Black and white color scheme and vertical zoning - win-win

Two-level apartment in black and white

You knew that for apartments in black and white colors it's much easier to pick up parts and accessories, because on this background almost any element of decor will look good. Small dwellings often have a more elegant appearance.

We bring to your attention one of these apartments. It occupies a rather large space, divided into zones by means of various protrusions and thresholds.

Bar counter in the kitchen Bar counter in the kitchen

Professionally placed furniture clearly fits into the overall design, without creating discomfort and harmoniously located on the allocated to it places. In this case, black and white colors emphasize the uniqueness of the apartment, absolutely not concealing its cheerfulness.

Not overloaded with furniture, located on different levels of the apartment (the kitchen is located higher than the living room) creates a feeling of ease and elegance. A large number of reflective elements, such as glass and a glossy floor covering, make the room pleasant and modern.

To save space, the doors were eliminated. Borders separating individual zones are another type of flooring. This can be seen in the example of the kitchen and the office.

Stairs on the second level Kitchen on the podium Living room in a two-level apartment Kitchen on the podium Living room in studio apartment Interior of a small living room

Despite the small size of the apartment, it has a spacious bedroom, as sleep and rest are very important for your mood and condition. Do you agree with this?

The wardrobe is disguised right behind the bed and occupies almost the entire wall. It can store a lot of things and you will no longer have such a problem as lack of space for clothes and linen.

Bedroom in a small studio apartment Bedroom in a small studio apartment

Functionality and openness of the space is achieved due to correctly located furniture and successfully chosen color scheme.

Smooth transitions from black to white in some elements of the decor perfectly complement the overall design and pleasing the eye, and some details, such as unusual modern lamps and bright sofa, add some zest to the space.

Tranquil and stylish, this apartment is suitable for those who are looking for their small private space to be located in it with comfort and comfort. How do you like this option, dear readers of the site about small interiors?