Combining the loggia with the room - the main stages of the

Loggia in the living room

The spirit of innovation and rationalism found its application in the redevelopment of the apartment, and in particular in the transformation of ancillary facilities, such as balconies and loggias, into a bay window.

Of course, the design decision of this issue should be placed on the shoulders of specialists, because our desires do not always correspond to our capabilities. Namely, this concerns some of the complexities that can arise in the course of this architectural experiment.

It is necessary to understand that any even insignificant interference in the main construction of the building is associated with a number of legal, town-planning and engineering aspects.

Cabinet on the loggia

This practice for many careless owners has turned into serious problems not only with neighbors, but also with the law. Therefore, an inoffensive desire to make the apartment space more spacious at the expense of the balcony is a responsible step.

In this vein, you should get rid of the illusion that the partial removal of the outer wall of the house is a small stroke of your fantasy.

This procedure inherently involves mandatory consultation with experts from the architectural and design workshop and small intervention of an experienced designer.

Loggia in the bedroom

Have you already taken such actions? Did they apply to lawyers and to the architectural bureau, did they reconcile this redevelopment?

Loggia in the bedroom

In order for your loggia to become an organic continuation of a cozy monastery, it is necessary to strictly follow the proposed recommendations of specialists.

And guided by the rules below, you will easily be able to turn an apartment "economy class" into a "new" comfortable home. A cold in a few meters glazed appendage in a cozy corner or a spacious kitchen.

Cabinet on the loggia

The primary task is to call a specialist who will perform all required measurements of load-bearing structures to compile a consolidated construction budget and issue a number of documents for approval on engineering and construction work.

The next important step is scrupulous verification of the fencing and the walls of the future room. The cracks and cracks found during inspection are carefully filled with foam.

When visible flaws in the unheated room are eliminated, you need to think about installing a window array.

Room on the loggia

In the event that the wooden windows of the windows have been replaced in advance with more modern ones - from PVC, it remains only to exclude heat loss and to supplement their reliability with a suitable insulation material.

If not, there will be no problems with the choice of window systems: for all the variety of window profiles, manufacturers are ready to offer the buyer a huge assortment of double-glazed windows and at a fair price. What window to put - to choose to you, but pay attention to the characteristics and texture.

Attention: the stage of dismantling the elements of the loggia is the most crucial moment. Depending on what the house is made of, it depends how much you can count on the success of the laborious process of demolishing the wall.

Loggia in the lobby

Brick in contrast to the reinforced concrete structure will not create any special problems. And you can safely remove this structure. When the "natural disaster" is over and the repair traces remain in the past, it will remain a matter of small - stage-by-stage warming of the premises.

Heat-insulating materials are fixed step by step by special layers on the frame of walls, which allows to protect the apartment from adverse effects of condensate and to reduce heat losses.

A similar procedure is applicable to floor insulation with the difference that it is necessary to use heaters of a different strength class.

Cabinet on the loggia

At the end of the thermal insulation process, the facing part is started: the walls are sewed with plasterboard, and then they undertake cosmetic repairs. Depending on the preference of the owners, the space can be ennobled in completely different ways.

When in principle once a non-residential room has acquired a "new life", you need to think about its heating. It is clear that the heating system from the common riser is taken out unprofitable, the most correct solution is the use of heating appliances or installation of heated floor.

Loggia in the bedroom