Built-in furniture: cabinets, chest of drawers, cabinets and

When you do not want to overly clutter an already small dwelling, beautiful and comfortable built-in furniture can come to the aid: cabinets, chests of drawers and bollards, which are built into the niches of walls or form a flat surface with them. To achieve the greatest aesthetics, they are often combined with the floor and / or ceiling with stucco moldings and plinths. As a result, this furniture looks like an inseparable part of the space, creates an interesting effect and allows the room to look more free.

In this article we will look at stylish built-in closets, shelves and other furniture that is used for compact storage of things in the bedroom, kitchen, hallway and other rooms of the house. We tried to collect here the most original examples, in all its glory to present you the possibilities of modern built-in furniture. Enjoy watching!

Beauty and convenience: built-in wardrobes coupe

Coupé cabins today are the most popular type of wardrobe closet. Are you going to buy a wardrobe? See how beautiful it looks when it is mated to a wall. And they say that the wardrobe of the compartment is a bulky thing! This built-in furniture is truly amazing.

Built-in wardrobes in interior Built-in furniture: cabinets, chests of drawers, cabinets, etc. Built-in wardrobe with beautiful finish Beautiful built-in wardrobe in the bedroom design Luxurious closet made of wood in the bedroom Stylish wardrobe in the bedroom wall Cabinet full compartment in the bedroom Built-in wardrobes in the coupe design Fashionable wardrobe built into the bedroom wall Mirror wardrobe built into the bedroom

Built-in furniture: cupboards, chest of drawers and cabinets for the bedroom

When there is no separate dressing room, things are usually stored in the cupboards and chests of drawers in the bedroom. Owners of spacious bedrooms are lucky, because they can put here a large closet closet or a refined cloakroom in the classical style, but what to do when space is limited? Stand-alone cabinets in this case will make your bedroom look cramped, cluttered and not having a pleasant rest.

Fortunately, the built-in furniture (cabinets, chests, shelves and cabinets) with its ability to merge with the wall can not only satisfy all your storage needs, but also make the small bedroom look free and comfortable. Particularly interesting are the options for cabinets that frame the head of the bed and provide space for decor and lamps.

Beautiful built-in chest of drawers and pedestals Beautiful bedroom design and built-in wardrobe Small bedrooms with built-in furniture Built-in wardrobes and fireplace in the bedroom Built-in furniture wardrobes chest of drawers for bedroom Built-in furniture wardrobes chest of drawers shelf cupboards Built-in wardrobes in the design of a private house Beautiful built-in wardrobes in the bedroom Built-in wall cabinet, disguised as wallpaper Built-in wall in bedroom designAlso read: Mirror furniture for a spectacular interior

Built-in wardrobes and shelves for the bathroom

Do you need more space for everything in a compact bathroom? Pay attention to these amazingly comfortable and stylish built-in wardrobes, cabinets and shelves, which make the design of the bathroom truly stylish and innovative.

Fireplace built-in closet in the bathroom Modern built-in furniture in the design of the bathroom Beautiful built-in lockers for the bathroom Built-in shelves in bathroom design Built-in wardrobes in bathroom design

Built-in wardrobes in the hallway

The hallway, like the bathroom, is usually one of the most problematic places in an apartment or a house in view of its extremely modest size. If you do not want to spoil the guests with the impression of your home, then Dekorin recommends that you buy built-in wardrobes in the hallway.

White built-in wardrobes in the design of hallways Built-in wardrobes in the hallwaySmall hallways with built-in furnitureIdea for storing things in the hallway: built-in wardrobes Stylish built-in furniture for the hallway Built-in wardrobes and shelves without doors for the hallway Large built-in wardrobes for the hallway Built-in furniture wardrobes in the hallway and corridor

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Built-in furniture for living room and home office

Large or small, modern or classic, with or without a fireplace - whatever your living room, the built-in furniture will make it even more comfortable and stylish.

Standing cabinets in the design of the living room Built-in furniture for curbstones and shelves in the design of the living room Cabinets built into the wall in the living room Stylish built-in furniture wardrobes in the living room with fireplace Built-in wardrobes in the design of the living room of a private house Built-in wall for living room Built-in wardrobes and cabinets in the living room Alternative to a slide in the living room: built-in pedestals Cabinets and shelves for the modern living room Built-in bookcase in the library of a private house

Do you work, study or accept business partners at home? Built-in cabinets and shelves will perfectly fit into your home office, regardless of the style of its execution.

How to equip a home office: furniture, cabinets, shelves Built-in furniture in the home office design

Modern kitchen with built-in furniture

That's where the built-in furniture shows real chic and shine! Built-in wardrobes turn the usual kitchen into a cozy and elegant space for family gatherings.

White built-in wardrobes in the kitchen Design of a dining room with built-in furniture Beautiful built-in wardrobes in kitchen design Built-in kitchen furniture in the interior of a private house Built-in kitchen cupboards and sofas Built-in cupboards and night tables in the kitchen High built-in wardrobes in the interior of the kitchen of a private house Built-in buffet in the kitchen and dining room

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