flock and Teflon can be cleaned by yourself using a wet napkin, a vacuum cleaner or a steam cleaner, however, note that these materials do not tolerate alcohol-containing products. Jacquard reacts badly to water procedures, so it is better to entrust cleaning of such furniture to professionals. If your furniture is equipped with removable covers, the best option is regular washing in a washing machine, taking into account the characteristics of the fabric.


Important! If you tried to remove the stain with chemicals and nothing happened, do not use another stain remover on the same site. Compositions can join each other in a reaction, the consequences of which will be very deplorable.

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Features of care for wooden furniture

Furniture made of wood is beautiful and environmentally friendly, but has a number of features of operation and maintenance. Natural wood material is very sensitive to humidity and temperature changes and in the case of an unfavorable microclimate in the apartment, your furniture is threatened by discoloration, drying, cracks. Do not expose wood furniture to direct sunlight, do not place near radiators and balcony doors. When you follow these simple rules, caring for wooden furniture will be easy. The main requirement is regular cleaning from dust and application of wax polishes from time to time.

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In the case of using natural wood in the manufacture of kitchen furniture, the cleaning procedure is supplemented by cleaning it from the fat coating and possible stains.


Wooden furniture very well absorbs any impurities, so the main direction of care - protective water-repellent impregnation, allowing to reduce the depth of penetration of contaminants in the structure of the tree. In case of spots, you can try to remove them with the help of improvised tools, pre-tested on an inconspicuous site:

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Care of light furniture

Furniture made from light materials is unloved by many housewives because of the difficulties in care associated with the speed of its pollution and what is needed in connection with this frequent cleaning. This is true in terms of care for white kitchen sets and soft furniture made of light textile. The furnishings of the bedroom or living room, even if they are made in light color, will most likely not require more attention during cleaning than furniture of any other shade.

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Requirements for care of light furniture vary significantly depending on the materials used in its manufacture. It can be made of plastic, chipboard, fiberboard, MDF, while being laminated or laminated. Care of products from these materials is quite simple - regular wet cleaning with the use of soft detergents.

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Most of the dirt from such furniture is easily removed with a conventional eraser or alcohol solution. Spots of small sizes can be painted with a text corrector, acrylic paint, nail polish. Light sofas, armchairs, chairs with soft upholstery are harder to care for. If you do not plan to use covers to protect furniture - give preference to the upholstery of dark tones, so you will save yourself from endless purges. Light textile furniture can not be treated with protective equipment and no matter how hard you try - it will get dirty very quickly.


Care for polished and glossy furniture

As a rule, care for such furniture is not difficult and reduces to removing dust with a soft napkin. The only downside - on the glossy surfaces are perfectly visible the stains, fingerprints and even a small layer of dust. Pay attention that this is especially true for furniture of dark colors, light colors are more preferable in this case.

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To get rid of marks and stains on shiny surfaces, you will be helped by cleaning products with a polishing effect and special napkins made of bamboo or microfiber. Do not use abrasives and brushes, and do not abuse cleaning with water, so you risk ruining the gloss forever. After the cleaning, treat furniture with a spray with antistatic effect - dust will be collected much less.

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Caring for furniture requires strength and some knowledge about the features of the materials from which it is made. When purchasing new interior items, check with the manufacturer for the fabric of the upholstery fabric, the hull material. This will help you in the future not make a mistake in choosing the means to care for furniture, increase the service life and keep a fresh look of your interior for many years to come.

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Care of furniture - visual photos of competent care

safe cleaning of a sofa

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care-for-kitchen furniture



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