Cleverly we use the space in the children's room: new

In Soviet times, most people did not have apartments of a large area. These were small standard apartments. If several children were brought up in the family, they usually live in the same room.

Two-level bed in the nursery

The children's room in such apartments is multifunctional. This is the bedroom, the place of study, and the playroom, so you need to arrange it conveniently and practical, leaving enough space for children's creativity.

Two-level bed in the nursery

Rationally used in the interior of a small nursery, for example, bunk beds. Although, if you are not inspired by its placement, then look for something else.

For example, furniture company Tumidei specifically for children. The main thing in it is the use of two-level structures in the vertical space of the room. So, the beds are pulled out from under the pedestal, on which there is a table for work. Thus, during the day a lot of free space for games is formed.

Two-level bed in the nursery

There is another option for the appropriate use of space. It is necessary to raise the beds on low pedestals, using their inner space under a capacious wardrobe for things.

Beds will be located on both sides of the podium, and actually it is equipped with a working space, shelves for storing all kinds of things.

Two-level beds in the nursery

A reasonable solution is to install a loft bed, a new word in the furniture industry, a multi-level structure, where the bed is located at the top, the workplace and cabinets in the middle. Steps leading upward - this is also a nightstand for storing children's trifles.

Two-level bed in the nursery

When choosing practical furniture for your children, do not forget about the aesthetic appearance of the children's room. Your child is obliged to take part in the selection of furniture, because it should be comfortable and comfortable with it.

Do not forget about the ecological safety of the child - buy furniture from natural materials.